After a poor run of form in the league, our trip to Wembley this weekend has almost been forgotten and it’s interesting to see the first previews of the game starting to appear today.
The official club website has quoted Gareth Bale ahead of the Chelsea game,
“We let ourselves down against Portsmouth two years ago, we didn’t play well and that was a tough defeat to take, but we’ve got another chance to reach the FA Cup final and we’re determined not to let it slip by this time,” said Gareth, who played in the Pompey game.
“Obviously we’ve got difficult opposition in Chelsea. They’re a great side, have done really well in the Champions League and it won’t be easy. But I think if we are on our game on the day, then we can reach the final because I feel we have the better team,” he added.
“We played very well at Stamford Bridge recently, it ended goalless but we had the better chances on the day and we probably should have won the game. That will give us plenty of confidence going into this match.”
Predictable stuff from Gareth but it raises the question as to how important Sunday’s game is in the context of our season?



  1. maybe if you stay on your feet, dont pretend you’re injured after every tackle, and remember you’re a winger and not Zidane, we’ll get a 90 minute performance out of you.

  2. harry’ got e’m talking garbage in the press now as as well.

    y do spurs players do itto themselves…all you’ve got to do is, play your role and shut th hell up! Footballers come spokes persons never works..

  3. I felt good about this before… but now that we have to play Chelsea on the big stage. I don’t like it. I would rather be playing Liverpool lol. Perhaps even Everton, atleast we match well with them. We match well with Chelsea on paper, but they have more experience in these kinds of games, plus they will be pissed off they have to play Barcelona in 3 days. That could and should have worked in our favor, but I just can’t think that anymore.


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