Starting today we’ll have a look at some of the players in the squad and consider whether it’s been a good season for them or whether it’s maybe time for them to move on.

This is a bit of a contentious one really and a suggestion that will probably receive a fair bit of criticism for even mentioning it. Brad was ever present in our Premiership side and you can’t criticise him for his consistency but is it time to start searching for a longer term replacement?

The American is approaching 41 years of age and probably has at least one more season left in him. By way of perfect symmetry – he let in 41 goals last year and undoubtedly restored calm where there was chaos in the previous campaign.

As a personal view, there is justification for at least one more year but with one or maybe both of Gomes or Cudicini leaving in the summer, it must be time to look at bringing an understudy in for now.

Is this a fair opinion or is there another view?



  1. I think that we should keep Brad for another season as he has been outstanding for us. He may be the wrong side of 40 but his agility is superb and he has kept us in games where we would have lost with Gomes or Cudicini in before.
    I do think we should look at getting a young keeper in though and get Brad to work with them to bring them up to standard. Whatever happened to people like Ben Alnwick & David Button? Are they not deemed good enough? If not then lets move them on and get a good young prospect in. COYS!

  2. What we need is to bring in Rene Adler of Leverkusen before someone decent snaps him up. Is vying to be Germany’s number one with Manuel Neuer. Not too expensive either and a massive investment with future potential.

  3. His age has let him down on a couple of occasions, but I think we can still rely on the guy to do another great job next season. If we’re selling Gomes and releasing Cudicini, I’d like to see Levy move for Craig Gordon who we could sign on a free.

  4. Ben Foster is certainly a decent goalkeeper. Looks fairly solid and definitely getting better all the time. I would phase him in next year and get a youngster in as well. Although Craig Gordon as a back up wouldnt be the worst signing in the world.

    • agree 100% if we can get him in, and he is still young. will be top class for the next 10+ years. would be a great signing.

  5. No…..great keeper, brilliant in first half of the season, but alot of goals conceded later on. For me it is time to find someone we can bed into the team for the next 5 years+ – Ben Foster could be a good call.

  6. Brad has given us stability, we cant argue with that given how Gomez was world class one minute then pub league the next. I also think Kaboul has help with stability.

    It’s Tim Krul for me, he would probably cost 15m so he would have to start really.

    • We don’t need a top class keeper no need to go out there and waste 15m on a keeper when we are struggling to keep Bale and Modric. I know i’ll be laugh at but lets either loan out Button to a championship side or pl side where he’ll get starts. Or have him be Brad’s understudy where he’ll play every domestic cup game, every europa game, or (hopefully) instead of europa plays in the pl the weeks brad played in champs league. Brad’s been great for us this season but especially at the end of the season he looked sluggish (ex. Taarabt goal and clarke goal), so playing to important games a week is pushing it. if button does great then he’s are #1 for next year, if he doesn’t to good then get a solid keeper from the continent like what swansea did with vorm.

  7. Brad is good, but his reluctance to come for crosses can hurt us, he either makes point blank saves or its a goal, get someone new, Ben Foster is my option…

  8. You only ever need the best man for the job right now. I believe Friedel is still the best man for the job. Could do with a good understudy though.

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  10. The question doesn’t need asking. Signed as a decent stop gap while we search for our next keeper. A good bit of business.

    • Just so. The next experienced keeper has only to be signed when needed; a potential starlet we need to bring on now to see if a campaign of training will bear him out.

  11. Friedel has been great for spurs this year but let’s not forget that gomes got us into the champions league and into the quarter finals. He certainly made mistakes but overall was a great keeper.

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  13. Brad – yes – why not – can’t get Joe Hart and anyway we don’t need a great keeper – he won’t be tested much will he? Must keep Luka Gareth Aaron and Scott and need Michael Dawson back (love his diagonals to gareth). And as for our Harry – the boys love you and they play for you. This is a Canadian fan who would give anything to be living around the corner from Whitehart

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    • Friedal shouldn’t be the main concern for this pre season, why change what isn’t broke? As the article says he played every game so surely it’s not a case of him being past it. He’s been pretty reliable on the whole. We should be concentrating on positions which we have been needing to fill for a while, maybe the end of next season we might need to review the keeper’ but for now centre half, strikers and right winger and we’ll be a Michele stronger side.

      Hoping we identify the right players and go out and get them regardless of the cost

  15. Everyone knows that Friedel is a good keeper, and that we need a younger one that could do a job. I know that this will be controversial but I still think Robinson is a good keeper. He had a fantastic couple of seasons before he got EnglandGoalkeeperItus. I am not saying get him….my scouting network doesnt resonate very far across Europe, but he is better than Green – and he is in the England squad despite being in the championship


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