As we are all aware, Emmanuel Adebayor will be force to sit this one out but is it a simple case of bringing in Jermain Defoe as a straight replacement. Could Harry accommodate Pavlyuchenko in a 4-4-2 or even play five across the midfield tomorrow.

The other issue surrounds club captain Ledley King who may be a bigger doubt for the game than was suggested earlier in the week.

“He’s not trained, but it’s not impossible he could come out and train tomorrow morning,” said Harry on Friday

“He’s not fit to train today. He can’t, because of his knee, but he may well come out tomorrow morning, so I wouldn’t write him off.

“This is no different to normal. If he comes out tomorrow morning and says ‘I’m okay’, then he’ll play Sunday, if I pick him. That’s how it works. It’s amazing, really. It defies everything.”

If fit, it could be a question of whether King comes straight back in for Michael Dawson who played three games in a week after recovering from his own injury issues. Otherwise the team probably picks itself and this is what we think it will be.




  1. My team would be Gomes to stop Dzecko headers and Kaboul for the same reason. Gomes Walker Dawson King Kaboul Lennon Modric Van Kranjcar Bale Defoe This would be attack minded team and if we score in the second half bring on Parker and we would have Bale and Defoe has strikers.

  2. Davspurs you annoy me……you know nothing about football and spend too much time playing computer games where you only pick attacking players….

    Use your brain boy, last time we played Krancjar and Modric in the middle together we lost 5-1 to City….why? Because neither can defend well enough….Parker is a must its a joke you even suggested dropping him.

    Gomes is a joke ok he comes for crosses more but Man City have a small side without Toure and Kompany….De Jong and Savic arent a threat aerially…….they have Lescott, Richards and Dzeko as aerial threats from corners……we have Kaboul, King and Bale to counter there height.

    They have slightly better attacking players but we have a slightly better central midfield and you want to change that by playing Krancjar my god boy.

    I would go for the same team as above….mark my words Defoe will be non existant again…..but Pav would do nothing neither……thats why its imperitive we sign a striker but that wont happen.

    The one thing I do want is Bale playing more central….maybe getting him and Lennon to rotate around the pitch and VDVaart, Modric and Parker play as a compact 3.

  3. Trouble is I doubt Defoes ability against top six sides at the bestof times but playng him on his own is frightening, he can’t hold onto the thing (and don’t mention offsides)

    we have been shortsited as always and not sorted the striker situation out so we are stuck with it. 4-4-2 not an option for me and Pav probably a worse option than defoe.

    If Sando is fit play him and paerker in front of the back 4, sacrifice Lennon and play a fluid 3 attacking midfielders high up the park (allowed freedom by Sandro/Parker) supporting Defoe. Kyle walker can make up for lost paceof Lennon by overlapping as often as he can. Simples and a 3-0 win to take home.

    Walker King Kaboul BAE

    Parker Sandro

    VDV Modric Bale


  4. Let’s be realistic,I know we need the win to close the gap but ggetting a draw may still keep us in the race a loss on the other hand might just about destroy our chances….so if I where mr redknapp…I would play 3 2 4 1….this will be my team and the way I would set them up…..
    Dawson. King. Kaboul

    Walker Parker. Ekotto

    Lennon Modric. Bale


    I feel with this combination we can cause city trouble,I full backs will have the freedom to attack down the respective wings and this will allow lennon and bale the freedom of the field,we also will have parker in a position wherby he can help the defence and the option of attacking when need me and also allow modric to control the game from a more deeper position….also with those 3 centre backs I feel we will be very solid in the back,and with 5 defenders on the park it will be very difficult for city to play their normal 4 3 3…..because they will very afraid of spurs pace down the wing and centre….I actual saw wigan play city with a similar set up and they made very difficult for them,unfortunately wigan didn’t ahave the quality to punish them,so I feel spurs will definetly get the job done if they play to this set up….

  5. parker is essential……..we must take advantage of kompany and toure being out!…get balotelli of his game so he gets booked then hell be a liability all the second half to get sent off or replaced…….defoe has to gel with vaart spin and score in the box…..bale has to scare the crap with his attcking runs…..king mops up……modric to get a penalty……..apart from that….we keep our passing game…simples!!

  6. Friedel
    Walker King Kaboul BAE
    Lennon Sandro Parker Bale

    They will have two holding players and we need to match them up in midfield. When we played Chelsea with only four in the middle they overcrowded us.

    VdV can fade out of games and having Sandro in adds extra height that we will lose from Adebayor being unavailable.

    As people have said previously, I don’t expect Defoe to anything great but Pav would only be 1000 times worse.

  7. Some of you are living in a dream world with your team selections. The team, will without doubt, be the same as the above team, with perhaps Dawson instead of king! Either way I reckon spurs will do it Tomoro! 2-1 COYMFS.

  8. City can put out 3 defensive midfielders if they want,most of spurs gameplay is based on our pace to get pass the opposition,so why play to their gameplan,when we can tear them apart with our wingbacks and wingers….how you goin to defend what you can’t catch….let’s give our pace players the freedom tommorrow and I guarantee all you supporters out we will come away with a great win and the mondays papers will read’spurs back in the title race,after breaking into manchester city vault @ etihad’harrys men proved that all the money in the world can’t buy you the team spirit that spurs have’…come on u spurs!!!!!let’s dismantle city @ the etihad stadium…..

  9. The team will be:
    walker kaboul king (if fit) bae
    Lennon parker modric bale

    but personally id go with

    Walker kaboul king dawson bae
    parker modric
    lennon bale

  10. I would go with


    walker king kaboul bae

    lennon parker modric bale



    then bring Sandro on in second half if winning.

  11. If there was a defining game this season it was the game against Stoke which ended our magnificant unbeaten run. Then, the manager did not properly prepare the players for the game and allowed our opponents a two goal start before we started playing.

    This set the cautious pattern for the Sunderland, Chelsea, Swansea, Wolves and Man City games.

    We gave our opponents too much respect today and as a result went two goals down. When we actually started playing we scored two quick goals.

    Then Spurs let Man City back in the game by defending too deeply and not pressurising their opponents when they lost possession. We gave the ball away cheaply and when we had possession we quickly lost it again.

    The manager can moan about refereeing decisions but at the end of the day the penalty was a penalty and the result today will affect the confidence of the players and we will now be lucky to finish in the top four.

    This will stick in the throat of most Spurs fans as the manager raised expectations by saying we could win the title. Although he has since backtracked from this.

    We have a great crop of players and there can be no excuses for them not to finish in the top four. If the manager is finding it difficult preparing players tactically for games, then maybe a change is necessary before it is too late.



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