In recent weeks there’s been much talk about Spurs looking for a long term replacement for Brad Friedel when the time comes for the American to finally hang up his gloves. The majority of these links hint at keepers who will stay at the Lane for a year or two and will then be ready to take over when Brad retires.
It’s unlikely however that Hugo Lloris will be happy to sit on the bench for a season or so and the French international is the latest name to be mentioned in connection with a summer move. Lyon’s number one seems to have been around for a while now but is still only 25 and with 31 French caps to his name, he is a more plausible contender for the White Hart Lane berth. It will, however, take a considerable sum for his present employers to consider parting with him.
It was pointed out to me at the weekend that Harry has tended to shy away from young goalkeepers throughout his career but if Harry isn’t there for 2012-13, maybe the question of the Spurs number one will be addressed sooner rather than later.



  1. It’s absolutely pointless speculating about any players who might threaten the starting XI until we know who the manager is going to be.

    Levy isn’t going to spend money on transfer fees and wages for players that his new manager might not want. The only players we’ll be going for will be young ones who will mature in value…

    Quite right too.

  2. For me Lloris is a better goalkeeper than friedel! I’v allways said that we should buy him. What i have seen of him he will be one of the best in the world someday! So yes please buy him!

  3. HR was very ungentlemanly to suggest that the goal shouldn’t count that was scored against Chelsea as he wanted a PEN and their goalie sent off, When is he going to admit what he is going to do in the summer then Levy would be able to either start looking for a replacement or getting the players in that he wants at the moment he is screwing up any and all possible new signings and a possible place in the CL for next season due to HIM not being honest with the Club,supports and both Levy and the FA just come out and tell Spurs fans what is going to happen with you.

  4. In my view lloris is the best shot stopper in the world but when it comes to dealing wit crosses he’s a bit of a gomes, if there going to spend the amount it would cost for lloris it would b better to get Yee Stegen, Muslera or Rui Patricio.
    It’s a bit pointless speculating until we know who manager will b next season & wether we have cl next season.


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