Essentially this may come down to two players – Emmanuel Adebayor and Louis Saha, both of whom drew praise from manager Harry Redknapp after the game.
“Adebayor and Saha were unplayable in that early period and it set us up,” Harry said.
“The chances came along and we put them away, great finishing.”
So are there any other candidates? Across the midfield everyone played their part while in goal, Brad Friedel made two outstanding saves, although in the context of the game they weren’t really that important.
Out of the two strikers, Saha obviously scored twice but Ade had a hand in the first four goals before notching the fifth.
So who gets your vote?

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  1. Not the man of the match but Niko has been looking sharper every game he plays.
    I like the good passing game we’ve been playing, but I also like players (like him) who are always looking for a shot on goal.

    • Man City don’t want or need him. They’re going to be keen to sell him in the summer because his wage bill is enormous.

      Adebayor will never get the same wages he’s on now unless he heads off to Dagestan to join Eto’o and Roberto Carlos.

      He’s had a good first season with Spurs so far and has said he enjoys playing with us. I can see him taking a pay cut to stay. Time will tell but I’m optimistic.


      Adebayor’s the man of the match for me but it was great to see how well he linked up with Saha. They complimented each other superbly. It’s only one game but if they can put in more performances like this one then we’re laughing.

  2. Got to give it to Ade, the man was brilliant, and have never seen him play that good, the man had everything a player should be. For me we must sign him, even if he dont score many, as long as he holds the ball up, and assists in goals, what more can we want from him.


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