Stories are gathering momentum suggesting that German side Schalke 04 are preparing a £10m plus bid for Rafael van der Vaart and are hoping to conclude business once the European Championships are over.

There are a few ‘carrots’ to this offer that might make sense from the player’s point of view: Firstly, he would be teaming up with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar – so no chance of him coming the other way then – and secondly , the Germans have supposedly promised Rafa first choice in his preferred playmaker slot.

Finally, Rafa’s wife Sylvie works for RTL – less than 100km from Schalke’s ground so it all seems to add up from the German club’s point of view.

But what about Spurs fans? To many, VDV is a hero but there’s still a proportion that claim he is too difficult to accommodate and upsets the balance of the side.

So what’s the verdict – Van der Vaart to Schalke for £10m – yes or no?



  1. No way Levy!

    He’s the type of player we need 2 keep, although he’s not the fittest, he plays with his heart on his sleeve and is that touch of class that we longed for, for so long!

  2. Excellent player ,but never produced his best for us because he has never fitted into our system. I f we get our money back it will be good business

  3. No we shouldn’t let him go, great personality as well as player. His profile helps attract other players. I also like the way he talks about us. Coys

  4. Im a squaddie living out here in germany and the actual figure being quoted by bilde and other reputable rags is 10 million euros wich would break us even.As for the actual transfer id be gutted to see him go, i cant actually put my finger on what he actually gives us but you always get the feeling that when hes in the team or on the pitch anything is possible.We struggled for years to find a MF that could bag 15-20 a season now we have 2 in bale and vdv ,will he go? i reckon yes as the piece says his wife is massive over here and there treated like the beckhams,so i think its just a matter of time:

    oh one more thing apparantly the same paper reckons the jan vertoghnen deal will be concluded after the england game saturday,

      • couldnt agree more with you 10 million euros would be insulting ,as someonelse said further down i think he will end up going in a few years,with ratboy nearly 70% going levy wont let vdv go just yet.

  5. Keep him. I think we’d miss Modric more, the way we play with 1 up top now, we need someone from Midfield chipping in goals through the centre, like Lampard has done at Chelsea over the years. Modric could go and we could play 2 in the centre sitting deep in Sandro / Hudd.. Even they would actually be more of a goal threat from distance than modric, yet still keep it tighter at the back and through the middle, as well as giving the team more height to win the ball from goalkicks, corners and freekicks (att & def), which is a major issue for us when we play Modric, VdV, Lennon all in the same team. Not to mention if we then bring on Defoe…

  6. Not even remotely. Top draw player, and a born winner. If we can get another few seasons from him, he could go back to Ajax with my blessing. Nanananana…

  7. Hope he goes, holding the team back. He’s overrated by loads of Spurs fans, how often does VdV beat 2-3 players and score a goal out of nothing? Never. He’s an occasional goal threat who is tidy in possession, plus we effectively play with 10 men when the other team has the ball since he physically can’t run. Compared to attacking players for other lower Premier League teams such as Sessegnon who can go past players with ease and score solo goals.

    I admire his attitude, anyone who loves Spurs is top in my books but he isn’t as good as people say he is by any stretch. £15m plus VdV for Huntelaar and we would be way better off.

  8. Despite his fitness problems he has a lot of world class attributes, and it seems as if he actually loves playing for the club – the sort of player we need.

  9. Top player but cant last the pace. Loves Spurs. However I woild only sell him of Modders stays. Or perhaps get Dempsy in as we did not score enough last year. I think he and modders is not good in the same team.

  10. no way they will sell him he is a class act his touch is world class and can carve opposition to bits with his first touch passes plus he is hungry for success and helps drive the team just like parker. He has that winning mentality he has to stay

    • Your the worst type of Spurs fan!

      He dosen’t contribute enough, he has about 30 goals in the 2 seasons he’s been with us from midfield, u doughnut!

      Let’s get one thing straight, stop all this Ganso talk because for 1. He’s over-rated and 2. If he were ever to Brazil it wouldn’t be to us!

      Get yourself off FIFA and come backk to the real world! Do you remember the days of Andy Sinton and Ruel Fox? We count our blessings that we have a player like Rafa in our team!

      Nanananananananah Rafa van der vaart, u know the rest!

      • Yh i remember the days of ruel fox dominguez and ginola, im an ambitious sppurs fan where as ur probably the kinda of spurs fan that says well done for finishin 4th even tho we threw away a 10 point lead for 3rd!

  11. You will get fucked next season! We will get Hulk and Hazard soon and Brendan Rogers will turn Liverfool into Swansea type of team with better players. And I think your arse anal neighbor will strengthen their team next season. I’ve heard rumors that they already sign M’Vila and next is Giroud. And manshitty will go for another midfielder. LONDON IS BLUE!!

  12. If only we had a thieving russian oligarch spending £1bn on players with money stolen from starving russian peasants we might win something. Or if we had a racist skipper who shagged his teammates wives perhaps we might just play better.


    Levy – please sign Bramble, Ched Evans and John Terry’s brother (the one who shagged his teammates wife who when he found out hanged himself)


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