Some reports today are linking Spurs with a summer move for Swedish international and PSV Eindhoven striker Ola Toivonen who has been fairly prolific in Holland, despite his current employers’ previous attempts to offload him.

It is said that PSV tried to negotiate a sale for Toivonen to either Liverpool, Sunderland or West Brom last year and the player has hinted that he may leave this time around.

‘If PSV want to earn some money by selling me, then now is the time to sell me,’ he said.

‘If something interesting comes along, I will look into it.’

Toivonen hasn’t had a stellar career at international level with 4 goals in 22 games for Sweden but he is in the squad for Euro 2012 and is expected to play a part.

At club level however he is more prolific and at PSV is just about averaging a goal every other game. Reports suggest that a £7m fee is involved and at that price, the striker could be a decent back up option.



    • Hazard will be the biggest flop in the premier league mark my words. His attitude has won him no friends either. Really I think for that reason alone he belongs at Arsenal.

    • Quite frankly I’m not worried he is not coming to Spurs,why? well he presently plays for Lille who are playing in a very poor French league, he does not score as often there so why does everyone think in the premier he will do well? I don’t, and I back Mr Levy to do the right choice too. Hazard will be like the other French jokers (playing for the goons) and will be a flop

    • You must be deluded if you really thought he was coming to spurs. Not sure i would really want a player who announces that he will join 1 of 3 teams he has agreed terms with. Sounds ful of his own piss and importance. Is joining the team that finished 6th a real step up apart from increased wages? Would chavski’s signings have been so keen on europa league football? Just show that football is just a job to many players, and we are kidding ourselves to think anything different. Would rather have a player who does want to come to Spurs, like Vertonghen, rather than one hawking tthemselves to highest bidder.

      • just seen this stat!! Eden Hazard: 192 apps, 50 goals and 30 assists. Shinji Kagawa: 198 apps, 86 goals and 45 assists. and i would say the bundesliga is better and closer to the prem!!

        • Hazard is 21 years old and has scored double the league goals than Gareth Bale just saying. Hazard will be amazing, he believes in his ability and as a young player you need that else you will be left behind. Of course it will take time for him to settle but he will be such a good player. No one would be comparing his stats if he had signed for Spurs. Chelsea have now taken Marin and Hazard who were both Spurs targets and they want Modric and stole our Champions League position away from us. I really hope we smash them 8-1 next season and then they go into administration- they are so bloody annoying!

          • actually i was comparing the stats when he was linked with us he is a good player from what i have seen of him (in the French league) hope he is a flop! don’t like his attitude anyway! and have you actually seen marin play? he is not that good!

  1. Calling Daniel Levy a thick cunt is an absolute disgrace. The fact Hazard even discussed Spurs in the first place is testiment to the incredible job our chairman is clearly doing on a daily basis. If true Hazard has just joined the champions of Europe and is probably being paid almost twice our top wage, further to that his attitude seems to be a disgrace. If you trully thought, come the seasons end, that Hazard was ever going to come to Spurs then you are the thick one.

      • Wrong. Levy in the last few windows has been pathetic. If he was sn shrewd then how come he didnt buy another striker? This, espcially last season, would of got us top4 and we would be in a much better position in the league table and financially.
        I realise we have a small capacity and the funding for a new stadium but we are still the 11th biggest earners in the Deloitte list and have spent jack shit when we needed to.
        Obviously Redknapp takes some blame but Levy to, why hasnt he got rid of the deadwood yet? Pathetic. Levy has been slack in recent years and needs to now splash out, which would help with the pain we all went through.
        What the fuck is Levy doing with the Vertonghen deal? A 20m player who wants to play for us and at half price and he is counting pennies!

        • Just because we are the 11th richest club does not mean we can spend like everyone else. Buy a striker? The sort of strikers we need are the sort that cost £38million, the Agueros, Rooneys, van Persies of this world- they are not going to come to us knowing they could earn more somewhere else. There is no point just buying any striker because sooner or later they will just become deadwood like Bentley and Dos Santos and Bassong are now. Its hard to shift them off because no on really wants a player like Bentley- he went on loan at Birmingham and what did he do? He sulked and never played again. Its really hard to sell deadwood- if you dont want them what makes you think others are going to want them too? If we want to build a new stadium we are going to make sure that every penny we do spend on players transfers is worth it- there is simply no margin for error.

  2. Levy need to start doing business now so the like of Modric, Bale and more can see the that the club is moving forward and attempting to stay in the top four. Otherwise these lads will want to leave for bigger clubs.

  3. Cannot understand the call for Levy to start doing business when he quite clearly has been involved in transfer discussions. Why do people think that signing a player is a simple pastime? If it was simple agents wouldn’t be getting paid millions of pounds commision on deals. Signings will come. COYS

  4. Hate to say it but Chelsea will be some team next year Marin and Hazard are both very good signings Toivenan is a Fulham player not Spurs lazy journo……

  5. Not harsh – just what most of us are thinking.

    I do not know of one other spurs fan who does not think we need –

    A quality Keeper, Centre Back, Creative midfielder (look at the number of games where we have blasted the opposition but failed to find the final opening) and finally another striker (not including Ady).
    The keeper can wait but the rest we need now if we really want to be up there with the big boy’s

    • We don’t need another center mid unless Modric goes — which would be fine if:
      1. we get 45m+ for him
      2. we spend that money on new, quality signings
      3. Modric is going to be whining for a move all season

      We have Modric, Hudd (hopefully fit soon), Sandro, Parker, Livermore, Kranjcar, Gio, and possibly Carrol in the center. If anything we need to move on a couple of those players and/or start using some more (Gio and Niko).

      As you say, we need a keeper, a CB, a forward and a backup outside mid who can play either side, or else 2 of the last.

      We don’t have the money to throw at players in their prime, so I think we should gamble on young (<22) prospects who can develop into top players. That's most of our best players (Bale, Lennon, Walker, Modric…)

  6. Remember, Spurs is a family…We do not need arrogance, we need a happy team, a happy team can beat anyone that comes their way. Sign up Adebayor, get Leandro in and maybe Remy, that will be enough for me, develop the rest of the lads, they’ve all got potential. Bale grew at Spurs, Livermore grew at Spurs because they are comfortable. Van der Vaardt does not want to leave because he and his family are comfortable.

    • That is the problem – they are happy!!
      What we need are players that are hungry not just happy. As for comfortable – well perhaps they are comfortable at blowing 3rd place and playing in the Europa league again – if thats what comfortable gives you then lets start to make them uncomfortable for a change!!

      • Their hunger isn’t the problem — it’s their stamina. We were the best team in the league for a while and then the players ran out of gas ‘cuz they weren’t being rotated at all.

      • Loooool. I understand your point- Thats where i think Vertonghen will be very important- he is a real leader like Kompany for City, he knows what it takes to win a league title and I’m sure that it will help the rest of the team. For me i think you need 6 world class players to win a league title.
        1. World Class Keeper- Lloris would be perfect- van der Sar goes- look what happens- Hart gets the golden glove look what happens…
        2. 2 World Class Centre Backs- Kaboul and Vertonghen, – Terry and Carvalio, Kompay and Lescott, Pique and Puyol…all have something in common….
        3. 2 World Class Midfielders- Bale and Modric and van der Vaart already fit the bill which is why our midfield is so amazing- Xavi, and Iniesta, Alonso and Mashcarano etc..
        4. Finally a world class striker… Drogba, Rooney, van Persie, Aguero, Di Natale, Ibrahimovic

        Currently we only have the midielders and nearly the centre backs but we still need the keeper and the striker. Hugo Lloris and Edison Cavani fit the bill perfectly and Lloris our actual transfer and wage bill but Cavani is at least £35million and whether we can afford that, I don’t know. Thats why we are so close yet so far…

        • Yeah I can name top class players and say if we get those players will win titles too. Whats your point. To get top class players like Bale and Modric we need to buy them young. Huddersfield is asking for 8mill for Rhodes, that just as mush as what we paid for Bale. I think it’s a risk we need to take. Just think for years to come we could have a top class striker pairing in Harry Kane and Jordan Rhodes.

  7. Lets get one thing straight, the lying low class press have linked Spurs with every Tom, Dick and Harry on the planet so I would’nt take any notice of Spurs alledgedly going after Toivonen because if we start believing everything they dream up, we might as well all start living in cloud cookoo land. Daniel Levy is a good if not great Chairman when it comes to looking after the purse and by all accounts a damned tough negotiator but at times, I wish that he would get the job done sooner and stop trying to haggle until the cows come home. It’s all well and good when your trying to sell players and want top dollar but the same can be said of others when they are trying to get the best from the sale of their stars. Take Jan Vertongen for instance, I think that we would all agreethat this guy is a top class player in Central defence, a position that we need to fill with someone of his stature at the heart of our defence alongside Kaboul. The fee that Ajax are asking isnt excessive for this kind of player is it? Yet Levy procrastinates. The guy said over and over again that he wants to join Spurs, he even visited. Get the job done.
    I remember before Levy’s time in charge, a certain Dennis Bergkamp also from Ajax wanted to join Spurs as did Charlie Nicholas but we fcuked about, what happened, Arse nipped in and the rest is history. The same can very well happen again, I hope not. Spurs are very close to being very special again and I hope this Chairman realises it too as good teams are more often than not very strong at the back and good strong defences win trophies and the accolades.

  8. guys this is a spurs fan from india….since we dont have that good access to transfer reports,i wud ask u guys to tell me where do we stand on the vertonghen situation…have we made some progress or the deal has fallen off?

  9. Fact of the matter is we will always be the ‘nearly men’ as we refuse to compete both salary-wise and transfer fee wise. While Chelsea sign Hazard, United sign Sneijder, Man City sign everyone and Arsenal sign Podolski we will be sniffing around for the likes of Louis ‘Chelsea loving c*nt’ Saha and Ryan Nelson. I’m afraid we have seen the better days of supporting Spurs…..we WILL never finish top 4 again.

  10. Must admit the Vertongen saga,the longer it goes on,one wonders if we are to miss out again.Which would be a shame,as he has stated,that Tottenham is his 1st preferenceAnd While not wanting to bring up the past.As mentioned,Dnis a youngster,was actually a Tottenham fan,so that was a badly missed opportunity.Still to be fair to Mr Levy,in these rather dodgy economic times,one can underatand him being prudent.And he has done a good job financially for the club up to yet.When you look at some other clubs finances.

  11. hazard was never going to spurs as soon as we missed out on the champions league and once city and chelsea came calling for him – levy should take his finger out now and get a good striker – damiao or doumbia – and a centre back we must keep bale and van der vaart – modric will probly go so we need a midfielder then aswell


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