You felt that with the way Spurs had been playing for most of this season that someone was due for a real hiding and while 5-0 represents an emphatic victory over Newcastle, a 4-0 score line at half time suggests that things could have been much worse for our visitors.

“We all felt it would be a tough game but we started so brightly,” said Harry after the match.

“We got the early goals and there was no danger after that. You hope for a start like that, but you can’t expect it.”

Harry also hailed his strike force, a pairing of Emmanuel Adebayor and Louis Saha that no Spurs fans would have been expecting at the start of January.

“Adebayor and Saha were unplayable in that early period and it set us up.

“The chances came along and we put them away, great finishing.

“We played some fantastic football and overall, it was a great all-round performance.”

With Chelsea losing to Everton – a win helped considerably by Steven Pienaar – our gap in third place is now ten points. After a trip to Stevenage this weekend, it’s the big one on Sunday week with a visit to the Emirates.



  1. At the moment it looks like Spurs are the next Barcelona.Great to watch. All i would like to see now is for Spurs to beat Manchester United.I am so tired of this hoodoo team,please shut them up once and for all,there is no better time than the present.

  2. My oly problem is Scott Parker and Dawson. Dawson needs to up his game. He is a first team player for a good few seaons. For me he cannot carry a ball going foward confidently . He makes lots of back pass or side pass. When he marks a player he often uses his hand and push them in the box which is dangerous . He is going to give a penalty one of these days. Scott good and strong on defensive side of his game. He is very poor in making quick passes going forward. He is a very slow thinker of the game and makes lots of back passes when the entire is going forward. Fans watch these two players in the next SPURS game and then you will agree with me.

  3. Parker has one problem he has given three free kicks away in the last two games that could have yielded goalshe needs too cut this out. Dawson has just played in two games and we have conceded no goals and both teams where in the top six. We have Kaboul Gallas Huddlestone Sandro too come back and give us back up. The key for me in the coming games could be Huddlestione he is full healed we could be in for a tremendous run in with his passing and the front three strikers he has too aim for.

  4. Not sure how Dawson and Parker have got criticism, both were immense against both liverpool and the magpies. ian nayr – did you see Dawson’s inch-perfect tackle on Suarez???
    Of course Scotty gives away a few fouls here and there, his job is to tackle and play it simple and he’s one of the best at his job which is why he’ll skipper england at the euros. As for being a slow thinker, you’re out of your mind. He never loses the ball man what are you saying?? I’ve been a spurs supporter for over 30 years and this is by far the best we have ever played, i really find it dissapointing to hear spurs fans being critical of any of the players right now. You clearly know very little about spurs and have no respect for the effort these guys have been putting in all season. Go support someone else

  5. About Parker giving away free kicks — how many more opportunities has he stopped successfully? I’d much rather him play this way and occasionally give away a free kick.
    I’m also not too worried about him going forward since that’s the least important of his roles. He’s the ideal DM — we have Modric, VdV, Niko, etc. who specialize more in going forward.

    As a side note, I thought Niko played well. He might not be (quite) as skilled as some of our other players, but he seems more eager to take a shot on goal — and they’re generally on target or close to it.

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