It’s a pretty futile task to find any headlines other than those pertaining to the question of the England manager’s job this morning but is it inevitable that Harry Redknapp is about to step into Fabio Capello’s expensive Italian shoes?

Virtually every newspaper and sports website is covering this and there are so many different claims as to what, if anything, has already been decided. Some stories suggest that the Harry is the FA’s man and it’s just a matter of sounding out the issue of compensation.

Other reports go further than that and claim that Daniel Levy is already looking for Redknapp’s replacement from Europe’s elite.

Another suggestion that is doing the rounds is that Harry will attempt to combine jobs at both club and country until after Euro 2012 but would that disrupt the campaigns of either?

Football fiction writers couldn’t have constructed a better script yesterday as Harry walked free from Southwark in the morning and Capello resigned just a few hours later. Newspaper editors would have been joyous too as their stories wrote themselves.

So is this just coincidence and are there really no other candidates or will Harry Redknapp really walk in to Lancaster Gate over the course of the next few days?



  1. After spending most of the summer convincing Modric and I am sure a few others that Spurs is the place to be, walking out of Spurs at the end of the season (or even before) will not sit right with anyone.

    Come on Harry, you heard us at the Lane against Wigan. Do the decent thing and finish what you started. COYS

  2. Well said Bobby H. Although i can’t help feeling that there would not be a better time for him to leave than after we qualify for the champions league at the end of the season.
    One thing is for sure though. He’s done a massive job for us and brings out the best in our players. Would Mourinho do the same with a limited budget and a wage cap?

  3. There is no doubt abut it that Harry is the best man for the England job but I also think he is a man of honour and I would like to think that at this stage of the season with so much at stake he would not just walk away from Tottenham , not only that the England job comes supplied with a target that you fix to your backside with a notice that says kick me if things don’t go right, but at Whitehart lane he is the King. Long live Harry at the lane.

  4. The right way to deal with this would be for Harry to come out and say that whatever happens he will be staying at Tottenham until the end of the season and to say ‘Daniel deals wiv these fings, i don’t get involved’ and get us qualified for the chamions league ready for our next manager that Levy will be working his ass off sorting out behind the scenes.COYS.

  5. It goes without saying that Harry R has the backing of the media! judging by all the comments made in the tabloids!
    However, whilst Harry R has done a triffic job so far at Spurs,has he really achieved anything yet? Sure we qualified for the Champions League for the first time! but thats not winning anything! A team is defined by what trophies it holds and currently we are still amongst the also rans!Another point, which comes from personal experience.When the going gets tough and Harry’s ticker starts to have palpitations again, will he find his health up to the job? I hope for his sake it does but I wouldn’t put my currently successful job on the line for a fickle public and a mercenary media!!
    Come on Harry! finish the job and win us the Premiership, The Champions League, The FA Cup or whatever and make Spurs fans proud of your legacy first. Its not as if you need the cash?

  6. Who’d want the England job? I can’t think of one manager in the last 20 years who’s come out of it with an enhanced reputation. Capello has the best record of any English manager for more than half a century and everybody’s still celebrating seeing him leave.

    It’s a bit like being asked to be Prime Minister… “Would you like this high-pressure, high-profile, intensely public job where you’ll be roundly criticised if you fail to meet everybody’s unrealistically high expectations?”

    If he wants to take the England job instead of sticking with the best Spurs team in decades, more fool him.

  7. I think it’s basically common knowledge that ‘Arry is the next England gaffer, but I just hope the next Spurs manger can keep the lads together as well and build on the hard work that has been put in. It’s just sad he can’t finish the job of building Tottenham into a European giant. But I know the ole wheeler and dealer will be proud of the position he has left spurs in.

    I like to personal wish Harry the best as England’s manger and you’ll always be a Spurs legend!!


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