Rumours linking some of Europe’s top managers with a potential vacancy at Spurs continue to surface and already this week we’ve seen Brendan Rodgers and Slaven Bilic connected to Harry’s job.

Another interesting name to emerge was that of Juventus coach Antonio Conte who has led his side to a 30 game unbeaten run that has taken them to second place in Serie A.

Prior to that, Conte was probably only known outside Italy for a fetching taste in scarves but he has taken Bari and Siena to Serie B glory and looks to be one of the most promising young managers in Europe.

If this admittedly unlikely scenario did happen then one player who wouldn’t be joining the club is Milos Krasic, the winger who has been frozen out by Conte this season.

Personally, I’d keep Harry and take Krasic but who knows what will happen?




  1. I don’t see any substance to this rumour, why would he leave a giant of a club that he lives & breeds It makes no sense. To answere nikolay’s question he started taking English lessons this season probably more for requirement of champions LG interviews in English than joining us. The failure of eljero Elia at juve has been touted as conte not being able to comunicate in English or German with eljero. If he was to take over at spurs he would probably bring paolo Andreoni as his no 2 they worked together at siena & Andreoni has perfect English.
    The biggest problem I’d have with him taking over is the way he behaves on sideline & off the pitch. He can’t stop arguing with fellow coaches, complains constantly to referee during game & afterwards in media, he makes kenny dalglish seem rational when it comes to conspiracy theories. He even fought with Atalanta ultras & needed police protection while he was in charge there so overall it would massive risk to appoint, his one good point is he has done a very good job at juve & his footballing philosophy is more in line with arrigo sachi, sedan zemanek than the normal don’t get beat train of thought that is rampant among coaches in Italian LG.
    In my opinion bilic is ideal for job. Having watched Croatia v turkey he euro play-off he outfoxed hiddink every step of the way, he has great record in charge of Croatia that includes victories over Germany England Russia France turkey Italy & draws with Holland. I’m a big fan of style of play he uses & u can tell when he was doing his badges he spent time with van gal, Wenger & lippi on training ground. I also like the way he talks in media he is very relaxed & has an air of authority about him. Some might not agree with me but I just have a gut feeling that he could b the one to bring trophies to the lane.
    Others worth considering imo would b van gal, radomir Antic, fatigue terim & Deschamps


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