One of the players to come in for most criticism after Monday’s home defeat by Norwich was Ledley King. Our club captain’s constant struggle with injury has been well documented over the last few seasons and recent performances have led to suggestions from some sections of support that it’s time to hang up the boots with dignity.
King has been one of the first to speak out over the situation at the club and has insisted in the press that there is no crisis.
“There is not a crisis in any way,” Ledley said.
“We have top players here. We lost against Norwich, but we have to move on and get up for another big game we have on Sunday.”
The skipper also went on to acknowledge that the senior players have to lift the side through this run of form.
“It’s up to the senior lads to lift the spirits of the rest of the lads and keep them there,” he added.
“We can’t dwell on this. We will have to look at a few things and have a few words and try to move on.
“We have to stick together and keep working hard. That’s the only way.”
When Ledley was called back into the side at the end of last season his influence was critical in aiding a fifth placed finish but has he got the reserves left to do it again?



  1. …its far too late for him to hang his boots up with dignity now ffs!!!! Weve been dosing him up with painkillers for every game he played in for the last 2 or 3 years!!! If he doesnt play, hes still on 50 fakkin grand a week for doing next to fark all, so why would he even dream of “hanging his boots up with dignity”? Once you are on the inside pissing out as a footballer its all easy money!!

  2. Not fact Top, King’s one of the high earners in the squad and he’s reportedly on £76 grand pw. But regarding the main point not only should he think of the club but his own health and future. At this rate he’ll be on crutches by the time he’s 40, not really a good plan. As for performances I note that he’s getting (naturally) progressively slower and is now being turned by the quicker youngsters in the opposition leaving Kaboul stranded. Methinks it’s now time to consider family, health and club career or maybe take professional medical advice. We might have a great midfield but the defence has been appalling
    On the other hand we have a manager on £58 grand pw and doesn’t know what an email is!!
    Regards Baggyshorts

  3. im afraid the king has had it ,.. love the guy for what he’s done for spurs and his loyalty ,.. but i feel he’s been at fault for a few goals scored against us of late .. i don’t think he’s first choice anymore .. mentally he might be up for it but i don’t think his body agrees with his head ..
    sorry Ledley 🙁

  4. I think it is time for Mr King to take up a coaching role at Spurs.

    – Get rid of Harry Redknapp and build again.

    Manager = David Moyes

    OUT = Gomes (£3m), Naughton or Corluka (£3m), Bassong (£4m), Khumalo (£2m), Nelsen (Free), Rose (£3m), Lennon (£20m), Bentley (£4m), Jenas (£3m), Kranjcar (£8m), Modric (£50m), Saha (Free)

    TOTAL (OUT) = £100m

    IN = Vertonghen (£12m), Subotic (£15m), Hazard (£30m), Barkley (£7m), Dempsey (£10m), Dembele (£13m), Llorente (£22m), Hoillet (Free)

    TOTAL (IN) = £109m

    / (forward slash) = or

    First Team Sqaud – 2012/13

    GK = Freidel, Cudicini
    RB = Walker, Naughton/Corluka
    CB = Subotic, Kaboul, Dawson, Caulker
    LB = BAE, Vertonghen
    RM = Hazard, Giovani, Barkley
    CM = Parker, Huddlestone, Sandro, Dembele, Livermore
    LM = Bale, Pienaar, Hoillet
    ST = Llorente, Vdv, Defoe, Dempsey

    25 players exactly in Total.

    Loan out youngsters to Premier League/Championship teams

    This is a brilliant squad, which will be capable of playing in Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup.

  5. I have supported King even after the Arsenal game, but the time has come for him to quit. he was really good in the first half of the season, but the injury he had somewhere in the middle was clearly the final straw. The horrible thing is that Kaboul now seems to perform worse when Ledley is next to him, where previously it was the exact opposite. I am hoping we get to the FA cup final, and we are winning 2-0 with a minute to go. Let Ledley come on, collect the trophy, and then gracefully retire. He has been a fantastic player, and a legend, but the fat lady has sung for Ledley. We all have bad days, but that performance against Norwich was something that affected the confidence of the entire team

  6. Steve, get in the real world, most of those players will get offers from clubs in better positions that we will probably find ourselves in at the end of the season. If you were one of those would you join spurs if there were other offers on the table?

  7. LEDLEY IS FINISHED! He’s been a liability to the team & the squad for far too long. He runs like a duck, is slower at turning that huddlestone and has lost the plot.

    Sorry to say it but the KING is dead

  8. Hoped we wouldn’t see it, but it’s happened and he is knackered. Never seen him so limp and wanting, to be fair, a decent manager would not have him out there, barely it would seem able to walk.. but that time comes. he needs taking to the back of the field now..

    the king is dead !

  9. Ledley Ledley for he was the king of White Hart lane 🙁
    Makes me sad to see him so poor lately. This has to be his last season of top flight football, other wise he will cripple himself for life.

  10. LEDLEY KING should retire or play in the lower league. Defoe is a better striker that Adda whose workrate is just not enough and loses the ball most times. Spurs need 2 quality backs. Need some young blood at the back (like Walker who is brilliant)


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