The soundtrack to Harry Redknapp’s press conference after the QPR game at the weekend was one of defensive comments in relation to the squad. Harry was adamant that he had done the right thing in letting the likes of Bassong, Corluka and Pienaar go out on loan despite the lack of cover.

Redknapp also went on to suggest that he has a lack of alternatives at the club but is that strictly the case? In doing the team news and the predicted starting line up for this site, the team is pretty much picking itself due to injuries but is there scope to change things around?

Could there be a more attacking formation starting at the back with Walker and Bale operating as wing backs? Could Danny Rose provide an alternative on the left?

Should Jake Livermore come back into the picture? What’s the best formation up front?

Is there anyone in reserve that might be desperate enough to make an impact on the last four games of the season? Dos Santos – Bentley – Jenas!

The last paragraph may clutch at straws but is Harry as hamstrung as he suggests?




  1. I’ve never been a fan of Assou-Ekotto, meaning that I’ve wanted Danny Rose to replace him for the last two years now. He proved against QPR he could handle the Premier League and I think it’s about time he stepped in. Benoît is a liability, he’s careless with the ball and also leaves gaps at the back where our centre backs are forced to do his job.
    We also need two natural wingers, whether it’s Walker or Lennon. For the first time in about twelve years of being a Yid, I’ll intentionally not watch on Sunday if Modric or Vaart start out on the wing again.

  2. With BAE possibly out now could be the time for Bale to go back to left back. That’s how we got 4th last time and it could just free up more space for him. If Gio or VDV (or even Modric *whispers*) played from the left they’re gonna naturally drift inside, leaving room for Bale to attack from deep.

    I don’t really see any point at trying to strengthen defensively. We’re Tottenham – we’re crap at defending. We might as well just try and score as many as we can and hope Hoilett (is his name David or is it Junior) forgets his shooting boots.

    • So my team would be… Brad, Walker, Gallas, King, Bale, Lennon, Parker, Sandro, VDV (left), Modric (behind) & Adebayor.

      Need to think about using Gio (for longer than 10 mins) and possibly throwing Defoe on to partner Ade if it’s not going to plan – they looked good together earlier in the season. Could even consider just resting Parker for Bolton and using Livermore…

  3. Hary complaining about squad depth so soon after the January window shut is rediculous. He bought Nelson and Saha, both reputations for injuries, and both out injured. If during the season he had blooded some youth, this issue may never have surfaced. The QPR game he said Defoe was the only striker, where are ALL our youth team including the lad we are loaning from Inter? In the Summer we need a massive overhall, Nelson, King, Gallas to name 3 need to go. We need to invest in youth, and push forward our current crop. We have Caulker coming back, we need a real front man, and Redders needs to go. Before he joined we were signing players like Cisse at Newcastle, and rumour is Harry had a chance at getting him. Since January he has scored more goals than the Spurs team combined. I bought into the trusting Harry saga, but there is simply no excuse for failing like this after leading so well going into January. He should have been able to look at his squad and realise the risks and plan accordingly.

    • Bring on Cebellos and Pritchard – class players. Let’s hope Brendan Rodgers takes over and brings Joe Allen with him. Rodgers will definitely be interested in developing the young Spurs players. Bring back the reserve side so that they can compete every week rather than random sporadic games. Pritchard and Allen in central midfield with Parker supporting them.

  4. Due to injuries i would expect the team against blackburn/bolton to be:
    Walker, Gallas, Nelsen, Rose.
    Sandro, Parker.
    VDV, Modric, Bale.

    Still a quality team and nelsen will hopefully perform against his old culb.

  5. Everything Arry comes out with is all the same old bollocks week in week out. We can pretty much predict what his post-match and even pre-match interviews are going to consist of. ‘Hartlepool are a tough team, there’s no easy game against them, thats for sure’. ‘Ade’s on form, Jermain has been banging them in after training all week and Rafa carried the water bottles again well last week, so I’ve got a tough call to make, its not easy for sure’. ‘Modric is a fantastic lad, you wouldn’t meet a nicer guy, thats for sure, smashing chap’. The fact that he doesn’t like chicken badge anymore, seems slightly beyond Arry. There has come a point now where everyone has seen through him. When the going gets tough, he hasn’t got a clue what to do. And as for his sidekicks Bond and Jordan…jesus christ!! It was only a matter of time before this ‘player revolt’ we’re hearing about. I heard on good authority about a year ago they dont practice set peices. He apparently just tells them to go out there and play. Was it any wonder we took 165 attempts to score from a corner. It obvious to the eye, the usual suspects trot forward in the hope something materialises. Im sorry, but that is fucking amateur. The sooner England calls and he can bugger off, the sooner this club that has been dragged through the gutter for the last 3 months, can find its feet agian, and start a fresh next a season, whatever cup comp we’re in. Someone who is going to take this club forward, beyond our own deluded expectations. Someone is who going to make us hard to beat, a team with a game plan, a young energetic team that knows what is expected of them. Then, and only then, will we ever dream of finishing above Ars*nal.

    • A young energetic team is already available to the manager in the Spurs youngsters at the club who Harry has chosen to ignore.

  6. Cudicini

    Subs: Freidel, Nelsen, Smith, Sandro, Giovani, Lancaster, Defoe

  7. So, Injuries:
    Ade – 50/50
    BAE – Likely to be out for season
    Daws – Out for season
    Gomes – Out for season
    Hud – Out for season
    Kaboul – Injured
    Saha – 50/50

    So team:
    Walker – King – Gallas – Rose
    Lennon – Moders – Parker – Bale

    Has to be really.

    • but defoe is so bad on his own! would rather see lancaster, he’s bigger than defoe and you know he would give 200% just to show he’s ready for first team action


  9. I’d play 3 cb with a sweeper behind them & play a highline pressing high up the pitch, I’d move parker to sweeper with 3 tucked in cb been walker gallas livermore, in midfield I’d bring in fresh legs for Blackburn lennon sandro modric rose bale, upfront ADE if fit if not Defoe.
    If formation is not working u already have players on pitch to change formation ie rose to lb

    • Chim Chim Cher woo YOUR TWO BOB Team are in the RIGHT division and not only that can’t even WIN that division ha ha ha total MUGS.Always will be in Tottenhams Shadow you total F***Wit

  10. Harry has forgotten all about the great young Spurs players. So many of them could have been brought in for cover. Cebellos, Carroll, Falque, Pritchard, Smith – all top class players that need game time to develop. All been ignored as well as all the rest. Harry has not rotated the squad even though it would have been so easy with all the young talent available. He only plays his favourite recognised players. What a joke.

      • Carroll is a very creative player with exceptional passing. He has been loaned out to a team of donkeys who can only play the hit a long ball and hope game. He is totally wasted there. He should have been coming on for Modric during games when Modric has been off form. Falque was stupidly loaned to Southampton when Spurs needed him to cover Lennon. He has only played one game for Southampton where he played well. Unfortunately Southampton had a bad game and he has never played for them since. Another waste of a top player.

  11. Eddboy I would say dont throw ya bottle out ya pram but it looks like the spuds ‘ave lost all their little bottles. CHIM CHIMMENEY!

  12. VDV is so unfit so I’d play 4-4-2 Defoe linking up with any tall/strong striker eg Saha or Ade left back Rose even when Ekotto comes back, he is inconsistent I’ve made up my mind he is very charismatic which is why I like he is class but he has no ambition or dedication he knows he will get paid whether he performs or not. King and and Nelsen, King is class, if you’re a spurs fan and you say King is rubbish you might as well go to Arsenal he is our captain we win more with him he is reliable and he is class so he has had a few bad games, he doesn’t train for goodness sake, Nelsen has a bit of pace Gallas however doesn’t and with Kaboul out we need a pacey CB alongside Ledley so I’d say Nelsen or Khumo. Parker and Modric in the middle, Lennon on the right Bale on the LEFT not the middle, Defoe linking with another striker play Lancaster for all I care just someone. In goal Cudicnini, I have not rated Friedel that much and Cudicini has been class in our cup games even against Chelsea he is so athletic and his reactions are amazing, Friedel let in a freekick taken by Taraabt which went as quick as my nan and it curled slightly. Say what you want but if I am wrong we can’t get any worse than we already are?

  13. I think we all know its time to change the manager. Especially if the players are turning on him. That signals the end of a club if they keep the manager over the players, or so it seems. If Harry stays, I am thinking much of the stars will turn in their walking papers. Soo… who could we have? Well I believe Capello would be the best option at this point, other than that? Lets steal Martinez from Wigan. That would be a great get, because I already feel Moyes is the successor of a bigger club.


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