Depending on which report you read this morning, Ajax captain Jan Vertonghen is either set to sign for Spurs or he is poised to move up the Seven Sister Road and join someone else.

The Guardian’s story is typical of the reports claiming that the Belgian is on his way to White Hart Lane with a £9m fee agreed between Daniel Levy and Ajax financial director Jerome Slop.

In addition, the player is quoted as saying,

“I have a preference for Spurs. I’ve got the best feeling for that club and I’m a ‘feeling person’. They already invited me and want to handle it quickly. They say I’m their only option, which I take as a compliment.”

On the other hand, the stories concerning Arsenal claim that they are set to hijack the deal. The club have also been linked with Vertonghen for some time and the player has also hinted on occasions that he would like to link up again with Thomas Vermaelen.

Finally, a third suggestion is that Vertonghen is set for another season at Ajax.

At present, it’s pretty much impossible to know what to believe but it does seem that the situation will be resolved sooner rather than later.



  1. Come on Mr Levy, He is a great player, we need a centre back he fits the bill and wants to come. We need to spend to achieve class, bite your lip and pay them please.

  2. I agree with Ez, him and Kaboul will be so strong together in defence and I think we do another left back also, benny sometimes takes to much risk lol and 3 new striker and replacement for modric which i would like to see hazard but dont think thats going to happen

  3. I really want us to sign this guy!

    Heard a quote from him saying that ‘why does it matter if Tottenham aren’t in the Champions League, you don’t sign for a club for one season, do you?

    I love that talk, and its very rare these days from players, so let’s get him signed up.


  4. I agree this is becoming a joke! we need to just seal the deal & get him in a press release holding his new shirt!
    Levy in the words of Picard “Make it so!”


  6. This should have been done already and the next target in the cross hairs.

    Maybe Danny L is a creature of habit, he should be on a sun bed now, the window is still open for months.

    I’m a big Levy fun but the last few windows have been a disgrace. It is just too much of a game, we need to build on what we have.

    • I agree Dannyspurs, i like the way the club is run and with the new stadium on the horizon this type of transfer policy will become the norm but we need to show more ambition in the market and shed this fear that levy seems to have that we are being ripped off with player valuations.

  7. Im gonna stop reading about vertonghen until i see a picture of him holding or wearing a spurs shirt enough is enough we mess around until we cant get the players we want , daniel cant have everything his way ,if i were ajax i would say forget the deal you guys are too much hassle to deal with 2 day of haggling would be enough for anyone its tiring just reading about it.

  8. You gotta love the Spurs way of doing things. Drag it out, played out in the media, lots of rumours and stories, counter stories. The off the field way mimics our on the field. Don’t know whether to love it or hate it. Levy (and to some degree us Spurs fans) probably get more excited on the day the window closes more than anyone else. Maybe I should take a holiday for 2 weeks on an island with no news and internet

  9. Come on levy this is becomeing a joke now just pay the bloody fee other wise scum will move in, vertonghen has stated I will only join spurs but the rumour is that wenger has already offerd a deal with more money???? This deal should have been done wks ago it’s only 14mil levy and vertonghen will be a better player at spurs with Kaboul and king and gallas to retire lol Coys

  10. If we lose Vertonghen to Arsenal, it will send so many negative signs that could open the flood-gates.

    It’s bad enough that we threw away 3rd place.
    What we desperately need now is a show to strengthen the team to compete for top 4 and the title next year.

    Levy didn’t spend much last summer and not any in Jan.
    This is the perfect signing that is needed so badly that I cannot understand how cannot shell out the difference – not only for the exceptional player that Vertonghen is but to send the right signals to players and fans that we mean business.

    The other option is a £3m WBA defender … errr … I don’t think so!!

  11. Roll up roll up come and see the tottenham pre-season car crash. Lead role Harry the twitch I’ve got a couple of irons in the fire redshnapps. The villain arsen the transfer kidnapper wenger. The hero Sam saves the pride of London allardyce. Daniel levy voodoo dolls(pins supplied) available free for all spud supporters on entry. Ha ha ha COYI!

    • well look at the hammers fans coming out of the wood work now they have been promoted, not one word all last season and now they are giving it the big un.

  12. This seems a desperate attempt on behalf of Vertonghen and his representatives to try and force Spurs hand and make them pay over the odds. if that is the sort of bloke that Vertonghen is then Levy should tell him and his mates to f@ck off to the dark side down Finsbury Park way. He will find plenty of lying and cheating bastards down there to keep him company.

  13. Tottenham of course, everyone is only posturing over a fee, it’s nothing serious, it’s not even a story worth reporting.


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