There were few dissenting voices when Spurs bought Scott Parker on the last day of the summer 2011 transfer window and if anybody was in any doubt, the signing from West Ham soon silenced any questions over his worth to the team.

In fact, if these sorts of polls are anything to go by, Scott has won the player of the month award so many times on the club’s official website that he remains a strong candidate to lift the supporters’ player of the season trophy.

However, we already had a pretty good right sided defensive midfielder at the club and on Sunday, Sandro showed that he can do everything Scott can – and possibly more.

The Brazilian snuffed out everything that Blackburn threw at us – which admittedly wasn’t much – and he was there at the beginning of some of our best moves. In short, he was back to his best and while Parker isn’t incapable of finding the net, Sandro’s thunderbolt off the bar hinted at more of an attacking threat.

Yesterday we asked the question as to who was the man of the match. Personally I thought Sandro would win it ahead of Walker but I thought it would be a closer vote – the Brazilian polled over 83% of your votes.

It seems hard to justify picking Scott ahead of Sandro based on that performance but could there possibly be room for both players in the side?



  1. Certainly room for both in the squad. They could play together but you have to sacrifice an attacking player to do that…

    Can’t see a reason why we have to pick, after moaning for the past month about no rotation, so I abstain.

  2. Parker has done well for us.. Sandro is the future and a much better all round footballer than parker..

    Sandro should be in place for the next 3 games with modric.. 442 attack, poissession and we get 9 points..

    I get the feeling we will see modric parker sandro and bael in midfield tomorrow though unfortunately

    • Well said there is a miss conception we cant play with a 442 system because we are too open this is not the case when Defoe and Ady play together. When we played against Norwich King and Nelson where a little bit under fit to face a energized Norwich who wanted to get too the Magic 40 points. We need to score early and then dictate the game because if you give a desperate team something to hang onto you have it all on to win. Our next opponents are so desperate they are asking Muamba to attend the match to motivate his teammates. This is because of Harry not getting the England Job Coyle and Gartside are worried Spurs may have the edge . This is why Gartside was telling the media Harry is the man for the England job last week.

  3. Parker is a big player for us – apparently a model professional. But Sandro with some experience and on form could boss any midfield around. Parker will be great for Sandro to learn the game from (especially the English game), but in the long run Sandro should be getting more and more playing time.. He’s both stronger and better with the ball.

    Plus Hudd coming back in too – we are strong in CM, lets get the players fit and clicking.

  4. We should try playing Sandro, Parker and Modric in the centre with Bale and VdV/Lennon both playing behind Adebayor.

    This will provide adequate defensive cover as Bale seems to have lost interest in his duties, whilst Lennon is off form and VdV is incapable of tracking back without pulling a hamstring! With our attacking fullbacks this won’t compromise our attacking options either.

    • Crazy comment!! That has been our problem to date. Sandro, Parker and Modric all play behind the ball and get in each others way. You have to play two fo them with VDV off the front man because he plays in front of the ball. It is not conincidence that dropping one of the three gave us back our balance

      • Correct the worse part of our game is defending we are made to attack Utd tried safety first then when they added attack it was to late. You start with your best get the goals the you can bring extra defenders on, Bolton have the Rugby player back running like a twenty one year old Eagles weight loss and is team mates show me they are doing the North west shuffle just like Houdini Wigan and its a trick o no well. Why have we been tapped by the media players and the lying FA. We have had a player die on our pitch our manager linked with the England job the Chelsea job and now its back to the Chelsea job and the latest Coyle has asked the fans to motivate his team along with the recovering Miracle Muamba. This has said to have been a remarkable season with the top spot changing hands 11 times, and a lot of shocking results Wigan being some of the most . I cant convince my fans why Wigan beat Utd Arsenal and Liverpool plus they should have beat Chelsea and demolished Newcastle who had only conceded one goal in six games. Any other sport would question these results except Football and both Rugby codes. The Union game suffered since it has gone full time and League stars are now on the coaching staff and results are just has baffling Widnes 37 Wigan 36 Widnes 38 St Helens 40 St Helenes 62 Widnes 0show a wild fluctuation in the scores baffling till you relies what is going on and the FA have turned away and buried the scandal shafted Spurs by keeping quite on Harry and why shocking results have sunddenly started happening when desperation is at its highest and fast Spurs Lennon and Bale are paying the price of high work rate tackling. I no 100 percent why Coyle is saying we can beat Spurs so did Norwich and QPR managers and players since then they have played to there true strengths and got hammered.

  5. scott parker, returns to the central midfield, and Tottenham return to losing ways, its obvious.
    Too small, too weak regardless of the opposition although hes a real snapper. Only of any use when Tottenham havent got the ball, and thats what we dont want, and if u gonna play that position either you need some aerial ability, or the ability to track and read the runs of the opposition, whereas good old Scott Parker is a last minute type of man. Im sure West Ham think hes a legend too!

    • That wasn’t the case earlier in the season – when he was playing rally well. He’s knackered and the question being asked is to choose between him and Sandro.
      Why should we choose, we have a squad for a reeason

  6. can never play parker and modric in middle again, to small and weak, bless their little legs, even Barca make sure that either Busquets or Keita are supporting Xavi, Iniesta or Messi in the middle, its common sense!

  7. agrre with alot of people’s comments about palyimg Sandro and Parker in the middle and Modric playing in behind Ade. Sorry to say VDV hasn’t played well all season and even managed to hit a defender when the whol goal was open against Blackburn. Should have scored 2 against Chelski before Drogba scored. His corners and free kicks have been poor to. Think Kaboul stands a shout for player of the season just behind Parker. I was very concerned about Parker when he first arrived but he is a quality tackler and reads the game so well (just cant pass very well) COYS

    • There is another way play Sandro in Rose is place we need bulk against the brute Davies. Gareth Bale can help him with Petrov who looks like he has got worms along with the fading Eagles who looks ill. this would be my team Gomes because of corners and free kicks Walker Kaboul King Sandro Lennon Modric Parker Bale Defoe Ady

  8. Sell Modric and they can both play, then spend the money on a top quality attacking mid that can also play wide (Hazzard if we can get him) then use the war chest that Redknapp was promised if he were to stay and get a big forward like Damiao and a good CB that can play alongside Kaboul, theres also the option of Caulker

    • agree totally, modric has done his bit for us, he doesnt wanna be here we shoould cash in on him,hes worth big money,good riddance if u ask me

    • I can’t see who is gonna pay £40 mil for Modric. Chelsea have just signed Marin for 8 mil and already have Mata.
      They won’t go for him this year. United? possibly

      • Our prime chance for that kind of change has gone and passed. It was a desperate bid by Chelsea, and I don’t see anybody like that again next year (unless Silva suddenly leave City in the last week of the transfer season). Thats not going to happen lol. I think we should be happy with anywhere between 25-32. Especially with fair play around the bend.

  9. sandro and parker is what we need, cash in on modric,buy a decent defender to play alongside kaboul,sign ade permenant and another striker,id like to see fulhams haangeland,hulk,haazard join… even the yak would get us goals..

    • sandro and parker in the middle, yes thats been a great success this season, full of invention and craft, eagled eyed vision, opponents must be quaking in their boots at the prospect of those 2 rampaging forward past the forwards after some great hold up play by Adebayor, hey wait a second, there getting in each others way, or no, nows their chance, great run by lennon/ bale down the wing, just cross it lad, strikers being groped, need a cm to make a run to give options, hey they think their defenders blimey, lets blame lennon on a useless cross instead haha

  10. Harry has done us all!!! – why should we have to choose?
    Play them both or one or the other, depending on form, opposition or fitness

  11. Your not going to finish above the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal with Parker in the middle, classic type of player, but now out dated, needs to do 360 degree turns just to get the ball under control, why , cos he aint got a left foot to rely on, and those 2, yeah if they cant find class in England they will go abroad, and by eck, they find some real monsters, but hey Sandros Brazilian….Whoa….yeah but Parkers the new Dave Mackay…. THE NEW,,, give me a break

    • parker has been outstanding for us,been the rock in the middle we need,he’s not outdated,he’s outstanding…. everywere he goes he gives 100%, and them 360 turns are class lol

        • hope we do this season though, obviously, but if we do, they will be all hell bent on revenge next year, they will be spitting blood, they will be raging. And its gonna take more than your little rocks to down Goliath next time.
          Really could do with Huddlestone, our Yaya Toure, and can score, unlike Parker, Modric, Sandro (getting there), Livermore, Lennon… Adebayor aswell who cant strike a ball
          Chelseas defence score more than our midfield, that says it all

  12. Modric in VDV’s role?

    No chance.

    Rafa is far more productive in terms of scoring, creating goal scoring chances or playing foward passes in the final third.

    Moreover, Luka has been terrible in the last 7-8 games and most importantly DOES NOT WANT TO BE HERE.

    As for Scotty and Sandro together, yes in tougher / away games in a 4-2-3-1 with them as the two.

    That provides as solid base to allow the likes of VDV, Bale (if he continues to insist on doing
    ) and Modric (and any replacement) to do what they do best i.e roaming, getting on the ball as much as possible and effecting the game in the final third rather than dropping too deep.


  13. i think we should leave parker alone preferably on the bench he has run out of steam let him recharge for next season and play sandro who is fresh parker can be there on the bench if we neeed him

  14. i can see us selling modric, and buying diarra, just heard hodgsons been apointed 🙂 music to my ears, long live harrys


    • long live harry, he likes a big family. and i ll overlook his shortcomings, so long as Levy carries on in the same manner of refraining to give him sole executive control over transfers lest we see the likes of Keane, Defoe, Crouch (has his uses), Woodgate, Palacios, almost David Beckham pffft!@!! and Parker to a lesser extent… and lets Pienaar go to Everton, although we need to look higher than him

  15. Hopefully we will get a good striker who can lead the line well and knows where the goal actually is!! A new keeper And hudd will be fit next season and we could play a 4-2-3-1…….
    Damiao / llorente

      • True come on Bayern!!! Because that would be a title challenging side!! And if we sell modric which Im hoping we do (40m) we could get Eriksen for 20m and put the rest towards a top class striker. With the money from selling deadwood and the money from last transfer window. We could easily buy Loris herd they would sell for 12m. and i would defiantly get hoilett on a free coz he could cover left or right flank!

        • I doubt we spend all of it. We still have to pay pretty high wages for the rest of the club. And honestly, until I see it happen, we are not spending Hazard kinda dollars. Our best bet is to rework Mod’s contract, and try to buy his loyalty. Sadly, that is the truth and actually the safest way to go.

          • I never said hazard i know there is no chance of us getting him :-(. No way we need to sell modric his hart isn’t in it anymore no player is bigger than the club!!! a twenty goal plus a season striker and Loris is a must…

  16. SANDRO. To me its a simple question. Sandro was immense in our Champions League campaign, and if given a consistent run in the team, he will get better and better. I feel he is capable of far more than Parker. I get that Parker brings a level of professionalism to the team but he is often happy to make side ways pass after sideways pass, which as a fan can be extremely frustrating at times as we all know we are best attacking the opposition at pace. I truely beleive that Sandro has the capability to develop into one of the worlds best centre midfielders, and Im worried that if he does not get enough action for Spurs that someone else will snap him up. I think its very short sighted of Harry to worship Parker, but Harry does have a tendancy to do that at the expense of youth.

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