One of the most pleasing aspects of Tottenham’s play at the moment is the number of clean sheets being recorded. While new goalkeeper Brad Friedel has played his part in these statistics, our occasionally patched up defence deserves most of the praise so does it really need reinforcements this month?

Since the ‘defeat’ at Stoke last month, Spurs have conceded just two goals in six league matches. Add in two more shut outs in the FA Cup and the Europa League and that equates to six clean sheets in eight games.

On the flip side, you feel that Spurs are just one defensive injury away from a crisis and while the full backs have been ever present, the centre halves have rotated due to either injury or suspension. Some may feel therefore that back up is required and the name of Chris Samba keeps coming up, particularly after his most recent comments about his current situation,

“Lately, mentally, it has been difficult,” Samba told L’Equipe. “I tried to maintain my level of performance but I sense that it is time for a change. The club doesn’t evolve at all. I’m resigned.”

From a purely personal point of view, I wanted to avoid mentioning the word ‘title’ as much as possible but football history is littered with clubs that have spoiled their chances by tinkering with their squad mid-season.

For now, it looks like Kaboul and Dawson will pair up at the back, barring injury, for the next few weeks at least so should we leave it alone or is defensive back up an absolute priority?



  1. Leave well alone. We can get by.
    Man U have to resort to Carrick at the back and Valencia at right back. We do not come close to that. City also missing Kompany and Kolo Toure right now. We have enough. A major signing like Cahill or Samba would disrupt it all. If (and I mean IF) 3-4 out of King, Gallas, Kaboul, Dawson and Cahill/Samba are all fit at the same time, then who do you drop? Do you rotate? How do you keep ’em happy? That would be one senior defender too far.

  2. In answer to the question do we need more cover for or defense? Both of our veteran defenders are literally on their last legs. Many Spurs followers would like to see Bassong replaced at least. Yes we probably can cope, however to keep improving we need to have better options. Ledley is brilliant however he can never be expected to play a full season, Gallas has played a few sporadic games this year and while often a good player cannot be worth the place that could be taken by a healthier stronger choice like Samba. Yes, we have cover but to become winners we need to have competition for places not stop-gap solutions.
    Older players bring their experience and a massive range of skills but when they are unable to play they are no actual use to a team. We have youth players that can bolster the team but the reality is we will probably need to replace three defenders over the next two years .. sooner rather than later in the case of two of them I would say.

  3. Players want to get out of sitting on the bench of teams that are unlikely to win anything in. Not so many want to leave winning teams just because they have to fight for a place.

  4. No need for defensive reinforcement. Hopefully Daws and Kaboul will be ok for the next few games with Bassong as back-up. Ledley’s latest injury isn’t too bad apparently. And we’ve always got Charlie who can play CB. Really no need to overload the squad again.
    Still think we should buy Hoilett though

  5. It works two ways for me – If Daws of Gallas get injured we only have Bassong to come in at the moment (who barely any Spurs fans trust at the back). But if we sign Samba, Daws and Gallas stay fit, Samba wouldn’t get a game and it would just be a waste of money. Difficult question.

  6. Our defence, especially when King does not play does worry me. If Kaboul had to get injured, we would be starting with Basson and Dawson. Not the worst, but not the best. That guy Vertonghen looks useful. BTW Just heard Jol talk up our chances. Thanks Martin!

  7. Spurs don’t need to tinker with their defence, no they need to rebuild it completely. King and Gallas are the biggest problem, neither can be relied upon to complete two games on the trot and the two regular full-backs will come under severe strain when they face the pacy wingers in the games against the better teams that are looming on the horizon.

    I just love Old ‘Arry’s latest comments about an offer for the England job and signing Beckham for two months. Doesn’t he just make you laugh?


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