It’s been such a flat start to the week after Sunday’s defeat which was hard to take, followed by current Spurs headlines which are dominated by Harry’s court case.

The season goes on however and at the club, Joe Jordan and Jermain Defoe are leading the voices that are ‘taking the positives’ out of Sunday’s game.

“Overall we deserved a point,” Defoe said. Now there are still a lot of games left to play – big games for us – and those are the ones you want to play in; the pressure you want as a footballer. Every game we play from now on is a cup final.”

In Harry’s absence, Jordan led the way from the coaching staff’s perspective and he chose to concentrate on the game that’s gone.

“It’s a tough one to take because I don’t think we deserved it, but you have to accept it in football,” Joe said.

“The final score is they won the game, they’ve got the three points but there is lot to take on the positive side of things.

“We didn’t pick up any points but the performance was good.”

The season starts again with Watford on Friday and although it will be a much changed side, a return to winning ways will help to put a collective smile back on a few faces.



  1. brrrrrrrrrrapppp!!! boom ya know what time it is….

    yeah boi….. me got some ting bugging me me air is just like mario balotelli…. me is goona shve it off me ate this next man …. waste man ya no

  2. Positives from ‘give me a game or sell me JD’? I’m still too annoyed with him to take him serious.Should of kept Crouch.At least his limitations are less limited.If we had started with 5 in mid field we would not have conceded so easily.Buy back Woodgate and Palacios.

  3. Can’t understand people who have a problem with Defoe! I think he plays well every game, only reason he doesn’t start if because of his height. Harry needs a big man up top to go with VDV. He was unlucky on Sunday – one of the best finishers in the league isn’t going to miss on purpose is he?!


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