All had been quiet on the Luka Modric front until the end of last week when Spurs midfielder and Everton loanee Steven Pienaar made comments to the press suggesting that Tottenham would have difficulty in holding on to their Croatian genius once the season comes to an end.

It’s worth looking at the South African’s quotes in full,

“Luka is a top player for Spurs and if he leaves it is hard to say what will happen there,” Pienaar told the Sunday Mirror.

“He is such an important member of the team. Tottenham will want to keep him at the club, but it is difficult when a player like him wants to move on.

“As a player only a few opportunities to move on come up in your life, so I can see it from both sides.

“It was hard for Luka at the start of the season because he was thinking about his future. But he is a good professional and after the chance to leave Spurs passed he did everything he could for the team. He is that kind of guy.

“That’s why the other players like him so much. But I understand from my own experience that if a good opportunity is blocked by your club, it can be hard to concentrate.”

They may be fairly innocent comments but as anyone knows, give the press any ammunition and they’ll gladly take it, as evidenced by the top news story today, courtesy of Sky Sports. The headline for this reads, ‘Spurs face Modric fight’ and is based purely on Pienaar’s comments.

Fortunately it’s back to match action tonight and headlines such as these will hopefully be pushed to the bottom of the pile.



  1. On another site someone who claimed to know Pienaar commented that these quotes were mostly made up. If true he should be told to deny it publicly, he’s still a Spurs player after all.

  2. Author – for all intents and purposes, the fact that you too are discussing the issue, slightly weakens your own argument ..

    i agree in the main, because i too had nothing better to do this weekend, than to read pointless articles , mentioning peanuts remarks and thought ; little prick.. but you’ve
    only added to the flock by topically writing a repeat article..


  3. He has had the chance to do so on Twitter since this article came out, with many Spurs fans calling for it – but he didnt comment.

    I can only assume he was bitter at not getting in the team, and sent a parting shot to ensure his exit.


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