It’s been a frustrating period for Jermain Defoe whereby he has spent most of his time on the bench in recent weeks. Despite scoring some valuable goals when he has been on the pitch, the striker is a firm third in the White Hart Lane pecking order behind Adebayor and VDV.

JD will surely get his chance this weekend however as Adebayor is forced to sit out the game against his parent club and in his newspaper column, manager Harry Redknapp almost went overboard in praising his ‘back up’ striker.

“It’s been difficult for him at Tottenham this season and I can understand his frustration,” Harry said in The Sun.

“With Emmanuel Adebayor here, it’s been a case of Manu and who else up front?

Harry went on to say that Defoe could be the key player on Sunday.

“City have won all 10 Prem home games this term but it would be a fantastic achievement for us to go there and change that.

“Defoe could have a key role in that. I watch him in training and he has the shortest backlift of any striker, he barely bends his leg when teeing up a shot but then he is a brilliant finisher.

“Our squad is more than capable of coming away with something from Man City, and it could be a big day for Defoe.”

Despite rumours of a move away from the club, Defoe is set to stay for now at least and he certainly seems to have the full backing of his manager.



  1. It’s been frustrating from a fans point of view too not seeing Defoe being played , specially as he’s our top goal scorer , adebayor has not been on form of late and is always off bloody side !!!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if JD is the most off side player in the history of the prem!

      Not that I have anything against him. Actually think he’s ok up front on his own but he gets injured too much fighting for the ball. Think we could get a lot out of him playing wide right like sturridge.


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