With Scott Parker looking to be heading back to full fitness, the only question seems to be whether Harry will make room for Scott in a side that has now won two in a row.

“Scott Parker feels a bit better this morning so he’s going to come out and train. We’re hoping he’s going to be fit. He’s had a great season and we hope he’s going to be available,” Harry said.

That would tend to suggest that Parker will be accommodated which would be tough on the brilliant Sandro, whether the Brazilian is dropped or moved out to the right wing.

Kyle Walker will play after sustaining a broken toe in midweek, otherwise, there seems to be no problem.

While we don’t necessarily agree with this line up, this is how we think it will look but what do you think?




  1. I hope we keep with the exact lineup that started at Bolton. Lennon is on fire at the moment so we surely can’t keep him out. Although parker’s back, I’d rather Sandro with the form he’s in. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. COYS

    • Friedel
      Bale – (Stay Wide!!! FFS!!!!)
      VDV – (Defoe 70)
      Adebyor – (Saha on at 70)

      Lennon – Non Brainer!
      Provides fantastic (often overlooked) DF cover and genuine width & balance. Especially now that bale spends all his time drifting in and taking modders’ space.

      Saha & Defoe – J.D should get a little more game time each week, has been in top nick. As for Saha, it comes back to Redknapps lack of subs/rotation – He does have quality. We needed a striker, Redknapp signed him, so lets see him!

  2. lol!!! are you playing at being Harry? dropping Azza, to accommodate SP and move Sandro to wing so two players who have been on form last two games are either dropped or played out of position..

    very simply keep the same team & same formation..

  3. Why not Aaron Lennon!?!?! is he not fit? I think that he has been the best player these couple of games! He have made so much space for example vdv and moddler. So why not play him??

  4. Whaa why should Lennon be dropped! That’s not exactly fair on him, he, like Sandro, has been playing extremely well!

    Walker, Kaboul, Gallas, Rose
    Lennon, Sandro, Modric, Bale
    VDV, Adebayor

  5. No way should Harry drop Lennon if he drops anyone it should be Rose for Sandro and play this team Friedel Walker Gallas Kaboul Sandro Lennon Modric Parker Bale Van Ady or put Bale left back and Sandro ahead of him.

  6. I agree with the lads on here to stick with the same team.but harry will play Scot hard not to.to be fair hes our best player all year.lennon has to start only player I worry about is rose he looks sloppy on the ball.dont think putting sandro left back will help do you ,

  7. Have to play Lennon and Bale. Villa full backs have been shocking all season, have to attack down the flanks!!

  8. What a score for us in the Arsenal game. Its not going to happen for us is it………what a laugh that would be on our mouthy opponents who frequent this board .

  9. Friedel

    Walker Gallas Kaboul Rose
    Lennon Modric Sandro Bale
    Ady (or maby to up front saha )

    just a win would be great for us ..but this is now in our hands to take the 3 spot….

  10. i think harry should keep the same team and go for it….. Brilliant news in the arsenal game well done Norwich lets finish
    off the season in style

  11. i think harry will keep the same team if we play the way we did wednesday night we will be out of sight by halftime then bring parker and saha on maybe even gio for his last appearance in a spurs shirt,as for 3rd place its all ours baby and i just hope newcastle can beat city and the chelski get what they deserve in munich

  12. Ok – so would you prefer Newcastle to win to possibly put Arsenal out – but also to potentially make it more difficult for us. Although now its all in our hands now!

  13. I favour the 4-4-1-1 formation with the same team that played against Bolton. Bale and Lennon MUST be on the flanks to deliver crosses. I would favour Sandro who can score goals to start in preference to Parker who could be brought in later. If Rose under performs, he could be replaced by Sandro in which case Parker could then be brought in. This is a MUST WIN game for us to go above Arsenal in third position. I hope the players will not let us down. ‘Audere es facere’….To dare is to do…

  14. Usually it’s Livermore, this week you have embarrassed yourself with putting Sandro at right midfield, clueless. The team should be that of the last two games, it’s that simple. Parker to come on at some point to hopefully help protect our advantage.

  15. friedel,
    lennon, modric, sandro, parker, bale
    van der vaart,

    only need 3 at back their strikers are crap overload midfield dont play Rose, and Saha is a better finisher than Ade and is tall enough to lead the line. Sad for defoe but not big enough…wud love to say mind the gap to he arse scum

    • Different. But I feel that this game is too important to tinker with formation. We can beat Villa with the same team. Agbonlahor – although not having a good season is still quick as hell, and has played a lot from the wing. The vulnerable thing about 3 at the back is when the oppostion have quick/tall targets for long balls to the wings. If you say that Villa’s strikers are crap, then we can get away with Rose – even tho I believe that he will play better. Ade scored 2 last time out….

  16. Chim Chim Cher Woo is a Pikey!! Has anyone seen my son Rottens and his gap? He’s gone missing!!! I think he’s getting ready for the Europa league next season

  17. I’m another who has to agree that the team has to stay the same as the last two matches. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

    Just wanted to say though, to the people slating the author for the team. His last comment was “While we don’t necessarily agree with this line up, this is how we think it will look but what do you think?”


  18. McLeish was so scared of Spurs wingers last time out that he played 6 defenders. He even left Delph and N’Zogbia on the bench. Have to play with Lennon & Bale – but also Sandro. If things aren’t going smoothly, then Parker can come on. No change needed – it is our classic 4-4-1-1, but Sandro has come in to add freshness.

  19. Friedel
    Walker Kaboul Gallas Bale
    Lennon Parker Modric Rose/Gio

    Bale’s been wandering around the field lately rather than holding the width — he’s strongest outside and HR needs to make him stay there.
    Also, he has been good as a LW but we have no LB cover and plenty of LW options (in possible transfers and bench players). Bale is fast but his stamina is his real strength — let him start his crazy runs from the back.

  20. HR – “I cant fault the boys. We went down to 10 men and we kept attacking. Did you see the game we battered them. What was it 19 corners. And did you see the attacking substitutions I made. I brought on our free scoring mid fielder Scotty to get us the winner”. As a tweet says on BBC – if we cant beat the worst Villa side ever fielded in the premiership – it perhaps says something. Again – all the possession but poor finishing , poor final balls into the box etc etc -same old same old. Although I will say – their one shot on goal was a bit lucky. Any body else think it was worth trying to save it – I bet Cech would have tried.

    • I have to agree with you hundred percent Freidel looked like he thought the ball was going to go over. In the end it cost 2 points and possibly 3rd place and champions league. Ever since the game in Swansea it seems that Brad is having a lot of trouble and is letting in goals that end up hurting us. That saying he has been very good for us all year for the most part, it just looks like he has some senior moments.

      • Lets just win the next one to guarantee 4th. Who cares what Arsenal or Newcastle do. I don’t think Chelsea will win the final.


  22. How many more chances do we have to squander? I felt great all weekend, and then the match happened. I just thought we finally got 3rd!!! We blew it. Now our fates of champion’s league the shape of our squad now depend of Chelsea and how they do in the final. I just don’t want it to be like that, since you never know what can happen in a 1 game final, even with their inconsistent form. With everything to play for, I think this is 50/50. I would hate to leave it at that.

    Back to the dumps for me. What a rollercoaster we’ve been on these past couple months, mostly down.


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