It’s the last chance to predict a starting XI for this season and the task would have been a lot simpler had Danny Rose not been sent off at Villa last weekend. It would more than likely have been an unchanged side once again but as it is, there is now a real question as to who plays at left back.

“We have got a problem at left-back after losing Benoit and Danny,” said Harry. “We’ve a couple of ideas and we’ll see where we go with it.”

The ‘couple of ideas’ could presumably be to drop Bale back into his original position or to slide one of the central defenders across – assuming we have any fit ones to spare.

If Gareth drops back who will make up the centre midfield? Presumably Luka will go wide on the left but unless Townsend is available (?) is there another natural left sided player?

Elsewhere, Scott Parker is said to be struggling so Sandro and Lennon are likely to continue on the right.

Logic suggests that Bale will play at left back but the fact that Harry didn’t mention it suggests otherwise. This is how it could look but what’s your view?



  1. Gunner fan. I hope (think) that Bayern will win the CL.

    Spurs do deserve to play in the CL much more than Chelski.

    • That would be nice. But they were dealt a double loss recently to BVB losing league AND German Cup this weekend by 5-2!!! Chelsea might feel it is their agenda to write now, and I fear that because they could be the squad with the right mindset as Bayern now has everything to lose and the pressure is on them, especially at home.

  2. I’m going to have to root against Chelski for sure. Usually, I would totally root English, EVEN Arsenal in the final, but the future of our club is no doubt in question here. Arsenal who were are almost level with in terms with recruiting players get a one week head start in offseason transfer talks, and also the advantage for being an automatic qualifier. I have no doubt worrying about qualifying for CL if we do in fact get in. We should be among the strongest of qualifiers.

    Unfortunately our chance was last week and we blew it. It was too fortunate to ask Arsenal to level twice or fall once when they knew they had to take care of business. I’m glad Newcastle fell, they could be a respectable Europa league squad, but I don’t think they would have done well in CL anyway. We deserve the chance, but if Chelsea win, I am totally resigned to watching other clubs play. We deserve whatever we are given because we have given our right for these terms to other teams.

    All we have is hope now. There is nothing to complain about except a couple years when they allow 5 Spanish teams in the CL because they change the rules for the Spanish clubs.

  3. Cheer up you disconsolate Spuds! Old ‘Arry will get the sack next week, Bale will be off to Barca (he’s already taking Spanish lessons and he knows how to dive!), Modric to Chelsea, because he wants Champions League football, and Adebayor to Paris St Germain because Levy won’t pay his wages.

    You know in your hearts that you will never ever finish above The Glorious Gunners again.

    C’mon the Chavs!


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