Speaking from a purely personal point of view I desperately want Harry to stay and as such, you won’t have seen too much in the way of managerial speculation on these pages. However, it was interesting to note the rumours concerning Jurgen Klinsmann and in particular the suggestion that he was putting his name in the frame followed by a subsequent denial.

Those stories began to emerge yesterday suggesting that our former striker was keen on the job before he made this comment.

I’m very happy in my role as USA manager and busy preparing for the start of World Cup qualifying this summer.”

But would Jurgen be a good fit for the White Hart Lane job? His managerial career began in 2004 and has so far taken in Bayern Munich as well as the German and USA national manager’s positions. He remains without managerial honours but then there are few International bosses who can boast a bulging trophy cabinet.

Then of course there is the question of the returning player. Both Messrs Hoddle and Ardiles are still loved by fans but their reputations did suffer somewhat with their records in charge of the club.

Overall, if Harry does walk, is Jurgen a good contender for the WHL hot seat?



  1. No, of course not. He has achieved nothing in his managerial career. The success he had in 2006 was mostly down to his delegating work out to the likes of Bierhoff and Lowe. The latter in particular was instrumental in bringing through the young players that now make up the bulk of a strong German side. He was second at Bayern before he left, fair enough, but he still lost 7 out of 33 games. With that side?? Also, as many of his former Bayern players have stated, he lacks tactical nous. Phillip Lahm was quoted as saying he had to get all the players together every week to discuss tactics as Klinsmann neglected it altogether. He was a great player, and will always have a special place at WHL, but it isn’t in the dug out…

  2. He is obviously a Tottenham legend and would be popular. But I don’t think he has proven himself at club level and would be a big gamble. We would need someone with a proven track record at club level and don’t think Levy should look any further than Mourinho,he should try to sign him at all costs!

  3. I’d much rather not consider the merits of a manager with zero relevent experience. Really not a very good candidate, Spurs hero or not.

  4. It would appear that Mourinho is out of our reach. So he is out – we simply do not have the finance to back him up. So we would have to look elsewhere. That leaves Moyes or Hiddink – out of the potential available managers with EPL experience – who have done good jobs (or Brendan Rodgers, but you feel that it is too early for him by a year or two – he had nothing to lose or prove at Swansea). If you then look for others Klinsmann is as suitable as anyone else – except that he does not want to leave his USA home.

  5. I just cannot see Moyes proving the appeal for the likes of Bale, Modric, etc to want to stay on and play next season. We need a higher profile manager should ‘arry do the off.

  6. If (god forbid it) Harry gets the England job then my first option would be Jose, Wenger to Real and Christian Gross to Arsenal. Gross knows the subway system and would do a lovely job at the gooners..

  7. No way Jose, Klinsman over him any day. I don’t want to see the likes of Drogba lying on the floor pretending they’re injured for half the match. At least with Klinsman we’ll see a decent game, whoever comes in we’ll probably not hang on to the likes of Modric anyway. Bale on the other hand, we might stand a chance of keeping and at the end of the day he’s the one that really sets us alight. I’d like to see Luca stay but we’ve already got his replacement twice, Tom and Sandro, when Gareth isn’t playing we do look light. any-one but Jose.

  8. Slaven bilic for me Croatia play great football handles media well speaks 4 languages, tactically brilliant made hiddink look q fool in euro play-off winning 3-0 in turkey is not something that happens that often, he knows English game having played for Everton & west spam, good friends with levy perfect choice for me & as a side thought likely to keep modric happy.
    I wouldn’t mind van gal as director of football with Michael Laudrup as manager. Didier Deschamps could b worth a shout has a decent record against English sides in cl. One I feel stupid saying but here goes nothing pep guordiola operates on a rolling yr 2 yr contract & has said last yr he would only stay at barca for another .Yr or 2, so if barca win cl he might fancy a change he has stated he wants to manage in England. I know man u Is a more likely fit but if he wanted a challenge where else but spurs could his footballing philosophy b as easily translated than at spurs.
    There’s a few homebased managers It’s probably come a few yrs early to get job Rodgers Malky mackay Nigel Adkins Chris hughton who in couple of seasons would b good choices but nor at mo.

  9. He has no experience of managing in the Premier League so won’t be an option. That also rules out many of the names mentioned by others. The Rodgers, Houghton’s etc simply don’t have the experience and we don’t know if they have the ability to handle big players and the Champions League so they will be ruled out also.

    Jose has to be top of any list.

  10. Moyes is an interesting option. He’s done a quietly superb job at Everton – few managers would have achieved the results he has with practically no money and a fairly weak squad. He doesn’t get enough attention; Everton could easily have dropped out of the Premier League without him. We don’t know how that kind of success would translate to managing a better, richer club pushing for titles and trophies, but Spurs offer what he’s never had a chance to turn Everton into. We could do worse.

    I really don’t like the idea of Mourinho at Spurs. He’d do the best for us in the short term but he doesn’t often leave clubs in great shape. He does make sense if we really want to challenge to be a top club though (as in a proper title-winning, trophy-gathering, big-budget top-of-the-table club), which is something that’s definitely achievable with good management, a bit of financial outlay and some luck.

  11. Jose is unavailable. He’s hardly going to leave Real to come and manage us. Besides, I’m not sure I want his brand of football at WHL. He’d make us defensive and boring. Sure we MIGHT win things, but at a cost; both financial, and in the ethos of this great club.


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