If the FA ultimately go on to appoint Roy Hodgson as England’s new manager, any unrest that has seeped through to Harry Redknapp and his Spurs squad will have been for nothing. It’s widely known that our poor run of form coincided with Fabio Capello’s resignation and the subsequent speculation over Harry but how much of an effect it had on results we may never know.

For the time being, Uncle Roy is due at Lancaster Gate and Harry has insisted that his focus is on Spurs,

“Good luck to Roy,” Harry said. “I can see my future at Tottenham and I would like to stay, but that is down to the chairman.”

There is, of course, no word from Daniel Levy on the subject but would the FA appointing Harry have helped to take a difficult decision out of the Chairman’s hands?




  1. If the FA appoint Roy then there is no difficult decision. Harry still has a year left on his contract and will continue to do the good work of getting us as high up the league as possible developing the team, bringing through youngsters…

    The only thing Levy has to consider is how much does he want to back Harry in the transfer market to bring in 2 strikers, cover for right midfield and a goalkeeper with huge potential.

  2. what about cbs? need a new gk as fridel hasnt got long b4 he needs to hang up his boots. need to get rid of king, gallas, neilson, kaboule, bassong maybe even dawson if he keeps his injs up. need to get in players like jagjelka, hangerland and others. need cover for lennon someone like blackburns hoyliet. as well as a striker that can create something out of nothing ie rooney, rvp, swarez a player of that quality who can create somthing out of nothing. get rid of modric for adam johnson dejong and 15 m.

      • Don’t discriminate against people who have broken keys on their keyboard right dj? If not, I’m with Matt84 here.

    • Did you really just suggest we get rid of Kaboul? are you mad….. and King can do a great job as player coach, he represents everything we should want in our players.

  3. Personally glad Redknapp will (amost certainly) be staying. Big summer for Mr. Levy now. Will he invest properly in the club and bring in some big names?

    • We need an answer. Today when we basically hear the news that Harry will be back one more year, and Arsenal land Poldoski, their second striker who is at significant length better than our first, I am concerned at the level this club is headed. Not only that, but they have seemingly swept Vertoghen off his feet (our target), and today I am rather pissed at Arsenal. Not moreso that ourselves though… Though I get to enjoy a week knowing we have dispatched a Championship side, I can’t dump the harrowing drums of Mod and Bale chants for leaving. Luka is definitely getting paid next year, and double what we can offer.

      On that note, last I checked we were in the top 20 richest clubs in the world. Doesn’t that count for anything? If a top 20 club cannot compete with a #1 club, that is normal, but we should be able to outbid SOMEBODY!!!!??? And please, if he is to go, anywhere but the other blue side of London.

      And on THAT note, although I would love for an English club to win the CL, I cannot agree to those terms this year. I don’t see us catching the goons, even though they have dipped in form because of timely injury (yes! the gods have an eye for drama), but they are still 1pt better even with the match in hand. Perhaps they will drop two points or more to Norwich next week? That would be fair since we gave away all 3 of ours when they last visited.

      Anyway, thats my rant for the day.

  4. Arsenal may have signed Podolski, but I seriously doubt they will start next season with Van Persie, last year of his contract and they will not let him leave for free when his deal runs out.
    Having said that, this is when we see if Levy will back Harry with serious cash to get us the 4/5 quality players we need to push on and show the players we have that Tottenham is a club looking to challenge for things.
    This summer we find out what our owners want us to be, contenders or a feeder club.

    • It doesn’t matter if they get RvP back or not. That wasn’t the point. The fact is that they are willing, and spending AND players are willing and going to Emirates. Thats what we need.

      • I totally got your point, and if you read my post back you may realize that I was voicing a similar opinion to yours. I was clearly adding my opinion that I think they will be replacing Van Persie with Podolski as opposed to bringing him in to play alongside him.
        As I said this summer will be make or break for our club.

        • Really? Does your world revolve around Arse higher in the pecking order? All you guys can enjoy is the fact that you guys place higher than us in the table often, but honestly, Arsenal have come down much further than Spurs catching them, so that ain’t anything to boast. From here on out, anything goes. I can honestly see a future where Arsenal will have to battle Spurs for 3/4 every year.

  5. I was hoping Harry Redknapp would get the England job.

    The contant press speculation over his possible appointment as England manager, cost us the best chance in a generation of winning the title.

    It is doubtful whether his legendary ‘ man management skills’ will even get us a Champions League place, as it looks like we will have to finish third to guarantee a place.

    He doesn’t even have the excuse of a Director of Football ‘interfering’ to ‘get him off the hook’.

    Perhaps a job offer from the Albanian FA to lead their world cup qualification campaign might be enough to tempt him away from Spurs?



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