Harry Redknapp promised to ring the changes before Tottenham’s shocking defeat at the hands of Norwich but after the game he pointed to the 4-4-2 system as a major factor in the loss.
Harry’s preferred choice up front has always seemed to be with VDV behind a lone striker – usually Adebayor – but he opted to play Defoe and Saha in a more attacking style.
“I thought we’d go with four forwards, play 4-4-2 and on paper it looks a really exciting, attacking team, but we looked too open playing that way,” Harry said.
“It’s alright playing a 4-4-2 if it’s a tight 4-4-2 and when you lose possession, you get back into a four in midfield.
“We play 4-4-2 and we’re very open because we’ve got players who want to go forward and want to attack. That was a problem for us.”
Spurs have Clint Dempsey to thank for an equaliser at Fulham that leaves us clinging on to fourth place and after Chelsea at the weekend, it’s back to the league against QPR where a win looks essential if we’re to avoid the Europa League and a summer of speculation about certain members of the squad.



  1. …what a tw*t. Why did he change a winning team? 4-4-2 has been a problem for Spurs all along, and now ‘Arry is surprised it didn’t work? Does he think the FA Cup is more important than CL? Gallas a fine against Sunderland, so he gets dropped? Parker is tired? He can rest in the summer. This defeat was all down to ‘Arry and his daft tinkering

  2. I was at the game yesterday and the problem was a lack of attitude and some basic errors, not one single player would rate more than a 5 out of ten. We looked great only a few weeks ago and some of our “big” players need to look at themselves, Bale, one of Europes best LW, terrorised Europes finest right backs,I understand he frees himself up by wondering but the balance of the team is not the same, if he gets double marked out wide then there is space for a team mate, it is a team game Mr Bale! Lennon, very good RW but for god sake go on the outside!! cutting back inside nearly every time is a joke. Lastly has anyone else noticed how poor and valnerable we have been in the centre if we accept Parker is a very good deffensive midfielder then I am beggining to look at Modric, true he looks graceful, true he passes the ball wonderfully well but is he putting in a fair shift or is he dreaming of his summer move?

  3. Players were awful yesterday but when we go down 1-0 at home the fans get on the team’s back far too quickly. No one was complaining about 4-4-2 before the game, then we lose and everyone blames Harry.

    Norwich were brilliant, we need to move on and win our last five games. We have the quality.

  4. I’ve been saying it for weeks but we have been fooled by redknapp and his media friends into believing we are a very good side and Gareth Bale is the new Pele. Neither of these are true. Bale looks good against slow, old or poor full backs and we have no depth in the squad. It’s all looking rather sad now. Arsenal could be 11 points clear by the time we play our next league game. We will have a couple of games in hand but that is what I call a gap.

  5. We were very poor against a good determined Norwich team that looked hungrier for goals than Spurs. Our defence was shockingly bad and conceding silly goals again. Why did our defenders run towards goal and in so doing shutting out the view of Friedel rather than close in on Bennett. Instead, they gave him all the space and all the time he needed to make a great shot, I would like to see Spurs win all remaining matches to secure a fourth spot but I have my doubts considering the way they are playing at the moment.

  6. As soon as redknapp goes the better getting sick and tired or his bullshit yesterday was a joke king sorry to say is finished and as for modric £50 mill should have took the money the bloke can’t kick the ball hard enough, the midfield yesterday were over run completly by a 2nd rate team missed parker livermore championship standard

  7. the problem is joe lewis. he has the money to buy a great team but he won’t. doesn’t even have a spurs profile, that’s how much he cares. i don’t like football being owned and controlled by oligarchs but that, alas, is the reality. so, spurs won’t pay competitive wages, can’t/won’t buy world class, so what do you expect? it is a formula guaranteed to ensure mid-table status. this is not rocket science.

  8. I don’t recall Norwich or Sunderland being controlled by an oligarch. Plus the amount of money we’ve spent in recent years i don’t think we can plead poverty. Dark days at the Lane.

    • Recent to me means maybe 3 years. You? What money have we spent?

      VdV — 8m
      Parker — 8m
      Friedel, Gallas, Nelson, Saha… — free
      Piennaar — 3(?)m… less?
      1-2m occasionally for younger players

      I’m not trying to be exhaustive, and I know money was spend on a couple of players we’ve gotten rid of already or would like to, but since getting into the CL 3 seasons ago we’ve hardly spent anything.

  9. i don’t think you grasp this, super spur. because norwich and sunderland outplayed spurs casts no reflection on their ownership or willingness to spend money. but it does reflect on joe lewis/daniel levy’s refusal to spend at spurs in a way that produces results. if norwich or sunderland were at the top or near the top of the table you’d have a point. the fact that they are nowhere near that level actually supports my argument.


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