Tomorrow’s team news is pretty much the same as that which was declared in the week with Aaron Lennon still ruled out and Emmanuel Adebayor a major doubt.

Added to long term absentees Michael Dawson and Tom Huddlestone, Ledley King is the only fresh concern and he faces a late fitness test.

“Adebayor did a bit of training yesterday but we’ll have to see how he is. I’m not sure he’ll be fit tomorrow,” Harry Redknapp said this morning.

“Lennon has been training but at the moment he doesn’t feel he’s ready to play so he’s not available.”

Overall then, we feel there will be one small but hopefully significant change in Defoe for Saha but what do you think?




  1. Friedel; Walker, Kaboul, King, Rose; Santos, Parker, Modric, Bale; Vaart; Adebayor.

    I don’t care what people say, I simply do not trust Assou-Ekotto one bit. He’s sloppy, unreliable and loses possession of the ball far too often. Seriously, am I the only one noticing?
    I’d also point out that we need width which is why playing Kranjcar, Vaart or Sandro out on the right doesn’t work.

    • assou ekotto has had a great season. what are u talking about? he’s quick, reliable, skillful and links up play well

  2. Anyone else think Gio deserves a go on the right? I know it’s not ideal for Chelsea away but everyone else has had a go with no success…

    Failing that I’d just say stick Livermore out there and tell him to run himself into the ground

  3. after watching Saha the other night, damn that boys got the first touch of a rapist, get rid as soon as possible, comes to something when your replaced by Gio and your thinking why did we sell Pav

    BAE is a liability, he was directly responsible for 4 goals v Arsenal. He thinks he is Bale and does not have to defend
    Rose is quicker and works harder for the team as he is trying to prove he is worth a place. BAE is complacent

  5. What’s all this anti-BAE talk? The man is sheer entertainment value alone – give him the armband; that’s what I say!

    • Woops, I believe I started it.
      But he looks uncomfortable on the ball and his pointless ventures up past Bale leaves us short at the back.
      If we qualify for the Champions League, Harry or whoever is in charge next season needs to replace him.

  6. 4-2-3-1

    Walker Gallas King BAE

    Sandro Parker

    VDV Modric Bale


    Gallas for Kaboul as you need as much experience as possible, and Gallas is a much better penalty box defender, as where Kaboul is more of a high line man!
    Sandor Parker holding mid is a no brainier for me, let modders,bale and vdv interchange position and cause chelsea midfield/defence havoc.

  7. Without Lennon and Ade it’s pretty pointless to be honest… The loss of King (he won’t play 2 games in 4 days) means Gallas has to play, and makes for a 3-0 Chelsea win that i am fully prepared to take on the chin.
    Best of a bad situation: 4-2-3-1


    Walker Kaboul Gallas BAE

    Livermore Parker

    VDV Modric Bale


    Bench: Cudicini, Rose, Khumalo, Sandro, Kranjcar, Gio, Defoe.

  8. I Have just realised why we are playing badly ! Its the arrival of Saha and Nelson, and the departures of Pavlechenco – Corluka – Bassong. The spurs players must of been thinking, Harry dont play our mates and brings in worse, must play on their minds, we think so why not them.

  9. With Lennon out, I think we have to try and maintain pace on both wings, so why not give Walker a run at right midfield and have someone else slot in at rightback?? Hudd used to slot into defence on occasion, so why not stick Sandro in there with King or Gallas?? I don’t think we should be playing Parker and Sandro together in the middle, as we need an attacking formation to get a result. My team would be:
    Kaboul, Sandro, King, BAE
    Walker, Modric, Parker, Bale
    VDV, Defoe

  10. What I don’t understand is the seeming need 2 play big man little man up front…I mean its not as if we score many goals off set plays…just seem 2 concede off them….pace wins games.

  11. I think its time we give Gio a go since the other options have not given us the results we wanted.
    All the best

  12. Personally, I’d choose the deploy Walker as the right winger (I mean come on, pushing Bale further up the pitch paid off right???!!) – we also know he can track back, unlike Niko or Rafa.

    Friedel (GK)
    Kaboul (RB) King or Nelson (CB) Gallas (CB) BAE (LB)
    Walker (RW) Parker (CM) Modders (CM) Bale (LM)
    Rafa (CAM)
    JD (ST)

  13. I’d try and stifle the shit out of this game, so my team would be a 4-3-3 of Brad, Walker, Gallas, Kaboul, Ekotto, Sandro, Modric, Livermore(because Parker looks shagged), VDV, GDS, Defoe, and tell them to fucking run about a bit.

  14. nice idea playing walker right mid but heaven forbid Sandro as centre back with his knack of charging in and giving free kicks. Not happy with Parker either as CM and much prefer Livermore.

    For me, it would be;


    rose,king(gallas) kaboul benny
    walker livermore modric bale
    Ade ( defoe)

    fingers crossed

  15. Sandro should be playing in every game now… Arry seems to have forgotten what a beast Sandro can be in midfield.. having Sandro along with Scottie will allow Walker to press high & wide right… will also allow VDV to play higher, and get himself in goalscoring positions like that point saver against Stoke

    Kyle Kaboul Gallas Benny
    Sandro Scottie
    VDV Modric Bale

    Hoping leaders like Gallas, Parker and VDV will inspire a victory and put us back on track for 3rd place … and Cup victory at Wembley

  16. parker is hammered (excuse the pun). wasn’t it sandro in milan that showed the way for a ‘ total-midfield-performance ? ‘and technically, has far more to offer in the ; pace and passing department..for all livermore’s inexperience, on=form he offers about the same as a knackered sp.

    Gds has been well and truly mugged off and although he hasn’t exactly gone on to become; the next ronaldinho , he is a lively little player with a good head and a nice first touch..personally, i would not hesitate to give him and vdv an exchange between- second striker and or wide right man.. for me Saha has done what most knew he would , which is to ‘burn out’, like a paper match-stick.. but harry is the most and i do mean this,most persistant manager using failed tactics and players i’ve just about ever seen. on htat basis-perfect platform for an England manager.

    Disappointingly , i am not expecting anything from tomorrows game..this based purely on the vibe and quotes being wilfully released by the human mouth- cannon that is ‘ no-savy-rednapp ‘..


  17. 3-4-2-1 gk cudicini,rcb parker cb gallas lcb kaboul, rwb livermore cm sandro cm BAE, lwb walker,R Cam vdv L CAm modric st Bale
    Keep it tight hit them on break.

  18. Friedle,Walker,Gallas,Kaboul,BAE,Sandro,Parker,VDV,modric,Bale,Ade/Saha. Would love 2 c GIO get a start on the right.when he plays 4 Mexico he’s outstanding.Voted 3rd best young player of v last world cup,but its not going 2 happen.Gallas in for King because he cant play 2 games in 3-4 days.Sandro with Parker in the middle will make us solid and hard 2 beat,and allow Bale,Modric,and VDV 2 really push 4ward.It will b a tough game but weer due a win at v bridge.COYS!!!!!!

  19. 3-5-2
    Ade Saha
    VDVaart Dafoe
    Bale Modric Walker D-Santos
    Sandro Livermore
    Nielson Gallas A-Ekotto
    Kaboul King
    Friedal Cudacini

  20. 3-5-2
    Bale Modric Walker
    D- Sandro Livermore
    Nielson Gallas
    Cudacini Saha Dafoe D-Santos Parker Ekotto King

  21. 3-5-2
    .. Bale….. Modric….Walker.
    Subs Cudacini Saha Dfoe D-Santos Parker A-Ekotto King

  22. of late,Friedel has been poor at crosses.He does not attack the ball like the stoke goal.Kaboul should sit out this one,he loses concentration pretty easily.maybe gio should be brought on at half time for Kranjs.
    Walker Gallas King BAE
    Modd Parker
    Kranjs Bale

  23. Dos Santos should be on the right instead of Kranjcar (incidentally the blog owner recently showed his ignorance by thinking that a player who the manager clearly dislikes and only ever plays when he has no choice is crap. I suppose he thought Rebrov was worse than past it 30 somethings Ferdinand and Sheringham under that idiot Hoddle)

  24. can we win at the bridge with this lineup? we haven’t before, so what’s to suggest we can? i hope we break out of this funk soon, but this is a bad game for us. chelsea is in decent form at the moment, and they are deeper than us at the moment. just a thought, we have a pretty good starting 11, almost domestic cup worthy, but our squad is pretty thin. losing Ade and parker gut us at the top and middle. now we can’t score and defend our side of the pitch. i appreciate mr. levy trying to build this club through inexpensive quality pieces, but sometime, just sometime within my lifetime I would like to see spurs as an elite club that qualify for CL and challenge for cups every year. God knows I don’t have too many of those left.

  25. Nil Nil, that about sums up the ambitions of both sides. Neither team wanted it enough. Spurs afraid of losing, Chelsea incapable of winning.

    Is Modric playing so badly just to force his price down? His corners were rubbish and he hardly got in the game. Now you’re beginning to see what a stinker Adebayor is.

    From thirteen points ahead to three behind.
    What’s the gap?

  26. sick to my stomach!!! we never forced anything when we had the chance and the space. nobody wanted to overextend themselves, and you could see Chelsea didn’t want to do anything either, or they could have just been as bad as we thought. either way, too much respect against an opponent we should have ran all over. analysts say Chelsea were a bit more in this match, but i didn’t see it that way at all. we dominated when we wanted to, which makes me wonder why we never asserted ourselves consistently in this match. VDV should have scored. simple as that, although perhaps playing for 4th is best now. Arsenals form looks good, and look to have finally found their quality. I already knew this weekend was going to be tough for us to reclaim 3rd, now, we should probably focus on securing 4th. a tie here give us great advantage for the rest of the fixtures, but a win would have killed their spirits. we still can’t beat the big clubs.

  27. If I hadn’t of known that was Chelsea tottenham I would have thought it was Sunderland Wigan. It looked like two very average sides with no confidence to me. Better result for us than them though but I can’t see where the next win will come and arsenal are flying. 4th is the best we can hope for I think.

  28. its 5 points. i would say, thats good enough… but we fell through it all these past couple weeks didn’t we? so yea, anything is possible if we don’t pick it up. when swan comes into town, if we don’t greet them with an early goal, i can see tightness. i promise to not feel it until then.


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