Some areas of the press are suggesting that it hasn’t been such a stellar year for Gareth Bale in comparison with last season. Those reports tend to just point to the winger’s hat trick in the San Siro but they conveniently forget that this has been a much more consistent campaign for the Welshman.

Sadly, it seems that Bale’s performances in 2011-12 haven’t escaped the attentions of Barcelona and some newspapers are hinting at a £50m bid from the Catalans this summer. Manager Pep Guardiola may see the player as a crucial piece of his jigsaw particularly if his side fail to capture La Liga at the end of the current campaign.

As part of the deal, Barca are rumoured to be prepared to offer Cristian Tello, a 20 year old forward with two first team games under his belt and / or Isaac Cuenca, a 20 year old winger with eight league appearances.

Promising though these players may be, it’s hard to see where the club will get another Gareth Bale from and while it’s always tempting not to comment on these rumours, it does seem like a summer of fire fighting will be on the cards at White Hart Lane.



  1. This is all designed too mess our season and get into Bales head and hope we miss out on Chaps league. This would make there job easier, Harry will have to keep a close eye on his misses like the Liverpool one and hope it was down too tiredness or the bad tackles he had in the first half and the second half.

  2. No deal.

    Still… 2 young winger/forwards with good training might be worth a bid (for cash, not Bale). We need an understudy for both Bale and Lennon, not to mention Ade.
    At 5′-10″ Tello is shorter than I’d like (I’ve never seen him play) but who knows…


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