News reports are dominated by one story today and that concerns Tottenham’s intention to de-list from the Stock Exchange after posting record annual profits.

The Statement on the club website from Daniel Levy reads,

“It is clear to us that increasing the capacity of the club’s stadium is a key factor in the continued development and success of the club and will involve the company in considerable additional capital expenditure,” a club statement read.

“Given this requirement, we believe that the AIM listing restricts our ability to secure funding for its future development.

“We are ambitious for the club and have always taken the steps that we believe to be in its best interests.”

Levy has often spoken of the fabled ‘next level’ and the pivotal role that a new stadium will have in the process. Today’s announcement appears to set those wheels firmly in motion.



  1. certainly hope this is the start of even better things for Spurs, with a decent management set-up, excellent board and a fantastic squad the future is looking very rosey at the lane.
    If HR goes I really believe we can take our pick of the managers – who in their right mind wouldnt want to work at the Lane

    • Well well well, Ronald Mcdonald has spoken! What a load of crap, have you any idea about how good Levy has been for our cl
      club? … i doubt it.
      Cant wait for the ndp to be completed.

  2. I agree with ronald. watch this space we will get CL footie, we have nearly completed the new state of the art training ground, the now 66,000 seat stadium will be started this summer, all the deals signed and the construction program well under way, Bale, Moders, Van the man, Parker all on long term deals, all that is then left is for ENic to bug out to a wealthy Arab or Russian, Chinese. Is this a problem? well 5 years ago I would have said yes. But then 5 years ago I would never have believed that we would be in the fabulous position. I think we should let Mr Levy Know that we are not stupid and we can see the plan as clearly as if it were in neon lights, but i also think we should say “but we understand all that you and ENIC have done for the club, good luck with what ever you are doing next, now leave us and our new owners to get on with life after ENIC”

    Mr Levy and ENIC have turned this club around…I just thank God that Mr Levy was unable to dump us in stratford before he run off with the loot, that would not have been fair.

    • What! Are you Ronalds gay lover?
      When the new financial rules start next season having a mega rich owner wont mean jack shit, you have to balance the books and spend what you make.
      Im sure its 56,000 not 66,000 aswell.
      So called fans like you make my blood boil, you aint got a clue.

    • Is it something that is unique to Spurs fans, that someone who has done a good job, should not be allowed to make a profit?

  3. I hate to be penickety but we had record revenues which is very different to record profit. We recorded an increase in revenues of over 30% but our pre tax profit was in the region of 4 hundred thousand pounds. Which is good but nothing to get too excited about.

    With regards to the delisting from the stock market I trust that Levy and the board, who have had us on an upward spiral for the past 10 years, are doing what is necessary for us to get a new stadium.

    As long as we are living within our means and continually improving as a club both on and off the pitch then I will leave them to it and revel in our success.

    • Just a minor disagreement with you on this. With the team being valued on the Stockmarket at about £80 mill a profit of £400k represents a return of 0.5% on shareholders funds.

      That’s slightly more than you will get putting the money in an old sock and stashing it under the mattress. The real importance of these figures is that we are meeting FFPR.

      I rather suspect that the reason that Chelsea made such a paltry initial offer for Modric, and we got Ade on loan from Shitty was there need to also comply with FFPR.

  4. guvnor and Ray,keep it clean,ilove MR LEVI,he has worked so hard,for spurs.Time moves on,and we fans must move with old father time.


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