The war of words between Spurs and Arsenal has escalated again over the last few days and chief culprit is Wojciech Szczesny who seems more concerned about finishing above Tottenham than his club’s own position.

Here is part of what the Polish keeper had to say,

“I wouldn’t settle now for fourth place,” he said. “We’re four points behind the other North London club – I am not going to say their name – and hopefully we can challenge them.”

“Hopefully Chelsea can challenge them for a fourth spot as well. I’d be really pleased to see Tottenham in the Europa League next season.”

Words like that are always going to be inflammatory to the opposition and they’ll also help to curry favour with your fans and mask your own inadequacies as a player. Szczesny isn’t alone in this and there have been other high profile comments from either side as to who will finish higher – it’s just that these are the most dim-witted so far.

Ultimately, this season should be about finishing the season in the top four and having a real go at winning the FA Cup. Finishing above Arsenal and seeing them trophy-less again should then just be a happy bonus – shouldn’t it?



  1. Anyone would think he is veteran of NLD… This public hatred and comments about THFC are childish. Where Arsenal finish does not concern me one bit. Never has. His immaturity might one day come back to haunt him.

  2. I don’t recall any really crass comments from WHL and that is over some 60 yrs but the Woolwich part of North London is rather famous for stupid, bigoted comments such as those made by the moron above and having a dressing room where objects of value strangely disappear.

  3. A clear sign of childish insecurity on Szczesny’s part… just trying to get on the right side of his home fans…Ok, so they’ve had a good run recently…so he goes all cocky.

    What matters is we aim for 3rd and win the FA Cup which would crown a remarkable season, given we haven’t spent much compared to the other ‘big boys’… then look forward to CL football next season and possibly one or two good signings, and probably a new manager too.

    • I think Spurs has spent more that ‘the other big boys’. Arsenal spent 49M on new signings but earned 55M from player sales…a 6M deficit. Oh yeah…u’ve spent much more.

  4. What makes me laugh the most, is that not too long ago, last season and beyond the Arsenal (true S. Londoners) were happy to say that they were no longer thinking about the N. London derby as important. They didn’t care for us and saw us as a non-challenge. They said they weren’t interested in us anymore as we didn’t come close to them and they weren’t into looking down the table at us. HA HA HA HA HA HA! What a bunch of pathetic losers. Soon changed their tune didn’t they.

  5. Totally agree with all my fellow supporters .. Perhaps this idiot should concentrate on trying to play football which he isnt too good at. The last 2 games he has given away penalties and if the referee had the guts to go with the decision to the letter of the law he shouldnt have finished the game. The best look on his face I can remember was when last year we were 2 down at the Haemmerhoids ( sorry about spelling) and he was taking the proverbial out of our players .. but his face was an absolute picture when big Younes Kaboul strode up and planted the winner beyond him. I have news for you Szcesny YOU hate Spurs the feeling is mutual and hopefully next time you try to pull someone down in the penalty area the other players foot accidentally connects with your head.

  6. As Spurs’ fan I love what the Polard said. This is the best rivalry in the EPL which is the best league in the world. The supporters on both sides hate each other, the players should share this passion. The problem with sports today is there are to many players concerned only with collecting there ridiculous pay check. These are grown men playing a child’s game, show some passion and heart!

  7. Are you lot for real? Every single season for as long as I can remember deluded tottenham players have come out saying they will finish above arsenal and the power has shifted. You should get your own houses in order first and enjoy your best season for years. Haha! That gap is closing pretty quickly you bunch of bottle jobs.


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