Transfer rumours come and go but there may be more substance to a couple of the stories that emerged last week. Long term target Leandro Damiao and exciting Lille midfielder Eden Hazard were in the spotlight over the course of the last seven days and for once, it seems to be more than just gossip that has seen them hit the headlines.

In the case of Damiao, the striker claims that Tottenham have lodged a bid while he denied that he was aware of any interest from elsewhere.

“I am not aware of anything for an offer from Paris SG. I have had no contact with PSG or Leonardo,” he said.

“For now, I think about my club and the Copa Libertadores. In July, if a proposal comes, it will be discussed.

“All that I know is that Tottenham have made an offer.”

Spurs are believed to have put in a bid last year and it’s conceivable that this is the offer he is referring too. Otherwise it’s a case of ‘watch this space’ in the summer.

Moving on to Eden Hazard, headlines today claim that Harry has admitted an interest in the midfielder and this time, his comments go beyond his usual statements that refer to admiration for a ‘triffic’ player.

“Hazard is a player that we have spoken about,” said Redknapp.

“He is a player who is definitely on our list.

“We spoke about him a few weeks ago. We started talking about possibly getting him in then.”

Nothing of course will happen until the summer but could it be that two of our transfer targets have been positively identified?



  1. These two could be the difference makers…

    Still think we’ll need another striker though – I don’t see Adebayor and Saha as options for next season, so that only leaves us with Damiao and JD (does VDV count?)

  2. midfeild of hazard on the right bale on the left with scotty and modric in the middle and rafa playing behind damaio, that is a tittle winning attack! and the likes of niko sandro huddleston and lennon as back up, next season could be the 1 COYS

  3. I just dont get this though, yes I know we are interested in Damiao and Hazzard but what does not make any sense to me is that if harry is considerin taking the england job then why would we be identifying target at this stage unless either Harry was stying. Suely DL would want some sort of commitment from Harry before identifying transfer targets. The only other reason we might get these 2 players in is that DL thinks he can make a tidy profit from them both in a few years time. And why would someone like Hazzard say he would like to join us with the current rumours about Harry leaving!!!! Just does not add up to me

  4. MMM would be nice if this came true, lennon could go, to help fund another striker. Not sure how we are going to capture anyone until are our management role is sorted, either with continuation or another, who can draw players in.

  5. Bold line up Derek!! No Parker/Sandro protecting the back 4 as well as they do?

    Would love to sign these two though. I’d say its almost all we really need. maybe some cover for our full backs becasue beyond benni and walker im not sure we look too good!

  6. I’m already getting excited already…probably shouldn’t but if we can get damiano, hazard, vertongaen and adebayor then we are as good as any team in my opinion on paper. I think these will be our targets regardless of the manager in charge. Spurs’s had ambition before Harry and will have even more now…..the train wont stop for one person…it will keep going and getting faster and faster

    • Half chances. Half chances. He provides the pace on the wing that Walker can’t but he still does not have enough of a final ball. It has been five or six years of waiting for him to improve now. Great goal last year against Liverpool when it looked like we were going to draw at home. Still waiting for another though.

      • Rubbish John. Lennon has improved tremendously, especially his final ball and work rate tracking back. The problem with Lennon is with our strikers not having good movement to give him options.

        As far as Im concerned we need to keep Lennon as he is one of our better players. We need to keep our best players to have options. If we going to challenge for the league and play CL we need a very good squad. Man u have 3 good players that operate on the wings (Young, Nani and Valencia) and that didn’t seem enough with injuries they have had. Bale, Lennon and Hazard would be perfect for us.

  7. Jd might be off if Damiao joins and Ade stays Sahas back up and VDVs not going nowhere.Hazard and lennon can fight it out for right wing its a long season.Bring in Vertongaen as well who will know Hazard too and drool is dripping out of my mouth.

  8. If JD wants to go, I wish him well (as long as we do sign Damiao).
    The problem with Lennon is that I feel we really miss him as he does balance things up, however Hazard will be an upgrade but we should keep Lennon as well.

  9. @ Nathan. You know nothing about football……Lennon is not one of our better players, he hasn’t gone on and is completely overrated, his final ball is always the same, either chipped up without picking anyone out or low and hard and hitting the first defender. He can’t score and often shows intent until he gets to the fullback at which point he turns and then lays the ball off to KW or a midfielder!! Try comparing him to Bale – He scores, creates and isn’t afraid of taking on one, two or three defenders at a time! Lennon has had to many chances and I’m afraid it’s time to look elsewhere which is why we were after Krasic and now Hazard! COYS

  10. Harry is clearly going to take the England job, and the structure of the player contracts is perfectly balanced for a new manager. Levy is obviously driving the interest in Hazard, Damiao & Vertonghen, and I personally fancy Mourinho as the new gaffer.

    Looking at the squad it is important to keep depth, whilst acknowledging that expectations and standards have changed. Players like Jenas, Bentley, Bassong, Gomes and Even Corluka are no longer good enough to meet new expectations. In addition we have ageing players like Freidel, Cudicini, Gallas, King, Nelson and Saha. It would be foolish not to harness new talent under these superstars in their twilight years. Players like Joe Hart was schooled under Shay Given, King was schooled under Campbell and the list goes on. If we evaluate the positions we can clearly identify the requirements:
    GK – Time to get an Akinfeev, Vorm or Krul who can learn from probably the world most experienced and technically brilliant keepers in Freidel. I feel all three have more natural ability than Freidel and signing one is key before it is too late.
    LB – It is time to forget Rose who is simply not good enough. We have Assou Ekotto who is one of the most under-rated stars in the Premiership. We need a Bastos type player to share the responsibility.
    CB – King & Gallas are almost finished in my opinion, both world class but father time has caught them up. Dawson is fantastic and Kaboul is now starting to look world class. We need youth and quality and Vertonghen is clearly the man to bring in now. Both he and Caulker can blend the exit of King and improve their game in the process to realise their fantastic potential.
    RB – Corluka is too slow and methodical and Walker has cemented his place for years to come. I would like to see Kyle Naughton challenge Walker next season as he looks as good as Walker and would set that position alight.
    LM – Bale is brilliant and must be the future, but we have little width when he is not available. Hazard can player across the midfielder and would offer us a great depth of coverage.
    CM – Sandro is the future and not Parker, and he must continue to get more exposure next season. Parker has been so world class that it is hard to find fault, but we must ensure that we utilise Sandro as well. Modric, Krancjar, Hudflestone, Livermore and Falque provide all the depth needed.
    RM – Hazard would outshine Lennon and provide us with a rotation of three top quality wingers for the two positions. I personally rate Lennon but Hazard is a different class player in the Bale & Ronaldo sense.
    CF – Defoe MUST stay as he provides us with superb cover. Damiao is an obvious signing but please allow Coulibally and Cellabos exposure next season. I am sure with Kane as well we could have a brilliant future if we keep Adebayor as well. Adebayor & Damiao would be amazing with Defoe as back up. Saha will go at the end of the season and the young guns Kane, Cellabos and Couibally can all develop by playing in the Cup games and the odd bench appearance.
    Miracle Man – Van Der Vaart is an enigma as he changes the shape when we play him, I would love to see him stay as his experience will be vital in the big games. He does stifle the opportunities for young rising stars, but I would keep VDV as his inclusion even if from the bench offers a depth of options.
    Lastly and sadly I want to mention the forgotten man Dos Santos. He is world class on his day as we have seen for Mexico, but opportunities at Spurs have been almost non existent or in the wrong position. As crazy as it sounds I would keep Dos Santos and play him alongside Damiao. Infect so much so that I would allow the superb Adebayor to leave as I feel Dos Santos can be brilliant if played as a striker in the truest context. I cannot see one of Kane , Cellabos, Couibally or Dos Santos not becoming truly world class, but selling Dos Santos for a post £5m is a risk too great IMO.
    Summary: Sell Gomes, Bassong, Gallas, Corluka, Jenas, Bentley, Rose, Pienaar and release Adebayor, Saha & Nelson
    That is 11 highly paid players.
    BUY – Vorm, Vertonghen, Hazard & Damiao and let Dos Santos, Naughton, Caulker, Ceballos, Falque, Coulibally and Kane provide the gap filling.
    So 11 out 4 in and 7 from wider squad given their chances to plug the gaps.


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