With the exception of January 2011, Spurs have often thrown up a surprise at the fag end of a transfer window but it’s doubtful as to whether any Tottenham fans would have woken up this morning expecting Louis Saha to be wearing a Lilywhite shirt at the end of the day.

The chain of events seems to have sparked off by Rangers’ acceptance of Everton’s bid for Nikica Jelavic which left Saha, who was already struggling at Goodison, surplus to requirements. The deal may be a loan or it may be permanent: In addition, it may or may not involve either Steven Pienaar or Roman Pavlyuchenko.

Elsewhere, it seems that there is still a possibility that Spurs may go in for Wigan’s Hugo Rodallega and Chairman Dave Whelan is bracing himself for bids from somewhere.

“We’re used to Tottenham making a last-minute bid on transfer deadline. We’ve not received a bid but that doesn’t mean they won’t make one. If they do they always leave it late, very late.”

But it’s Saha who seems to be firmly in the frame. At 33 he was actually quite prolific at Fulham where he scored around a goal every other game. At Manchester United and Everton however, that has dropped to approximately 1 in 3.

The answer may seem obvious but it’s worth asking just to see the reaction – is Louis Saha the striker we need?



      • There are only 15 games left. There really is no point in trying to sign a hotshot striker for the remainder of the season – especially one from abroad (like most people want) – it would take them 7 games to get used to it. Better to get a seasoned pro who can hit the ground running – because our first XI is quite well cast in stone.

  1. Not sure why people are so negative on this possibility. The guy has genuine frightening pace – something that Ade and Defoe (although quick) do not have. The guy will KNOW that he is a sub option. He would accept that position, and personally, I would feel more confident having Saha on the bench than Pav or Defoe. Also if Ade does pick up injury, we can try Saha alone up front. Basically it is a shot to nothing. He IS NOT our future striker (that will happen in summer), but he could be a useful option.

    • Totally agree with TonyRich, seen Saha play a few times and his not a bad option to have come off the bench. i’m sure in the summer window we will see new strikers. I don’t see a top striker leaving in this window.

  2. Oh yeah he’s the striker we need alright…if we want to wave goodbye to top 4 & see modric bale & vdv bugger off.. oh yeah he’s that special player we need harry.. absolutely zilch ambition

    • Zilch ambition? The only teams spending in the window are Fulham, QPR, WBA, Newcastle. Ok so are Chelsea, but they are signing for the future – which we do all the time. Wave goodbye to top 4? We have 2 strikers scoring 1 in 2. We only need a good back up striker for now.

      • Oh come on a 33yr old injury prone player on a 18 month contract hardly the special player that would improve us now is it?ok waving goodbye to top 4 might b a bit of an exaggeration but It’s not the kind of signing to lift the dressing room or show the kind of signing that shows ambition to keep modric… it just makes no sense to me

        • Where we are in May will decide (and who the manager is) who stays, goes and arrives. Playing it sensible now makes a lot more sense. Get your myopia sorted.

  3. Everton fan here. Really really surprising to see this and it is true to say that Saha has been struggling in our team but I don’t think that Harry has lost his marbles entirely. Saha is as mobile as ever, seems to be over his injury worries and in our workmanlike side simply lacks service. We lack creativity and vision in midfield. You have that in abundance and if he were to join you I would fully expect him to bang the goals in.

  4. Saha for Pav = A player that can come on and pop a goal in when needed.
    Pavs young and needs regular football, Saha doesnt mind taking a seat….makes sence

  5. Nice to see the rubber faced tax dodger sniffing about one of our poorer players for once…

    I wouldn’t worry Spurs fans, ‘Arry will be in prison next season so he won’t be able to see him fully fit.

  6. Glen Anderson, excellent response!

    On his day Saha is exponentially superior to Pavlychenko and he’s free… as long as he’s mobile, works hard and is clinical in front of goal then he’s perfect for us.

    Falcao is the man we need but for now someone who can cover for Adebayor is a priority. If he gets injured I think we’d all agree we’re less effective.

  7. Im thinking we should have got Klinsmann instead. Or Gary Linker (they are less injury prone and not much older) Lol.
    When are we going to sign Damaio or Lorente?

  8. Could of had keane back for a few months! Better still could of actually signed a decent striker that we actually own in nealry 4 seasons. We have needed one for yonks yet every season we get to hear about the deadline day failed ‘huge’ bids! Remember last year ‘Tottenham are simply walking round europe with an open chequebook offering big sums of money for europes top strikers on deadline day’ only to be told there not for sale on the last day. Like today and the failed remy bid..you would think we would learn our lesson. But we don’t because it always comes to haunt us!!

  9. The more I think about it the more it seems like a good deal. Has played perimership football for years, knows where the goal is, If he can stay fit he’ll score goals as a back up striker. Realistically we were never going to bring in a top name striker in January.
    If Harry is off to England (or Jail) is Levy really going to give him the ‘war chest’ to do business when a new manager may not want the players he has signed

  10. Jesus, this is depressing. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be signed… and in fact that’s what’s happened. I thought Pienaar was a bad idea – and look what a staple member of the team he’s become – and this is worse. If he’s not on a pay-as-you-play basis until the end of this season alone, something very dodgy is going on.

  11. Gotta agree with fellow Everton fans on here. If Saha was given service he’d have 15 goals this season. He’s spent the season chasing balls into channels, and trying to win headers. Not his game. He’ll be destructive with the service from your guys Modric, Bale and VdV. Good signing for you boys, no risk really. Farewell King Louis, Goodison will always love you!!!

  12. The only possible good from this would be if:

    a. Pav was being SOLD to them
    b. Saha was only being LOANED to us as cover (for Pav) until Summer

    …or maybe we were impressed by his lack of scoring ability and thought, “that’s the type of striker we need at Spurs!”

    Can we just get Damiao now (for whatever it will cost) and sell Pav (for whatever we have to accept) to clear the books? Include Gio, Bassong, Jenas (on loan only, I believe), and Piennaar in the “whatever we have to accept” category?
    Maybe we could get slightly more if we wait for the perfect bid — maybe — but we’ll be paying their wages that whole time. Net less, I’d imagine.


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