Much of the Spurs transfer talk has centred around Steven Pienaar at the moment as the season draws to an end. Steven is currently out on loan at Everton and it seems clear that both the Merseyside club and the player would favour a permanent return to Goodison before the beginning of the 2012-13 campaign.
For the time being however, the player’s agent has said that the South African international is just concentrating on his football and aiming to get Everton as high up in the Premiership table as possible.
“There have been no discussions about him staying there permanently or about him leaving Tottenham,” said Rob Moore.
“Steven is not looking past the end of season – he just wants to do the best he can do for Everton and make sure his name is spoken about in the way his ability deserves, as he has been doing.”
However, Moore did go on to suggest that Goodison was better suited to Pienaar’s style of play.
“The way he plays is probably more suited to a side like Everton than Tottenham,” he added. “They have Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon with out-and-out pace down the wings.
“Pienaar is not a wide player that gets to the byline and gets crosses in – he comes inside and uses intelligent combination play to open up gaps in the defence so it’s a different type of game.”
Any Spurs fan who saw Pienaar score for Everton against Chelsea would have wondered if they were seeing the same player. Is it worth trying to get that out of him at the Lane or is it better for all concerned if he moves on?




  1. Let him move on – but no friendly prices. We paid what we did because his contract was running down – he is still tied to us long term so Everton will have to pay what he’s worth, which is £6m or more.

    Can they afford that?

  2. One of the strangest decisions HR has made this season. No question he would have been useful, more comfortable on the right than Krankjar – and a plan B to open up teams that park the bus, cutting in from the left and allowing Bale space to attack from full back. Good player. Harry doesn’t know how to use his squad properly, so he burns out his first 11 and ostracises his squad players. Did exactly the same last year and our slide from 3rd from Feb onwards is almost identical. To not have learned anything from last year is highly frustrating.

  3. As a blue, i’d love to see a permanent return, Everton suits Pienaar as Spurs obviously suited Saha, he couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo for us, but has looked sharp as a tack for spurs. Hopefully it won’t come back to but us!

  4. I think HR has opened a can of worms loaning SP back to the Toffees. There is an opinion, right or wrong, that SP is a player who only performs in comfortable surroundings and much has been made that those comfortable surroundings are at Goodison Park. So:

    1) Would Everton pay £6m for SP – probably not – we haven’t got that kind of money.

    2) Would another club risk £6m on a player who has the reputation of only playing well at “the right club”

    I suppose the real question is whether you can get him playing for Spurs the way he plays for Everton, but even then, is he good enough to secure a regular place in the Spurs team?

    Anyway, all the best for Sunday – hope to see you at Wembley in May.

    • As a Spurs fan, I would like to see SP go back to Everton at a fair price, because of the unfair treatment by Harry. If I was SP I would not want to play for Spurs again, so best let him go at a fair price for all concerned.

  5. With money being tight at Everton a solution that could suit both parties is a trade for seamus Coleman, spurs are crying out for competition for walker & he could provide it, I know he hasn’t had the best of seasons but this yr never really got started for him bcoz of injuries. Get him right & he’s a damn fine player, I remember watching him for Ireland against Italy & he was the best player on the park & he has caused us a lot of problems in the past, also think he could b competition for benny & lennon.

    • I’d like to see that trade — Coleman would be a great backup to both RB and RM. Hopefully he’d actually get some playing time since he can work at multiple positions, even if he wouldn’t be first choice at either.

      I assume that trade would involve some cash to Everton as well.

  6. Have to agree with Jamie about the total misue of resources by Harry. The fact that he has done the same thing 2 seasons in a row shows that he doesn’t learn and therefore isn’t good enough. The sooner England pay for the right to take him off our hands the better. No point in having the 2nd best squad in the league only using 14 of them and finishing 4th or lower.

  7. Don’t remind me about last year. But I guess you have to learn from history eh?

    Anyway, as much as I admire what Moyes is doing at Everton, we are not, NOT their friends and we have enough problems and holes to fill here than to let SP go at cut price. We need maximum value, so let Everton and their bank worry about coming up with 4/5m. I do not think he’s worth anything like 6, but if they offer more than 4 we should shake hands and go our separate ways. We cannot say he is a player not worth of Spurs, if he had his current form here, I would gladly take that. But with our current squad, he doesn’t fit. I like Lennon off the bench, SP is just not the same kind of player we need for this system. He is a good piece for what Toffees do, but tip tap the ball up the field like Everton.

  8. Sp is a great player and has been completely miss used during his time at spurs. You have missed out on a real talent due to the manager not deploying him correctly and now you really need someone like him, I think he will come back for about £4m.

    On the flip side you spurs fan really have a high opinion of yourselves!! Can I just say you are not as good as you think and that past 8-10 games just proves that you have no strength and depth and are a two man team at best. Make me laugh the criticism sp not good enough for us but suits Everton and the way they play

    • Yes, I do cringe at the bit sometimes. At the moment, we have more money that Toffees, but would trade that for your 9 championships and your manager, soo….. You can have SP back, but not for anything less that 4.5m

  9. @ Rob we were in the top 3 for 90% of the season. You might think we think we are better than we are but we are clearly head and shoulders above you. SP couldn’t get a look in at spurs and walked into a team that had just beaten the league leaders and has been 1st choice ever since. That says it all.

  10. I believe Pienaar has a future here at Spurs, but whoever is our manger next year has to be able to rotate our players better. Therefore he needs to be able to trust some of our second teamers, enough to give them a start once a blue moon.

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