Tottenham’s flying Welsh winger Gareth Bale underlined his huge importance to the side with his performance in the 3-1 win over Swansea. He was your man of the match too with over 40% of the vote with Kaboul and Adebayor in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Here’s a reminder of what Harry Redknapp had to say about the player

“He’s just an amazing talent. He’s an amazing player,” Harry said.

“He’s got the ability to run all day, to beat people, to dribble, to shoot, to head it – he can do everything. He’s a unique player really, he’s a special talent.”

Yesterday however, Gareth spoke about any potential approach from either of the giants of Spain’s La Liga.

“If you said to any young player that you could play for Barcelona or Real would they turn it down? Probably no,” Bale said.

“If a bid was accepted you would obviously have to seriously consider it.

“But that has not happened so, at the moment, I’m just concentrating on Tottenham.”

This did rather stop short of the predictable suggestion of the ‘come and get me plea’ that accompanied the story but it has also sparked an underlining of a £40m plus price tag. This has in turn prompted a ‘source’ to say.

“Barcelona feel that £40m is madness. Rosell (Barca president) wants Bale and would love to see him at Camp Nou but they simply cannot afford him. The interest is strong but the club cannot take it further based on the price as things stand.”

There has been talk again this week about approaches for Luka Modric but at present, perhaps Gareth Bale is the one player Spurs can’t afford to lose at any price.



  1. No they don’t, Bale has constantly said he is not leaving yet, his recent comments merely mean in a couple of years he would be open to a move that’s all. There is no danger of him leaving whatsoever.

    Modric is the one who will go for £50 million if City offer him £200,000 a week.

  2. So the B#**#!!! starts already.
    If Bale were to go anywhere it would be in the Ronaldo fee region of 70 million. Remamber 35 million only gets you a Newcastle reject or Berbatov!! Similarly with Modric. There is such a dearth of real talent in the midfield in virtually all the clubs in the Premier league any auction would bring at least 60-70 million. However Spurs should simply stand firm against all bids and so called part exchanges–I see Kalou was being floated as an appetizer in the media yesterday– let these trial balloons such as Carrick, Drogba, etc stay where they are. At least they are nice and warm and well fed there.

  3. Bale will stay for another season. As for Modric I’d be surprised if we got more than £40m for him. Only the Manc clubs will bid that high, Italy doesn’t have the money and Barca/Real don’t hzve the need. Chelsea will probably be in Europa so unless they get a mate to sponsor them for £50m per season I don’t think they can afford him.

  4. Bale will almost certainly stay for 1 or 2 more years.

    Modric is more of a concern. Most of those that want him, can’t afford him, but that won’t necessarily stop them trying. We will no doubt see the Ferguson/Benitez approach to negotiating. This is the equivalent to going into a supermarket to buy an item, that you can’t afford. Then throwing the item on the floor, scuffing it around, and going to the checkout claiming the item is shop soiled, so you want it for half price. Dream on purple nose, Levy doesn’t do half price.


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