We’ve talked a lot about Steven Caulker in these pages and have even discussed his potential to become the ultimate successor to Ledley King. The player himself has impressed while on loan at Swansea this season but has made it clear that he doesn’t want to return to White Hart Lane without the prospect of regular first team football.
In the meantime, Swansea boss Brendan Rodgers seems to have resigned himself to the fact that Spurs won’t sell but he hasn’t ruled out an extended loan deal for the centre half.
“I spoke to Harry at length and just generally he understands Steven has had a fantastic season and it will be between now and the end of the season before they determine where he will go, it will depend on the club and where they are at,” Rodgers said.

“He has made a massive jump in his career through playing games here, and it’s down to where they see him fitting in there next season.
“He will be going back to Tottenham for pre-season, it will then depend on whether he is seen as one who will be part of their squad, whether he is going to play or whether he needs more games.”
A further loan might be preferable to Spurs fans rather than seeing Caulker leave the club altogether but should he be a first team regular at Swansea or White Hart Lane next season?




  1. Best thing would to get Vertonghen in for next season and send Caulker back on loan to Swansea for one more year.
    Reasons are:
    1) If we dont get him Vertonghen this summer, he’ll probably go to Arsenal instead
    2) Give him one more year to properly blossom into a full CB and get that one more season of experience
    3) When next season is up, Ledders, Gallas & Nelsen will have retired/moved on and then that will leave us with Kaboul, Vertonghen, Dawson & Caulker + Khumalo if anything does bugger up. That way, we’ll be sorted for the next 4/5 seasons in terms of CBs.

  2. …if you haven’t realised by now, Tottenham fans, that he is in advance of all of your CB’s (and I know they’re quality), then by all means leave him with us, PLEASE.

    Top class, and ready NOW.

  3. He should step straight into the team just like Walker did.
    He has already made the jump to the U21’s, Has looked comfortable beyond his years at Swansea. If Harry goes to the England job, then we should raid Swansea for Rogers and Dyer, bring back Caulker, sell Lennon, retire Gallas and Neil. Let Ledders coach the defence and play when he can

    • sell lennon and bring in dyer ? are you out of your damm mind! lennon brings the best out in us (as shown against swansea) but nathan dyer is a poor mans steven pienaar end of and he would struggle to be part of our subs bench!

  4. He is ready to be incorporated now….bring him back and manage the transition in as Gallas and Nelson and possibly King are really ready to retire or be retired….if Kings kneee op works out maybe he will continue to contribute however it leads to inconsistency in our defence.

  5. Have to get Vertongen. One more season at Swansea for Cualker or maybe a bigger club. A season at Aston Villa or stoke City. But Vertongen should be top priority and then in the future theu can play together

  6. He should be allowed to stay there and continue his development. He will not be a regular starter at Spurs, any mistakes he makes will be highlighted and it won’t bring him on as well as playing every week on loan, learning his trade and improving. The following season he will be ready to challenge for a first team place.

  7. Dave totnum is really rottenham hotpussies hes just 2 embarassed now after all the mind the gap comments came back on him


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