Earlier in the week we discussed the future of Emmanuel Adebayor and looked at the possibility of the player staying on at the club. Up until that point, there had only been talk of a permanent deal but manager Harry Redknapp hinted that another season long loan was a possibility.

“It is up to the chairman if we could loan him again. I would like to keep him, obviously. He has done great for us,” Harry said.

“But I don’t know. We don’t pay them wages – the only way we could do a deal was if the chairman did a clever deal like he did this year for him.”

Today has seen first word from the player about his future and Ade himself is positive about Tottenham.

“There were some games where I was unbelievable and fantastic, and there were some games where I was not myself,” he said.

“It’s always up and down in life and I’m very happy to be part of this team. I think we’ve finished fourth quite easily – although we could have done better.

“That was our target, to finish in the top four, so now next season I think we can start hoping to finish third, second or maybe try to win the league – why not?”

Unlike Steven Pienaar’s quotes about Everton, what Ade says here is all in the present tense. Everything seems to suggest that he’s happy at the Lane so should he be our first priority as we build ahead of 2012-13?



  1. Keeping Ade would be great but our first priority should be to sign someone else as in Remy,Damiao or my favorite option FERNANDO LLORENTE. He is like a European Drogba!

  2. Pleased to see another Llorente fan,It`s nearly 3years ago i informed Spurs re-him,like Kompany from Anderlecht,as an 18yr old,my friend here club & I watched him & contacted WHL. Still feel Dos Santos & 4 other young Spurs,including
    Steve Caulker are ready for 20+ games next season !!

  3. There really is no point talking about spurs signing anyone because daniel levy does not want to spend any of his money , if we qualify for europe we will have money to spend thats why there are so many rumours linking us with players everywhere daniel is trying to make us think he is going to spend his money but he is waiting for money for qualifying in europe. What we need is an investor who is willing to throw money at spurs because daniel levy has no ambition , im so suprised the get daniel levy out plackards were not seen at WHL this season or last daniel is so clever no one notices that it is all down to him whether we buy anyone or not ,When you ask harry anything he says you’ll have to ask the chairman. Harry said he dosent know which players we are going to sign, now you would think something as important as this would have been discussed between daniel & harry , harry dosent even know if he will be offered a new contract. lets get rid of daniel now and you will see a big improvement at spurs DANIEL LEVY OUT NOW.

    • are you even a spurs supporter? if so you are a joke levy has been outstanding for us!! And we are club is one of the best run clubs in the prem. Im proud of my club and the way its run and until we get a 60,000 seater stadium (which he is working hard to get built) we won’t be able to pay stupid wages so this means we can’t get all the players you want! he is getting the vertonghen deal done…. in levy i trust!! not to sure about harry! COYS!!!!

    • Seriously? What are you on about? Daniel is just running our club in the right way not buying the league as Manchester City did.

    • you talk about daniel levy spending “his money”. it’s not his money he is spending. he does not own tottenham. he is paid to run the club within it’s own means, and I believe he has done a fantastic job so far. I just hope he was saving any funds we had to spend, as he didn’t know if harry would be going to england, and it will be spent wisely this summer.

  4. Huntelaar would be great kind of reminds me of a bigger stronger defoe who all he does is score. But i wouldn’t be thinking Shalke would be selling. Ade is great but we can’t break the bank for him, when our best players Modric and Bale are due for a pay raise. I would look to do what Newcastle did with Cisse if possible. If Bayern play there part it should be a fantastic summer. In Levy I trust.

    • Huntelaar is good but we should of got him 3-4 seasons ago! to old now. i think we should get a young striker who can lead the line for many years to come!! would have to be diamio for me.


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