It’s the Monday morning after the nightmare weekend before and not only are we facing up to the reality of no Champions League football, there is the gloating of West Ham supporters whose team climbed the mighty summit of finishing third in division two and scraping into the top tier.

Inboxes across the country have actually been flooded with such gloaters from West Ham, Chelsea and Arsenal and it has been a tough couple of days.

Ploughing through Twitter however, there was a mixed reaction from supporters which ranged from anger to acceptance and while many were aggrieved at finishing outside of the CL places for 2011-12, others were happy at what the club had been achieved this season.

So the question is much the same as it was this time last year. Do you think that Spurs have under achieved in 2011-12 or is 4th place and Europa League football in line with, or even beyond your expectations for the club?



  1. Depends how you look at it.

    I would have taken 4th at the beginning of the season. Was expecting mid table after the first couple of games.

    But come 2012 I was hoping for 3rd or (foolishly) even higher.

    Our collapse from February on was disgraceful. To get ourselves into such a strong position and then throw it way through a lack of backbone is unforgivable. Humiliating even. It will take me some time to recover from that.

    So although my head says we did well…my heart says this season was a terrible failure.

  2. Put it this way, if we can get 4th next season that will be even better than this season as you can expect all our rivals to strengthen their teams.

  3. we were according to H.R were going to win the prem at Xmas, then a masterstroke by Harold, we didnt need a new striker and a centre half for some reason , we borrowed two players that couldnt get a game in clubs that were mid table and fighting relegation. Two old ones at that and we send a midfeilder we had chased for a year out on loan and he has a stormer for the rest of the season. When the house of cards started to crumble harry said ” were short on quality players” Harry has lost us twenty mill . Forget about Remy, etc were are looked on as mediocre at best . Sorry im so negative but I am gutted we gave away 13 points and we had the same problem since harry came we cannot score and we cannot defend . king has had it along with bentley, defoe , Modric doesnt want to be here and Bale will follow, if he stays his heart wont be in it. The best result for all is to cash in ,and get rid of H.R he,s a self preserver, lets start again we know how to do that we done it enough times . it will take me till August to get over this.coys

  4. gutted we can only blame ourselves though vertonghen still wants to come though 🙂 and there are very strong rumours saying levy has flown out there today to get the deal done!

  5. At the start of the season i would have loved 4th, after the first two games (Man U and City) then again I would have loved 4th.
    In February then it had to be 3rd, we were in the title race and double figure points clear of the 4th placed team. The way the season panned out, 3rd was the bare minimum.

    Somebody has to be accountable for the second consecutive end of season slump which cost us CL twice.
    2010/11 – last 12 games 12/36 pts.
    2011/12 – last 13 games 16/39 pts.

    Chelsea will be much better next year, they already brought Marin and look like getting Hazard. Liverpool will have a new manager. We cant afford another end of season slump.

    Our squad underachieved this year….. I don’t give a f**k which Harry says……when he can read and write, then he can talk.

  6. Overall to finish fourth is no disgrace. Achieving a higher points total than 2010-11. Incredibly the first time we’ve had a top 6 finish 3 years on the trot for the first time in 47 years. All good. But…..with what was on offer at the start of 2012 it feels like a fruitless season. The reasons for our eventual final placing have been well discussed on many forums some were in our hands, others (bad ref decisions, Fulop, possibly the England fiasco), were not. That is now history.The new season for management starts now. Does Levy stick with Redknapp? will Redknapp with his problems welcome another season? or will there be a parting? Those players who want to leave, sell early (but not to PL rivals) for big money. Invest wisely in potential and pay market value for proven talent Forget haggling over a million here or there, just do the deal, you don’t always succeed trying to prove a point, otherwise rather than bringing in top class talent you end up with a Rassiack ,Andy Booth on loan or a Saha at the last moment. Deals like the one that got VDV are a stroke of luck. We haven’t had a top class striker since Berbatov left in 2008. Adebayor did well and worked harder than I expected, but missed too many chances. Chelsea home and away spring to mind both right at the death which would have guaranteed victory. How vital could an additional 2 points have been?. Next is try and win something. Throwing away EL and Carling in the race for 4th is not what football is about. I would have swapped 4th (even more so now) for a trophy. I’d rather win the EL and use that as a stepping stone for CL football than risk everything in trying to reach a tournament we PROBABLY wouldn’t win. These are my raw thoughts sorry if I’m rambling. I care about Tottenham and the glory of the game, the future, not just “dining at Europe’s top table”. If we learn nothing else from an effectively wasted season let it be this. PRACTICE SET PIECES AND SCORE MORE GOALS!!!

  7. The good news: The trend is upwards. If we carry on improving our consistency, then next season should see us top 4 again. We have a strong 1st eleven and apparently about to sign a top class defender before the last day of the transfer searson.
    The bad news: No-one will feel comfortable of our position until the last day of the season. How can you feel confident when you have thrown away a 13 point lead as we did? Also, Harry’s has indeed reached his limit. Got us playing well as a team but thats about it. We need a tactician now to take that final step up. Motivation will only take you so far.

  8. We did have a pretty poor collapse, but you have to remember Arsenal won something like 7 or 8 games in a row while we were in bad form. That’s why they came above us.

    And because of Marton Fulop, of course.

  9. It is a failure, just like the season before. All this is due to bad management from Harry Redschnapps and Levy. They sold useful squad players without any proper replacement, they let useful squad players leave on loan,… Redschnapps is a tactical nobody whose comments to journalists are ridiculous and affect how opponents see us. Redschnapps is afraid of his star players who think they are untouchable. A few weeks on the bench would certainly make Modric think. What should happen? 1) Sack Redknapp 2) Sell Modric for at least 40 million 3) Buy an extra striker, attacking midfielder, central defender and goalkeeper 4) Make Caulker, Pienaar, Dos Santos and some young players (Coulibaly, Kane,…) feel they are part of the squad 5) Hope for another season in which Liverpool and/or Chelski and/or the Gooners will be as bad as this year…

  10. If you told me that we would have 4th at the beginning I would have took it and been happy. But our starting 11 isn’t the 4th best in the league, it’s the second best only behind Citeh. (But overall Utd have a better squad). Knowing that this is the best squad we’ve ever had, knowing that the collapse wasn’t the players fault but good old ARRY’S makes me sick. We have a 2 top class attacking fullbacks, the best without a doubt midfield in the PL. A super sub poacher in Defoe and Ade. You tell me third wasn’t in the cards. I mostly feel frustrated and sad because Modric going leave huge blow, but I understand why he is leaving.And that might open the flood gates, then were a mid table team at the best again.

  11. Agree with all the comments in the main and in particular how our own profligacy/poor management let us collapse at a vital stage of the season.What was even more galling was seeing how Redknapp realising the gig was up re EJ, became interested in us again and the realisation he maybe out of a job if we did not finish 4th, and then we had to rely on CFC cocking up in the CLF – more fools us we had the solution in our own handsand paid the price.HR should go for allowing the season to finish as it did, personally I think Eng got a lucky escape! TFC will survive without him- as for Modric/Bale et al extract as much as we can and build with new young talent – they are out there look at NFC this season – Pardew?

    • I believe Pardew would think Spurs are a latteral move. Newcastle think they are everybit as big as us. History would prove they have a point even with our recent mastery of them.

  12. We need to get over it now and move on… We are still the 3rd best team in the league currently.. If we can get adebayor on a perm, vertonghen, another striker (Damiao or Owen) winger (Adam Johnson maybe) and a centre mid for modric who will defintely go I’m afraid.. Get rid of most of the players that were sent onloan.. We can finish top 4.. Chelsea have an aging team.. Terry only getting slower, drogba is a gonna, marin is vastly overhyped lampard and mikel are not a great midfield, man utd currently need 3/4 new players, arsenal could lose there best player and liverpool are in disarray.. Sure its disappointing and saturday i was gutted but lets regroup the players we have are top quality. Plus Kane, Livermore, Caulker, Smith – good basis of potential to see in our 25 as well hopefully… COYS!!

    • Agree with you great comment not as gloom and doom as we all are making it out as, only thing I think we already have our replacement for modders with Iago Falque and Tommy Carroll. Two very promising young play making midfielders. I think that with Sandro, Parker, Livermore, Hudds and Pienaar (if he stays) can bridge us from modders to the future, for a season with it being a slight downgrade. I also believe that Bale will stay.

      • Usually it gets a little better with you barf it all down the toilet. Thats how I feel at the moment, so hope things get better this Summer. Next campaign needs to improve. How do you get 4th and need to improve? The football gods are against us.

  13. not happy, a worst season than liverpool when you look at what we have. they at least won a cup and got to another final! redknapp is to blame and should be sacked. he knew this could happen. his poor management, poor tactics and use of subs and awful transfer activity have ruined this and last season in the same way. He is out of his league and needs to go!

  14. No point players whinging about no CL next season ,if they had shown some balls earlier in season and not fucked away points against stoke,wolves,norwich and villa we would have had 3rd sown up

  15. ……levy will stick with ginger fukbrain twitchy cuzt until the end of next season so we dont have to pay the cuzt compensation for sacking him now!!! What a pity…..I was hoping to read the ginger fuckbrain twitchy cuzt was sacked at 9am today, but alas, it wasnt to be. Still, hopefully the little book-keeper will grow some bollox by next year and sack the ginger fukbrain twitchy cuzt then!

  16. All I want is a little more prestige to hang my scarf on. I want to justify the colours of my allegiance… yet it is so hard to do this. If you looks at the results of all our rivals and what is going for them at the moment, we are lowest of them all right now. 4th is never bad, but at the moment, we are the joke again. Never always the other way around, and the script never changing. Yes, we are consistent top 6 three years in a row, but look at Arsenal and Chelsea. They are top 4 side 15 years running! and the other 7-8 till this year and European champions. Just seems like they keep adding it, piling on the honours while we watch. It is no wonder they have already added Poldoski and Marin… players we would aspire to pick up. It is disappointing, disappointing indeed and we don’t need for rival fans to tell us that. Sick sick sick. Thats how I feel, and I hope Levy and Arry feel the same too. Thats the only we are going to get out of this expecially with Liverpool and Chelsea arming up again for next year.

  17. Wow… What a season. Fair to say I’ve experienced every emotion this season, from the highs of hammering Newcastle 5-0 on an emotional night at the Lane, to the deepest lows of Saturday night. I’ve spent this season singing Arry’s name one week, to letting my emotions get the better of me and calling him expletives the next week. But… Whatever happened on Saturday, we can’t change where we are at now, or what comps we’re heading into next season. We also can’t change the fact that this season we’ve played at times the most attractive football than any other club and finished a damn-good 4th! Higher than Chelsea, higher than Liverpool. It’s an improvement on last year, and last season we only brought in Parker, Ade, Friedel and Gallas (Hardly the best in Europe, as good as they are!). Do I want us to create uproar and get rid of Redknapp? No. As much as I’ve questioned him this season, as we learnt with Jol, the grass isn’t always greener. What we need to do now, more than ever, is get behind ‘Arry and Levy, and put our faith in them that they will do what’s necessary to bring in the right players and keep us in the top 4 next season. Are you telling me if Chelsea didn’t win on Saturday they would simply scour The Championship for cheap buys? Not a chance. They’d be splashing more money than ever to get back into Champs League and next season would be just as difficult as it will be now. One thing I’d be pretty sure of though is that Levy will be massively hurt by Saturdays event and will be evermore determined to bring in the right players this summer. Personally, I don’t think Bale will request a move this summer. Modric? He probably will, and I’d be happy to take £40m from Real Madrid to keep him out of a premier league side and bring in 2 or 3 players to do just as good a job. If we can pull off the Vertonghen signing, it will be a fantastic start. Believe it or not, not every player capable of improving our squad will demand £100k+ a week. Take a look at Papisse Cisse, Cabaye, Jelavic, Smalling, Jones, Dembele, Dempsey, Krul, all players just bought be clubs in England that could’ve given us that extra quality and depth to improve. Take a look at the quality of players at Napoli, Athletic Madrid & Bilbao, Montpellier, Dortmund. All clubs with fantastic players who won’t command wages beyond our limits. As a Spurs fan, the key for me for the next 3 years is to simply maintain consistency around top 4 until the completion of the new training facilities and the new stadium when we can really start competing financially with the big boys. That’s why I’m happy as a Spurs fan on this Monday, despite it following possibly the worst football weekend of my life. We’ve got a hell of lot to look forward to and now’s the time to get behind ‘Arry, Levy the staff and the players. Most of all, I want to see us make a damn good fist at the Europa League next season to prove we can cope with the demands of Europe and the Prem. COYS!

  18. Hello our fellow rivals!! First of all I’m a hardcore Gooner & looking at Chelsea’s win on Saturday night made me want to come to a ‘Spurs Blog’ website to hear what the real Spurs fans think of all this! If you delete this post as you don’t want Gooners on here then fine & I’ll understand. If you want to hear my views then read on. (1) Most Gooners were rooting for Bayern on Saturday as we didn’t want Chelsea to be the first London club to win the CL, not to be unfortunately! (2) All Gooners acknowledged that Spurs fully deserved CL football next season over Chelsea’s utterly boring (but sadly effective) style of play. (3) Welcome to the Summer of uncertainty as Gooners know only too well now over your top players of whom will stay & who will leave. Arsenal pay bigger wages than Spurs, have had more success than Spurs & offer CL football every season to their players & yet if we can’t keep hold of our big names what chance has Mr Levy got of doing the same thing? Pretty slim chance I’d say in my book! Exit Modric & Bales at a guess over the Summer?? Finally the balance of power in London sadly moved over to West London the day that Russian crook stepped foot in Stamford Bridge & it will remain that way for a very long time unless Spurs or Arsenal get in their own ‘sugar daddy’, the Arsenal board don’t want one which is why we are now just a feeder club for Many City & why finishing 3rd this season seemed like we’d won the World Cup!! Not sure how you Spurs fans think of having your own sugar daddy but one thing I do know, Money rules & buys success, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em, if you can’t join ’em them we’ll all continue in North London to play third/fourth fiddle to Manchester & to West London!

  19. What Harry knows is attack and pace. When we are scoring, we SEEM as good as anybody. JD gets his foot on the Bale cross and we take down City and who knows? But winners must also defend when the goals won’t come, and I want to know who is teaching these guys to defend? We’re one of the few teams who are actually worse at stay-at-home defense than the counter. Hooray for Parker and Ledley for positioning and timing their cat-and-mouse well, but the report card isn’t good enough for Spring mid-table EPL, let alone CL football:
    MOD: terrible ball watcher, lets way too many 1-2 him with no pursuit to at least cut down passing angles. Can be a horrible “I give-up” player and he overestimates his value if he thinks he doesn’t need to improve his game.
    VDV: one-and-done tackles and misses, usually 40 yards out. An I-give-up at crucial times, and worse, this is often in sympathy with Mod and Ade.
    ADE: purposeful closing down on backs of less talent would mean a lot –some games it’s there, some not so much.
    LENNON: pursues and over pursues, its as if he hasn’t seen the five things an outside man can do.
    BALE: decent, but with his quickness (and impossibility to run against) he should be able to direct where the attacker’s next pass will go and thus help his fellow defenders intercede. He’s still just putty to be molded.
    THE ATTACKING 5/6: Have got to watch BVB’s work on Bayern their last 5 matches (all wins). Understanding how to drive a good opponent into unfavorable passing lanes where your athleticism/pace will win the day is something that this group needs to bring to the pitch, or quit moaning about not getting to CL.
    EKOTTO: works for me, playing to his potential which should be enough for CL, but we’ll see as he has a few more prime years. Needs offensive work on producing better crosses, his ground balls are fine.
    WALKER: athleticism is what allows him to recover from his worst mistakes – but why should he have any? If actually taught something, few attackers would have much to threaten him with. Huge question mark why this guy isn’t being groomed to be the best in the league. He also needs to produce better service since he can create as many opportunities for himself as he wants. Right now, teams have nothing to fear when he gets to holding the ball wide.
    KABOUL: big improvement, especially outside the box. My worries include is he savvy enough to be tough within the box yet make his physicality there look like Rio’s (always the attacker’s fault)? A few times he just doesn’t look decisive enough to get to the ball driven across. Can be caught flat with a charging dribbler. But overall, he helped steady the leakiest part of the ship so credit is due. Next year of his career will tell if he is CL-capable or just an EPL regular.
    KING: thank you for all, can you help teach the young?
    GALLAS: unclear to me if there is enough energy left to thwart the best in the EPL.
    DAWS: reaching his prime with still a lot of bad decisions on the field, don’t know if he can turn the needed mental corner or not.
    SANDRO: got better. May need a better role model (for his abilities) than Parker as I don’t think he has that kind of equipment. Finds himself stuck a lot in the awful mid-ground of not being tight yet not being cover, and his choice in these situations is too often to lunge. Still, I believe there is upside, and any defensive upside is badly needed on this team.
    LIVE and ROSE: works in progress. How do you take tentative players and make them class? Sometimes it just isn’t in them, and I have that fear about these. Surely, the improvements we’ve seen from them getting some playing time has been in their attacking game, but–and this is a broken record–it is easier to coach defense and achieve defensive confidence and I’m just not seeing it yet.
    BRAD: at 41, he cannot control 6 yards out, let alone 9. I sure hope he has been helping organize the defense, because he gets by on knowing what few shooting options are left so for him to succeed the defenders must be helping out by eliminating the most optimal ones. If the defense plays as such a coordinated unit to essentially shepherd the attack, then Brad is fine for now because he makes few mental mistakes and is still quick enough to stop the less frequent unexpectedly-placed shot. But when the defense looked ill, Brad’s age starts to show.


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