By monitoring social marketing sites this week it’s been fascinating to see just how much effect they can have on what can later become press stories. Does the fact that the Harry rumour that started on Tuesday before being initially denied by Redknapp and then confirmed by the club suggest that we should pay attention to all of them?

Early yesterday, when Fabio Capello’s name was mentioned his odds for the post dropped from 14/1 to 6/1 but he still seems a remote possibility as a true candidate. Later on in the day however, stories linking Andre Villas-Boas to the club started to gather real momentum.

This morning, those stories have led to suggestions that Daniel Levy has already interviewed the former Chelsea boss about a return to the Premiership.

The Portuguese has been out of the game since leaving Stamford Bridge but only this month there were claims that he was lining up an agreement to take over at Sao Paulo. Could he be tempted back to the Premier League and are Spurs as keen on him as some suggest?

At present, AVB is the new, 15/8 favourite to take over.



    • You can’t really be serious Jim, if you are then there is another team a couple of miles up the road, you will will probably fit in with the rest of the Mugs up there.

    • avb is a class manager jim – just because he flopped at chelsea is noting for concern – chlesea is run by terry and lampard who helped get him out – plus chlea play bad football avb could not play his style with that team – he would be a grat fit he is young and tactical – and unlike moyes and martinez – AVB has won things

    • I would love to get AVB,
      Laudrup would have been great. But we are to late with him aswell.
      Let’s get it sorted out. And move on.
      Where is Vertoghen???????????????????

  1. Harry’s time came to an end all because Levy heard the AVB to Sao Paulo stories.. DL is a huge AVB fan and see’s him as the answer to our quest to be taken to the next level. DL met AVB last summer about taking over from Harry then but the £15million release fee from Porto was enough to stop him being appointed 12 months ago.

    AVB will be new Spurs manager and will be sorted in the next 5-7 days max, he will then take the team to USA and start preseason.

    Rumours are AVB has already been in contact with DL about potential signings and DL is working on them

  2. I really hope that this story is true and I am being honest and sincere as a life long spurs fan in saying this. Harry leaving is not necessarily great and understandably a lot of fans are upset. But whereas the others have nothing to prove, AVB has a lot to prove after his time at Chelsea and who better to win over than the WHL crowd. If he does come in, we sign up some quality players and he gets the title or second in his first season. He will go down a legend. It is easy for everybody to judge him after the ego’s at Chelsea pushed him out (similar to Redknapp but by his own team :O), but surely the man deserves another chance. To dare is to do, if we do not go with AVB – then we do not dare, we settle!!!!!!!

  3. The annual circus comes to town with the great Levy-it-’til-the-last-minute high-wire act as the star. He also doubles as chief clown and has a side-show as the man with 4 faces, billed as the double two-faced horror.

    You couldn’t make up the crap that Levy dumps on the club every year.

    • Are you serious????????????
      Levy is the best PL CEO.
      Name a club with finances and future prospects as good as ours.
      He has done wonders for the club.
      SPURS to dominate Europe in the years to come.

  4. I really hope you are right Superspurs 😀 I think we will announce Vertonghen as well soon. I can see him being a great for the club and I really think this will be our year to overhaul our squad and topple Arsenal. Tottenham til we die – Vilas Boas’s blue and white army!!!!!!

  5. I agree I will support Spurs no matter what. AVB in my opinion would be a good choice to bring new ideas and a fresh approach to the squad. He had a bad time at Chelsea but that is not too surprising as their team was full of dinosaurs unwilling to change, I would love to see our team playing exhillarating football like AVB’s Porto.

  6. Just to clarify, nothing against AVB who would be as good a choice as any as, in my opinion, would be Martinez.

    Both young, ambitious and tactically aware and hopefully would bring some opf our young talent through.

  7. No No No too young and will not command the dressing room
    Plus he favours playing a high defensive line which was calamatous at Chelsea and would not suit Spurs fluid play

    • As manager of CFC you can’t command the dressing room you have to play cheerleader. If old twitchy could do a half decent job then AVB could do wonders.

  8. AVB would be a great shout, he now knows what the premier league is all about after he’s little stay at chelsea and will improve he’s own playing style. Who ever says im not gonna support the mighty spurs because of the man in charge can cheer on the spammers. Tottenham till I die!

  9. I have always wanted AVB, simply because he is hungry and has a point to prove, HR felt he was a great manager for getting us to the champions league quarters and therefore justified himself based on that success….

    He has no idea tactically and his signings have been poor

    AVB will be so hungry for success has an up to date eye for signings and will play 433 which is a system we would suit if the players knew how to play it right.

    Modric Sandro Parker
    VDV ????? Bale

    Most of all I am happy I never get to hear another Harry interview, its sickenning.

    He lost massively in all the big games we have had, to clinch 3rd lost 5-2 to the arse, FA Semis lost 5-1 to Chelsea, Champions League Quarters lost 5-0 Madrid, FA Semi lost 2-1 Pompey haha, add to that 5-1 maulings by Man City and 3-0 Man Utd and a pattern occurs here……..when Plan A dont work we get humbled.

    Also no more old men on frees signing whoopee

    • Unless he signs someone, I wouldn’t be suprised to see dos santos given a crack at the right sided forwards role

  10. Also if its AVB expect Gio to finally get a chance, he is exactly the type of player AVB will want to play in an attacking 3

  11. Levy already has the Manager in place my bet is Cappello or AVB he won’t want to pay compensation to any club and wont want it drawn out. Personaly i think either would do a good job. I don’t see us moving forward with Moyes i think 5th 6th are his limits and Martinez could be another Santini/Ramos think he would struggle to get top four for us even though the football would be good. Also Moyes/Martinez we would struggle to keep our top players…..

  12. I think DL has a plan up his sleeve (I hope). AVB I’m not sure on but would be far better than Moyes or Martinez. HR I don’t think could have taken us to the next level so there had to be a change. Get some class players in and dump the crap. AVB could have the know how to do this. Tottenham for life regardless who’s in charge.

  13. for all those that slate AVB just take a look at his record compaired to the champs league and fa cup winning manager RDM , cup games aside (park the bus footie)AVBs league record is better than his and had an impossible task of shifting out the old guard, the 2 signings he made for them were there best 2 players of the season.


  15. Villas Boas!!…you must be joking!
    Don’t let that clown anywhere near our club!
    Harry get’s slated for his lack of tactics when this guy thinks it’s right to play a high, square defensive line against the likes of Walcott and co.
    Moyes would be much more preferable.

  16. There are only three mangers that i would be happy with….. Pep, AVB, Frank de boer. There was no point of sacking harry if it isn’t one of these three coming to the lane. if you want to be one of the best in Europe we have to think big and go for the best!! TO DARE IS TO DO!! COYS!

    • I agree. I wasn’t huge on Harry, but Harry has been the best manager we have had in a while. In forever actually. So those who are happy Harry was sacked, good for you, but we just sacked the most successful manager we have had since like forever, and for what? So we better have a great option coming. Pep is not coming, that is clear. Deschamps is not coming. AVB? Can we attract him? I still think Moyes or Martinez is the best we can hope for. Lets hope we land one of them before all the managers make us realize where our club really stand.

  17. he’d have to agree to stop wearing that ridiculous knee-length coat and stop sitting on his haunches. both made him look ridiculous. otherwise worth considering.


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