The big news to come out of White Hart Lane this week surrounds Scott Parker who remains extremely doubtful for tonight’s clash. Speaking yesterday at his press conference, manager Harry Redknapp said,

“Scott is struggling,” said Harry. “He’s doubtful, in fact, he’s very doubtful.

“We’ve one or two injuries. Ledley King has had a scan on his hamstring injury and it’s not too bad, but he’s not fit.”

So with the back four almost picking itself with the return of Michael Dawson, the questions begin in midfield. Aaron Lennon appears to have come through the Cheltenham game unscathed and as such would seem to be a logical replacement for Parker.

Harry has also said that Steven Pienaar could face his former club but where could the South African be accommodated?

Up front there must be more questions than usual with Jermain Defoe in form and threatening the Ade / VDV axis. Will Harry plump for JD or will he prefer the Dutchman?

Here’s our team to face Everton – what’s yours?




    • Do any of you watch Spurs play???? Play Kaboul out of position where he has been the standout player! I dont think so, give Livermore his chance, HR will tell him his duties and if he sucseeds, we may have a new Parker on our hands! Think about not everyone can be an attacking midfielder, and with SP, TH & SANDRO out who better than our own youngster??? Thoughts?

      • I agree give Livermore a game, he was one of our most impressive performers in the Europa League and plays like a experienced midfielder without fear…..

        What I will say is he will be surrounded by the best 9 outfield players we have to offer practically so if he cant produce the goods with those helping him out then he is useless….but if he performs then he should be trusted in future situations.

        He is lucky all our injurys fall in one position, Hudd, Sandro, Parker and even Jenas

        • we must be watching a different livermore, because to me he looks nowhere near the level of the 1st team, gives away silly fouls and seems to have a problem with his temper…plus technically he just doesnt look that great to me…..jamie o hara was twice the player

          • You stupid, Jake’s what 19? O hara is what 25? Give him a chance, know were out of Europa League, he has to have a chance, who else would you put in there theeen? Think about it, hes tall, strong, picks paces!

      • Let me warn my fellow fans if we leave Defoe out we will struggle big time . We have too trust our back four and go for it in the first half and attack attack
        because i will guarantee the second half they will surge at us like they have just kicked off. One more thing don’t look who is missing because the ones replacing them wont be having any pit stop for fuel and there work rate will also be high. I live 9 miles from Everton and they have not worked on a shoe string for all these years with out help and why is Pienaar so disappointing when he left Everton

  1. Id switch Lennon and bale for this one as neville will be well up for it.

    I really don’t rate Livermore but he’s young I guess and could come good.

  2. If Parker is out, Id play Kaboul in the holding midfield instead of Livermore, Bassong at the back with Dawson! Think Livermore could get bullied by Fellani in there….

  3. not too much to choose from is there? Maybe play 433 with modric livermore and pienarr in midfield and bale, vdv and adebayor up front.

    Then again, we do have defoe on the bench, he could well come in for lennon!

  4. Would go with that team aswell defoe to come on 60th min. Should win this game. Going for 2-0 £50 smakers that so hope im right. COYS!!

  5. If I was a betting man i’d say Parker will be fit enough to play. Redknapp always over states injuries to keep the oposition guessing.

    If Parker doesn’t make it I would play Livermore. If Redknapp doesn’t play him given our injuries, then we may as well get rid.

  6. I think he should go 3-5-1-1
    Kaboul, Dawson, Bassong,
    Walker, Livermore, Modric, Bale, Assou-Ekotto,

    This could change to a 4-4-1-1 with Kaboul moving into midfield and Walker and AE as proper full-backs. But 3-5-2 allows Bale the free role to drift in from the wing and have a go at Distin and whoever else plays in the centre.

  7. I am pretty sure Parker will play. Whenever Harry says ‘doubtful’ they invariably trot out. So the team picks itself really. Defoe on the bench.

  8. Imagine this ( wont happen but would be interesting to see )




    ——–Van-de Vaart—Modric—Bale——


    Im guessing everyone’s oppinion would be we might get overun in Centre Mid Kaboul can push forward Walker and Benny back I would love to see this maybe to kamikaze though lol……….

  9. Whats with all this negativity towards Livermore???? He has been excellent in his 1st full season in the 1st team!! Always does the job asked to a high standard (player 4 different positions this term).. Still learning… Great positional awareness… Just because he doesn’t dribble it around 5 players and score from 30yards, mean he is a bad player… strong.. good in the tackle, useful in the air, played the 2 most (games inc subs) out of any other spurs player this season (i think). Whats not to like? His 21!! Some fans really dont know about football…lol

  10. Give him a chance, he might not have the experience or technical abilities of parker and sandro but he wont be bullied on the pitch guarantee that!!! have you not heard of the livermore family?

  11. Jake Livermore is nicking a living. He is the worst ‘footballer’ I have seen since Paul Robinson of Bolton. He has no first touch, cannot tackle and will lose the ball 50% of the time. For those of you that claim he has had a good first season, he played our first 2 games which we finished with goal difference of -7, and played a bunch of nobodies in Europe. He is woeful. Should never wear a Spurs shirt.

    • Completely agree, don’t understand all the hype at all. I’d prefer Jenas back instead of him. Or young tom carrol…at least he’s a decent talent

  12. I’m just praying that Lennon hasn’t lost the blistering form he was showing just before he got injured. In the games he was gone we forced into grinding out games where we were winning at a canter previously. This in my view ultimately lost us 2 points against swansea because we had no shape, no width on the right.

  13. Like i said some so called fans no nothing about football – “Livermoreisgash January 11, 2012 at 3:08 pm” Perfect example!!

    • I think you were going for some so called fans ‘know’ nothing about football? – Age means little in football. If you are good enough, you are old enough. Unfortunately, Jake isn’t. He is a big lad, but does not win many tackles, gives away a hell of a lot of fouls and will always give the ball away, or get robbed where he takes an age to make a 5 yard pass. the lad is simply not good enough for Tottenham ‘Jonny’.

      • I was indeed, thank you for correcting me, must be my age….. 😉 Though I do believe if your good enough your old enough, i also believe that experience is vital (more so in some positions than other). I do totally disagree that Jake isn’t good enough. He is still learning and 2 years behind other players of his age because of so many injuries and a young age… when i have seen him play (which is roughly 10 matches this season) his tackling has been excellent, and has made some great passes that have made goal scoring opportunities (quite a few i seem to remember). But hey what do I know, I am not the manager of THFC, but Harry is and he seems to think he’s pretty good… now unless you think you know more than Harry, i can’t see what the problem is!? or maybe your Sir Alex Red Nose in disguise… Then if the case, I take back all i have written 😉

        • Harry can hardly say he is not very good now can he? Look what happened to Bent once he got insulted with the Sandra jibe. Harry needs him as he has nobody else fit, he needs to give him confidence. I hope I am proved wrong and he develops some sort of ability, but cant see it happening. If he plays tonight, I’ll be hiding behind the sofa every time he gets near the ball.

          • Thats a fair point on the Bent thing, but i would argue that Harry has been singing his praises since pre-season, and seems to like him to come on when we are a goal or to up to tighten things up. Don’t get me wrong i still think he has a bit to learn, but i can really see the potential in him… i hope too you are wrong… and if he plays tonight.. i’ll sing his name just as much as any other spurs player that comes out tonight

  14. I agree with the original post’s line-up. I was at the Lane on Sat & Livermore did a decent job in the FA Cup, fair enough it was against Cheltenham but I saw enough to be comfortable with him surround by, pretty much (King aside), our best 11. Although I agree Kaboul is good enough to also play there, our defence is settled & if it’s not broken then don’t fix it – not wise to start tinkering around with our back 4.. Especially with Daws only just coming back!

  15. Livermore has impressed me this year..

    Always knew he would be strong and play with his heart. But he has impressed me with his passing ability.. So really neat passing through tight ggaps when I’ve watched him play. Far better than I had given him credit for previously. Playing him as a DM, sometimes he might need some more experience positionally, he really needs to be protecting the back 4 seeing as how attacking the rest of our Midfield is, but that will come with time and training. Not bad at all bad for a youngster coming through the ranks as our 4th choice DM.

    Keep it up Livermore!

    • Well said mate.. i’v seen him play some very neat football this season, he is quite nippy as well. Not to mention he seems to be a very good reader of the game.

      • I’ve watched the whole of every game this season (almost everyone for the last 5 years tbh). so I’m not just basing this on MOTD highlights. As I say, he has areas he could improve. You can’t blame him for those first 2 games this season, the whole team were useless. Kranjar CM along with him were always going to get overrun. Good thing that came of those 2 games were that we then went out and got Parker pronto. If he had Parker along side him in those 2 games I doubt we would have lost both and not by more than a goal or 2.

        • I have also watched the majority of (full) games this season too… Only been to the lane 3 times thou 🙁 ( and this Sat).. But i watch the full games as much as poss, and i totally agree with you…. thou think that if Parker would of signed in time, Livermore wouldn’t have. I’m a fan of Krancjar… i dont think he’s a CM.

  16. So you would not play any of the players who played in the manchester mafia thumping we got or are you just blaming Livermore.Its a team game so everybody takes the blame for loosing and everyone gets the medals when we win.Livermoreisgash = a idiot fan.

    • Bollocks, trigger happy.

      Walker – Daws – Kaboul – BAE

      Lennon – Kranj – Mod – Bale

      Ade – VDV

      Bring on Livermore for Kranj in the second half.

  17. Livermore will defo play if Parker’s out. Seems opinion is kinda split on Jake. I think he’s a cracking prospect, strong, sensible and technically sound, needs to be given opportunities when they come along.
    Defoe will start on the bench and come on for VdV on 60 if we’re not winning and on 80 if we are!

  18. Friedel

    Dos Santos—Kranjcar—-Modric—-Bale


    Rest Lennon, Livermore, Dawson, Pienaar, Vaart and Adebayor for weekend
    This team can still win and then our players will be fresh
    For wolves and the rest of the season

  19. ———————Friedel—————-

    Walker———–Corluka ——-Dawson——–BAE—



    ————–Van-de Vaart———–

    • Stop the glue sniffing, Corluka is a championship player all day long. I’m not Livermore’s biggest fan but he is at least capable, as long as he can get fired up for a physical battle with Fellaini he should do fine.

      Only possible change would be to drop VdV and give someone else a game, I love Rafa but he has a tendency to drift out of games and maybe Pienaar or Kranjcar should be given a chance. Can always bring him on if things are getting rough.

  20. No point trying to rush Parker back for tonight – better to get him fit for Wolves. I’d put Peanut in the centre with Krancjar on the right and tell him to go out there and show his old team what they’re missing!! I’d also keep lennon on the bench and use him as an impact sub, as I’ve got a feeling it may be a tight affair until the last 20 minutes:
    Friedel, Walker, Kaboul, Dawson, BAE, Krancjar, Pienaar, Modric, Bale, VDV, Adebayor

  21. The whole arguement about Livermore is interesting and everyone has there own views on it but personally i think there is one problem and one problem only with his game, he rushes his game too much. He’s so eager to impress that i think he wants to do more and it can leave him to get caught up at times.

    If i was redknapp id ask parker to train with him and teach him to always be open for a pass, sandro to teach him to tackle and huddlestone to teach him to see a pass and also that incredible power shot he has n if he can learn off them 3 then we got ourselves the best defensive mid around

  22. What is with this “Kranjcar in the midde” rubbish!!????!? He was pants in the first 2 games of the season. He really cannot play there UNLESS there are 2 CMs behind him. He cannot track back, nor defend, or win the ball. To play Niko you must free him of those duties that he sucks at, and make him focus on what he is good at. I would rather put Livermore or Pienaar there – at least they can do a solid job in midfield. Modric will do the rest.

  23. Livermore is developing but Pienaar is the answer today. He would be a natural replacement for Parker as he’s a better tackler and passer. Additionally, Everton’s his old club and he’d love to get one over on them today!

  24. Fuck the defensive Midfielder s we need too escape the second half top up like Woys West Brom reserves had or we will all have heat attacks with Harry. Walker Dawson Kaboul Lennon Van Modric Bale Defoe Ady and go for 3-0 at half time because Everton will stifle us let the five man midfield pass pass and hit us on the break get too half time and top up. They will then do what they did too West Brom and sneak a late win or if its one nil to us a draw trust me its rife and not Toures Wife’s.

  25. Agreed, I’d start with Pienaar as well. Not sure what Harry had precisely in mind when we signed him, i.e. positionally
    but he’s a tough little player and on his day is a handful..

    Personally thou, as much as as he is a bastion and loyalist to our cause. Dawson scares the shi* out of me. When ever we play a team who can run faster than my nan.. he looks like ‘ a deer in the head lights ‘, I hear Ledley is back any way..

    livemore is a good little (actually a big guy) and in time he will look more polished all round.. but he needs to become a little more specialist in terms of dynanism. As per mentioned, either; great passer – tackler – play maker, but he is on his way to doing so in my eyes..


  26. Livermoreisgash- we are all waiting for you.One game does not maketh the man but give the guy credit for last night.He did well.So what was that you were saying .Oh yes it was a load of gash.Fool.Well done the lads keep it up.Same again against the wolves.

  27. Livermoreisgash – have you disappeared up your own backside?
    Also, cartel, yiduel, seankeville – maybe you’d be honest enough to change your opinions?
    The guy has come through the youth team, he’s gonna save us millions. He’s proper quality as we all saw last night. Nuf said

  28. Any one for Bostock Harry should be given credit for Liversaults display but zero for wrecking our main goalscorer and on fire Defoe degoals. Our Van has one goal since October Ady missed 17 guilt head chances so far Modric one good strike ten bad misses so why are they picked Modric play maker Ady work rate Van shit scared of dropping him. Yes he is a great player but he unbalances the side these two should not lose there place for Van Lennon Defoe they both work harder tackling back attack from deep with speed and have scored more goals since October.


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