If you pay any attention to bookmakers at the moment, you may have seen that odds on Luka Modric moving to Manchester United this summer have been slashed to 1/3. It may have been inevitable that stories would re-appear once Niko Kranjcar left the club and while Luka’s future will have to wait now until Euro 2012 is over, do you get the feeling that this may be a done deal?

Ladbrokes have produced a full article on the subject today and seem certain that Modric will be gone – a year after originally handing in a transfer request. In the story they claim that –

‘The Croatian playmaker is currently away on international duty at Poland and Ukraine, but has negotiated with the Red Devils during his trip, and will seal his switch to the North-West upon his return to England.’

With Niko gone and Corluka surplus to requirements, our trio of Croatians could be reduced to zero by the start of the season. With Harry’s contract to sort out, there are obviously a lot of other things going on besides but is an air of resignation finally settling with regards to the Modric issue?



  1. unless modric comes out and says i want to stay at spurs (never going to happen) i say sell him! we all know these stories floating around are BS as levy will not sell him for 25m. so until a team offers 35+ he will not be going anywhere!

  2. I can see him leaving but i don’t think Levy is going to do business at the repoerted fee of £25m, he still has 4 years on his contract and we could get a lot more for him. If Man U come up with the correct amount of money then I say sell him and look for other talented players around Europe, it can be done look at newcastle with players such as Cabaye and Tiote.

    • I think as we were robbed (?) of CL this season he should honour his contract. 4 years is a very long time.

      Players that could replace him though: Jordy Clasie (great name) or Joe Allen from Swansea. Neither are a stretch financially, but are both proven playmakers. Get one playmaker that can develop under Modric/alongside Livermore and Carroll. Or do a buy/loan back. Obviously there’s also Gylfi Sigurdsson, although he’s probably going to follow Brendan Rodgers to Anfield.

      Don’t want to put money on Modric staying really…

  3. The Media have made everyone think we are resigned to losing him. But the only fact is that he has 5 years left on his contract. The rest is up to Levy and £25m is not going to cut it with him.

    I say keep him. Ok Chelsea won the CL, but we all know how lucky they were and they finished 6th. Why would we sell one of our best players to a team who finished 2 places below us in the league?

    If an unproven Hazard is worth £35m, Modric can not be valued any lower, as there are few better than him anywhere in the world, let alone proven in this league.

  4. ManU cannot afford him! The Rags are trying to broker a deal for our best players. I don’t care how much we get for him. Ade + A. Johnson + cash from city is a realistic option. Otherwise abroad. We dont need a replacement, there is plenty of ability in the squad (Sandro,Parker, Hudd, Livermore).

    • We have plenty of center mids, but no real playmakers. Eriksen would be ideal for this, if we could convince him to follow Vertonghen.

      • Hudd and Sandro still would be a top cm pairing plus creative midfielders such as Carroll and Falque coming up we don’t need to buy a central midfielders,

    • The Rags ?……you sound like a bitter & twisted Bertie Magoo. When did you buy your City shirt, May 14th ? Regardless of what you think, Modric is going. He knows Spuds won’t do anything serious, they don’t have the bottle, & your other team City think they’re now a cut above the rest – they’re not. It can’t be nice being a dual fan, unless one of them wins something worthwhile. Must be confusing when both teams play each other. As for your “Ade + A. Johnson + cash from city is a realistic option”…..be careful what you wish for……..UTID

  5. I think he’s gone and to be honest im not that bothered. 35 mill+ or a decent player swap and cash and i would let him go.

    He will be 27 start of the season so will decrease in value from here on in. We will be going with a 4-2-3-1 system with Parker/Hudlestone/Sandro/Livermore as the two sitting Defensive Centre Mids. We need attacking Mids and deep lying strikers. I would take Dembele / Rodwell / Erikson for the role of attacking mids then spend the money left over on Adebeyour / Damiao / Remy a decent Goalkeeper Ter Stegen and Vertonghan and we would be stonger than last year. Naughton / Falque / Caroll / Townsend / Caulker /Kane / Rose / Smith / Fredericks as back up squad players i still think we would have a decent shot at a champions league place……

    • That would be about perfect. Ramirez, who was linked to us the other day, would also be a great fit for the attacking mid role.

  6. I am resigned to losing Modric- but not to Man U. Not after they took Carrick, whom Jol said he was building the team around, and then tempted Berbatov, our superb goal scorer, away from us. To see Modric go to them would mean we have almost become their farm club. I hate the way ManU supporters all seem to think they can grab any player they want from us.
    Obviously I would not want to see Modric go to Chelsea or any other league club as well, So I am resigned only to losing him to a non-EPL club. We could be the team to beat this season, even stronger than we were last season, so I think the Spurs’ board should be a little less tight fisted and offer Modric the same he is being offered at Manchester.

  7. Did you see the suns blatant headline, from neil custis article, modric going to man ure, well i know he isnt going for the money quoted 22m, and we know levy doesnt like to do transfers with manure, after their tapping up of berbatov, so isnt this made up, from a tabloid manure supporter, i think our teams lawyers will be having a word with the suns neil custis, and a lawsuit, could well follow.
    He has done this before, and shouldnt be allowed to unsettle our players for his club, through his newspaper, something needs to be done about him, come on levy, sue the tapper.

  8. Love the media, they are more desperate to sell modric than spurs are, didnt they also report that a deal was agreed to sell bale, oh wait!!!!

  9. Why do you think that it’s a done deal, is it because that low class font of rubbish the sun said so? When have they ever reported anything other than fairy tales dreamt up the night before by some random. Since when does Modric negotiate any deals without the express permission of his Chairman Daniel Levy who incidently still holds a 4 year contract over his head and why on earth would Levy suddenly do a U turn on what he said only a short whil ago that he will not be selling any of Spurs stars this summer. A few points needs to be taken into consideration (point A) agree to sell our most creative midfielder to our opposition therefore making them a lot stronger and us a lot weaker (point B) agree to sell him for a measly £25M even if that price can rise by a further £5M due to add ons on the deal and (point C) why hasnt Daniel Levy himself come out and announce to the leapers in the press that he has given the sale his blessing. Surely Redknapp himself couldnt containg himself from making some sort of comment to the press if this was the case.
    The plain truth is that not an ounce of this sensational news adds up and is a complete load of bollocks. I dont know for the life of me why Levy doesnt threaten to sue these arsehols for their crass behaviour. He can put a stop to this nonsense right away.

  10. Put a pound on it either way. The worse that can happen is you’ll lose a pound.

    Who cares???

    Who’d do the mom before she had $4 wrinkle therapy?

  11. custis has gone too far this time, his article headline, states its a done deal, how stupid is that, so he is selling our players, from us, i am sure mr levy, and mr lewis, are going to say something about this, through their lawyers.
    it does not add up
    1 we dont like manure
    2 we wont sell him for less than 40m
    3 we turned down 35m offer, from real madrid
    4 levy stated, we are not selling our stars
    5 no statement from spurs or the player to confirm this
    6 this is all made up nonsense, by a manure sun reporter, and he should be sued, then maybe this nonsense will stop.

  12. Don’t care who he goes to but set a deadline – once it’s passed then it’s over and done with. No suitable offer then you stay put, simple. United have ridden roughshod over us once too often so put up what WE want, not what they want to pay or leave our player alone. Don’t want us to be scratching around with 2 minutes until the window shuts trying to panic buy some sub standard player.

  13. This is a load of tripe. As already has been said on this forum, Levy has stated taht none of our top players will be sold during the window, he is a man who doesn’t talk for the sake of hearing his own voice, therefore Luka is going nowhere. Bore off Custis.

  14. RIDICULOUS…. Man U finished on level points with Man Shittey, that’s all due to Fletcher and Scholes and Nani and Ashley Young, why the fuck would they want Modric after signing this japanese kid? Raise your price please :Levy, and get Nani in to Spurs on the deal,he looks pissed off not to start every game

  15. Of course you guys are gonna lose modric BECAUSE YOUR SHIT. “We’ll win the league”
    “We’ll finish above arsenal”
    “We’ll play champions league football next season”

  16. – – – – – – – – – – Krul – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – Kaboul – – Dawson – – Vert – – –
    Walker – – – – – Sandro – – – – – Bale –
    – -\/- – – -Hudds – – – – Parker – – -\/-
    – – \/ – – – – – – – -VDV- – – – – – – -\/- –
    – – -\/- – – – – – – -Manu – – – – – – \/ – –

  17. Lloris
    Walker, Verts, Kaboul, BAE
    Sandro, Modric
    Remy, VDV, Bale
    Also rotation play dawson, dos santos, parker, livermore, kane, rhodes, rose,defoe, LET THERE BE A SQUAD, these signings would be 35M max for all of them and its a title winning side, just play entertaining football, bring in these players soon to persuade modders to stay!


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