In the space of 45 minutes Louis Saha won over a huge proportion of Spurs fans who were wondering just why Harry Redknapp had moved to secure the Frenchman at the end of the transfer window.

One game doesn’t prove everything however and although the striker looked sharp, he will need to stay fit through the rest of the campaign to convince the club that he is worthy of a further contract. For now however, Saha is delighted with his dream start.

“It was a great, great feeling,” Saha said.

“I am not that young, but it’s just like I was living the dream of a young boy – to make your debut and score on your home ground, it’s just amazing.”

Louis also reserved praise for Emmanuel Adebayor who set up both of his debut goals.

“Adebayor was immense,” he added. “Physically, his work-rate and desire to get involved in everything was great.

“He was involved in everything. It’s dead easy to play with him and he is a great character to be around.”

When VDV in particular returns to full fitness it will prove to be a nice selection headache for Harry to have but should he go out of his way to accommodate Saha based on this performance?



  1. There has been a selection headache at WHL for some time now. Don’t forget about Defoe. When both fit Harry has to choose between Defoe and VDV…. and now Saha.

  2. We are privaleged that we have 18 reliable players going for 10 outfield positions, Walker, BAE, Kaboul, King, Dawson, Gallas, Lennon, Krancjar, Modric, Sandro, Parker, Huddlestone, Livermore, Bale, VDV, Defoe, Saha and Adebayor have all made a claim with there performances in the past to start games.

    Only Rose, Nelson and Giovani have something to prove but the rest have merited starts.

    You have to pick our best inform players, therefore against Arsenal I would go with

    Walker Kaboul King BAE
    Krancjar Modric Parker Bale
    Saha Adebayor

    And Stevenage if everyone is fit
    Walker Dawson Gallas Rose
    Lennon Sandro Livermore VDV

    2 very strong sides but for me the tea, picks itself, players like Dawson, Hudd, Gallas, Sandro, Lennon and Defoe have all been great but certain players pick themselves espiecially Kaboul, King, Walker, BAE, Bale, Parker, Modric and Adebayor

    That literally means two positions are going in midfield/attack and the foolowing players can battle for them

    • Huddlestone is injured, Krancjar and Livermore don’t get a look in when the 1st XI are fit so it’s only 15 players and you know Defoe is back up and comes into contention for home games only.

  3. my reaction to spurs fan on the blogs not realising sahas talent adding to the squad and selection in attack was vindicated as he and ade balanced eachother like they had been together for ages…….defoe who is awesome and also sharp may need to rethink a shade but all is good….-consider all the players brought in under redknapp/levy have been a steal…

  4. Jay, nice analysis but I’m a little confused about Hudd.

    I’ve always liked him as a player, but you’re showing him as an AM? I’d think he’d be more in rotation with Parker, Sandro, Livermore, than with Modric, VdV, Niko.

    Also, isn’t he still a long term injury? I’d love to see him playing again, but even after he’s back it’ll be a while before he’s a real contender for a starting role.

  5. What a great article.
    Saha was fantastic and he does play technically and elegantly like we love.
    This is why Mr. Redknapp gets paid. his decision I’m sure will be for the best and I’m sure that whoever plays will entertain us. A great time to be a Spur.

  6. Does it? 1 game when the opposition have no central midfield (remember our start of the season) and you suggest we throw out what has worked all season? Laughable. Home and away games are different as is the approach. Saha is a plan B.something we can switch to.


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