In scoring our second goal in the win over Fulham yesterday, Jermain Defoe moved into the top ten of Tottenham’s all time goal scorers with 118 goals in his two spells at the club.

“Great to hear that I’ve become one of Spurs’ top 10 goalscorers of all time brilliant support today knew I’d score if given the chance,” JD said on his Twitter feed.

Despite his sporadic appearances this season, Jermain has still notched 17 goals in the campaign and if he were to repeat that feat in 2012-13, that would take him ahead of Robbie Keane, Teddy Sheringham, Alan Gilzean and Len Duquemin and into 6th on the all-time list.

Chances are however that Defoe may be off after failing to nail down a first team place. He has expressed discontent for some time now and while he became something of a supersub in 2011-12, it’s unlikely to give him any great pleasure.

For now, he’s our number 10 goalscorer of all time but should he stay or should he go?




  1. Go – He’s been a good servant, but he’s not good enough to merit a place in the side and he’s clearly not happy (rightly so) to warm the bench again.
    We need 2 good strikers in this summer (adebayor does not come in that category btw)
    If we can get 2 strikers in plus Verthongen & Hoilett (or someone to cover an injury to lennon/bale) and possibly a keeper then I’ll be happy – I would like even more but knowing spurs, that would be an acceptable summer of transfer dealings…..

    this summer could make or break our club – we HAVE to push on! COYS

    • Spot on regarding Defoe but I think you’re underestimating the impact Ade has had in our side. We can’t afford him which says it all, really. But we could maybe get him on loan for another year and if we can, I think we should. Getting him back next year would keep our levels up and save us 30, 40 mil.

  2. If he’d come on at Villa we might now be third. As to whether he should go, depends who we can replace him with.

  3. He’s quality.. But not at what we require from a striker with VdV behind them and 2 wingers. No point in having such quality wingers if there is no option for them to cross into the striker.. Makes defending easy if they know we are going to keep it on the floor, yet he will never beat 2 CBs in the air. He’s great playing off a target man, but not in a 1 up top system.

    • Defoe scores if he is given a clear chance yes, but he cant pass, hold up the ball, head it, no strength and he cant offer help defensively.

      For the system we play he is completely wrong, nobody plays 2 up top anymore, and he cant play up top alone, modern football has left strikers like him behind.

      We need someone who score his chances (not adebayor then), is physical(not defoe), big workrate(not saha), can head it to help in both boxes and technically can link play.

      We have needed a striker since 08, now we need 3….if all we do is sign 3 strikers and keep what we have then I would be happy

  4. He should stay and Spurs should find a position for him where he would fit in. Just imagine how many goals he might have scored with more appearances. If we sell him he would be another player that will excell elsewhere.

  5. Time to cash in 10-12 million- Pienaar to Everton swap for Rodwell and cash Rossi from Villarrreal Moses Hoilett dembele and Vertonghan and keep Ade and i reckon we would be right up there for the title

    • Moses, Hoilett and Dembele? Seriously? Aston Villa need to buy those sort of players not Tottenham! Why do we need Rodwell – we have Sandro, Huddlestone, Parker, Livermore and Modric-we really don’t need another central midfielder. Rossi is injured at the moment but he could be a good signing although he might not pass a medical.

  6. Rossi is doctor injury and afaik he’s injured for another half season. So no, we do not want him. For a striker we need something like: doumbia, damiao, huntelaar, or whatever. Rossi would be on the list if fit, but does he work in a 1 on top system?

    Can agree with the other signings though.

    as for defoe leaving: only if we can get a good replacement.

  7. Defoe is a good striker keep him. Have to buy a good striker for me Ade is frist choice. Actually think drogba also would be a good choice. Huntelaar for me is similiar to pav.

  8. JD is the fox in the box. He doesnt fit in due to the unfit VDV’s arrival and Harry’s obsession with one up front. The fault is really Harry. Only won the cup and easily distracted by selfish England ambition.

  9. Sign Hulk , Vertongen / Alderweird , Yuto Nagatomo ( Cover and brilliant player who can displace Walker who so bad at crossing , Lee Chung Yong ( Brilliant player w relegated Bolton )

  10. JD Needs to stay! We have a player who loves the club, he is one of the best strikers we have every had now that he is in our top 10 goal scorers- he has scored 17 goals this season yet hardly played. He played on his own against City and did a wonderful job- we have to have different sort of strikers- who can come on for different games- you do know that if JD does leave- Tottenham will have no first team strikers at all- and to all you deluded fans- we are not going to buy 3 strikers in this transfer window- its just not going to happen. JD needs to stay, convince Adebayor because he has helped us a lot this season and it was also his first season with his team current team mates- if anyone did what he has done this season they would have been touted a signing of the season and also try and get Olivier Giroud or a good potential to add to them. Also keep Saha just in case we run out of strikers. Just hope Bayern can do us a favour so we can bring in the real players we need!COYS!

  11. Makes no sense to me whatsoever selling Defoe, 17 goals this season despite hardly getting a look in says it all really. He’s a goalscorer and we dont have many of those at Spurs right now do we?

  12. my stomach hurts just thinking about Saturday. It will be depressing is chelsea wins and we are left wondering what players we could’ve signed/ kept from simply qualifying for UCL. Tottenham f*cked up (obviously). But Bayern can bale us out and confirm that this season didn’t go to waste. Simply put: Chelsea wins=unspeakably disappointing season (its bad enough to see Arsenal finish ahead of us when spurs had so many opportunities to capitalize on) Bayern wins: season is a success and it will be a very positive and exciting offseason… hopefully


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