Jermain on the plane

Jermain on the plane


With apologies for picking up on and running the ‘story’ that Kyle Walker had declared himself fit for Euro 2012, the England squad has now been announced and although Walker may be absent, there are still two Spurs names included in the line up.

While there is still an injury cloud over Scott Parker, our supporters player of the season is included but perhaps the biggest surprise was to see Jermain Defoe on the list of striking options for Roy Hodgson this summer.

England’s new boss did say that in some areas he was staying loyal to those players who had helped the country qualify and it was JD who got things up and running with a hat trick in the first match of the campaign.

Whether you really care about these things or not, it does at least give those who are indifferent to the Euros something to watch when England take to the field so well done to Jermain and to Scott.



    • Lennon hasn’t been in a squad sinde the South Africa shambles – being pictured with a big cigar hanging out his gob didn’t help either

  1. Crazy Lennon gets overlooked again. He’s been sharp recently and always looks dangerous. Other than goals scored (he’s a R mid, not a R forward), he’s far more productive and also more efficient at keeping the ball than any other English right winger.

    Did I read Downing has had no goals, but also no assists either??!? That is shocking, as he usually has good delivery and has had Carroll to aim for with his crosses.

  2. The surprising thing is the sheer number of Liverpool players – who basically failed to produce this season. Gerrard included – who is England captain…. I also would have taken Sturridge ahead of Defoe…. Sturridge can do everything that Defoe can do, and can do more besides. Also he is bigger and stronger.

  3. Phil Jones instead of Micah Richards is the baffling one for me. 7 defenders and 9 midfielders (which is our strongest part) absolutely mindblowing. If you want a player that can cover 2 positions then Richards is your man , not unproven Jones. 4 strikers + walcott (joke) was always going to be light with Rooney situation, but had no choice there.

    • You normally need 2 LBs, 2RBs, and 3-4 CBs. Nothing unusual about that. Our midfield will not be our strongest part if we try Gerrard + Lamps in central midfield… Richards must have done something that has barred him from the England set-up irrespective of manager.

      • hahahahahahaha – was wondering when the Gerrard Lampard ‘axis’ debate would pop up again.
        Is this 2010 World cup again!!
        Would’ve picked Richards over Johnson all day long
        Johnson is crap

  4. good on him he will get you a goal when you need one. great finisher. lennon should be in the team over wallcot or downing!!

  5. It makes sence England don’t win fuck’all with spuds. The only reason Parker and Defoe are going cause they’re WESTHAM rejects. Like in 66 when we had to drop that old wine’O Greavesie for a bit of class like HURST COYI!

    • Oi Oi me old china, 1966, apples n’ pears, rub a dub
      FUCK OFF

      Remember when we took Peters and gave you old wino Greavsie instead!! – he said it was the saddest day of his life moving to West Ham

      • That’s right gayner we gave ‘I’m another chance playing with world cup winners but like a typical spud playing in the EastEnd was a bit to much for him. So we packed back to north London, somewhere called barnet with his party 7 COYI!

    • Chim Chim Cher Woo – for your info Greavsie only became a wino AFTER he left us for your mediocre pile of s**** you call a team.

  6. cant believe no lennon! why does he always get overlooked when it comes to england? he has pace to burn, loves taking players on down the wing, creating space for others and tracks back really well. I have never rated downing, he is to slow, and his stats this season show how he has been playing.

    • Watched him in the last WC when he got on – He never got a single pass when in space to run at someone, it was usually when ‘do it all’ Gerrard was about to lose the ball it got shovelled onto Lennon with two players marking him. He would eventually play in square as there was nothing on.
      They didn’t have a clue how to play to his strengths, just shovelled on shit to him

  7. To the west ham fan mentioning spurs and the world cup. I think you’ll find that the great manager that day played most of his career at spurs and that 4 men do not make an 11 man team. Lineker, waddle gazza…. Italian 90 shhhhhhh

    • Joe you prove my point about you spuds. ENGLAND WON FUCK ALL in 1990 . Fourth again but that’s success for you TOBYS

    • Ha ha these jellied eel eating pikey boys aint got a clue they havent a player in their squad who would get into the England Vet team, fucking wasters, COYS

  8. Jermaine can stay on that plane. Greediest player ever. Hope we can offload him. Perhaps Le Arse would like him as a replacement after RVP has buggered off oop north

  9. why does england need a manager! when the same manager is going to pick the same team as others and get a 4 year contract? waist!

  10. Why are people complaining of walcott’s inclusion in the squad over lennon? Truth is lennon always flatters to deceive, true or false? He may take players on with his shuffle style dribbling but it hardly results in any end product.
    Walcott(all competitions) Goals 11 Assists 13

    Lennon(all comps) Goals 3 Assists 5

    Downing(all comps) Goals 2 Assists 1.
    Fact is walcott is a good player but sky has poisoned people’s perception of good and bad.


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