The big team news from yesterday’s press conference was that Aaron Lennon is definitely ruled out of this evening’s sixth round cup tie while Emmanuel Adebayor is an additional doubt with a hamstring strain. There is a juggling of priorities to be done here and if there is any concern over Ade then maybe he should be sitting this one out.

“We’re still waiting to see, we’ve got one or two knocks. Adebayor has a little bit of a hamstring problem so we’ll wait and see how he is,” Harry said.

Harry has taken this competition seriously since the fourth round and therefore the main question is whether he will pick a full strength side or whether players such as Modric and Bale will be rested ahead of another crucial game on Wednesday night.

In goal, Carlo has deputised for Brad up to now and looks likely to continue but a shortage of alternatives in front of him means that we could be playing our first choice back four.

In midfield, either Sandro or Livermore will come in for Lennon while the same two players plus Kranjcar and possible Danny Rose could be in line to deputise for Parker, Modric or Bale.

Up front surely it’s Defoe and Saha?

Here’s our team to face Bolton but what’s yours?



  1. Cudicini
    Walker, Gallas, Kaboul, Bae
    Kranjcar, Parker, Livermore, Rose
    VDV, Saha

    VDV is to good not to play and I’m interested to see how he links up with Saha, I don’t think Sandro has the pace to play on the right and Kranjcar has been putting in some good performances lately, so I’d put him on the right, Rose on the left and free to roam up and down but can drop back and help defend with Parker and Livermore so the other 3 can go up we can switch to a 4-3-3 with VDV and Kranjcar playing behind Saha

    • Hi Jack, i could not help noticing that you mentioned that Sandro lacks pace….and then you stated that Kranjcar can play there instead. It’s like you contradict what you said earlier? Yes, No?

  2. Carlo walker gallus kaboul bae kranjcar parker modric bale vdv defoe. Thats the team for me box suggestion of a weakened team is mad, we are 1 game away from a F A cup S\F we have to go for it not just for the prize of a trip to wembley it would be a huge confidence boost of 3 lost games, come on you spurs lets av it.

  3. ——————————-Carlo
    There isn’t a striker at tottenham that Jermain works well with purely because he hogs the ball he wants to score not assist, Adebayor is the closest thing we’ve got but he needs rest, Saha and Defoe play like they hate eachother, and out of the two I pick Defoe, Parker and Sandro are class but without Vaart or Modric there is no creativity so I personally pick Modric out of the two, you could play Kranjcar but why don’t be so quick to forget we are still playing a premier league team it’s not easy teams anymore, Bolton are a good side when it matters they will be looking for a win, without Cahill Defoe should be able to make easier runs but it will still be tough but if we play our football I can easily say 10-0 but if not we could be looking at a 0-0 for 1 and a half hours or even worse 1,2,3,4 or even 5-0 to them! Come on you COYS!!!! Oh and we do need pace on both wings, so sorry Kranjcar, but Giovani is very similar to Lennon apart from Giovani can finish as good as maradona, if you don’t believe me look at how well he does for Mexico and how well he did at Santander and look at the gold cup final and his goal!!!

  4. Nelsen is shit, only played well for 3 games in one World cup, but needs must when the Devil vomits into your kettle. Sandro and Parker don’t work well together, don’t know why but they cannot both play central, also we loose attacking threat. Krankie, should never play central/ Defo is our best striker, one up front with VDV (our top scorer last season!). And let’s play some goddam ball!!! Cudicini,
    Walker, Kaboul, Gallas, BAE
    Dos Santos/Krankie, Parker, Mod, Bale

  5. Also bring back Jol, and getRule Fox down the right, is Klinsman still fit? I know Gazza’s raring to replace modric, on a free, just pay for Kebabs and booze? What am I saying Harry has clearly already sniffed round, What’s the obsession with age? We have Caulker on loan been amazing all season, naughton = shit hot, Coulibaly? Falque? Carroll? all could play down the right. If it was Wenger or Moyes or Jol these guys would br tearing it up. Now our bench is full of ageing mercenaries. Still can’t shift jj and bents!!!


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