The footballing platitudes have come out since yesterday’s defeat against Norwich and our goal scorer from that game has urged his team mates to push for the last few games.
Jermain Defoe was quoted in Metro as he looked to the challenge ahead.
‘I think it’s important to regroup now and everyone has to stick together. We’ve had a fantastic season and we just need to think about how we’ve played before to win games,’ JD said.
‘We’ve got to keep working hard, there are so many important games to play. We just need to try and get as many points as we can.
‘We’ve just got to keep it going and try and forget about this result.’
It’s been a great season at times but it would be sad to say the least if it was all wasted. Let’s hope that actions speak louder than words when Spurs return to the Premiership against QPR at the end of next week.



  1. I wanted to say i have allways thought Harry was a brilliant manager but i dont think it is nice what he has done to spurs , i thiink he is going to take the england job for sure because if he was’nt he would have told the squad and it would have helped them to be more settled. he’s made it hard for spurs , why should anyone want to join us if they dont know who the manager will be unless we are offering rediculous money which i think we need to do . if we only bought leandro damaio & hazard that would be enough to please us long suffering supporters

    • There appears to be double standards in the treatment Harry Redknapp is receiving from the Spurs board in comparison to that of Martin Yol.

      Martin Yol was a loyal manager who gave everything to the club and had the best win record since the legendary Bill Nicholson.

      He turned down the opportunity of managing Ajax whilst at Spurs and what was his reward for this loyality?

      The board held discussions in Seville with Ramos, (his eventual successor) behind his back and he was sacked. The board did not tell him and he had to learn of his dismissal from his brother who had heard about it on BBC radio.

      In his two full seasons in charge he led Spurs to fifth place and the reason for his dismissal was that he had not qualified for the Champions League.

      Harry Redknapp: (a) finished fifth last season; (b) has had is head turned by the chance of the England job, and (c) presided over a team that has lost a 10 point lead over Arsenal.

      Yet in spite of this all, he is still in post!

      Where is the justice in that?


  2. On account for the last month, no, this has not been a GREAT season, a good one now. Not great. Great is more than this. Win the rest of the fixture and I will definitely reconsider.


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