Stories emerging in yesterday’s press suggested that there was something of a player revolt in the offing at White Hart Lane amidst the reports that Andre Villas-Boas was favourite to take over the manager’s job at Spurs.

Those stories went on to claim that Chelsea players at Euro 2012 had spoken to their Spurs-based national team mates and warned them against the Portuguese who endured a fairly unproductive time at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking on Talksport yesterday, former West Ham and Everton striker Tony Cottee felt obliged to have his say on the subject.

“Villas-Boas was totally out of his depth at Chelsea. It’s a key time in Tottenham’s history,” he said.

“They’ve got the likes of Luka Modric and Gareth Bale who want to leave. Are they going to want to stay if a manager comes in who they don’t respect and don’t want? I don’t think so.

“Tottenham will be back to where they were before Redknapp took over. I fear for the club. I don’t understand where they’re going with this.”

Are they players revolting? More to the point, would Daniel Levy even listen to them if they were?



  1. levys really buggered us this time. we need a steady ship. we started last season poorly cos of the whole modric affair and now this is gonna be worse. get someone good in and give him lots of money to spend please!

    • You are so wrong it is not even funny! Levy has played a blinder. Any decent manager would have taken Spurs further this season than 4th. Spurs had an enviable squad of players last season and a proper manager would not have wilted in Feb. But a proper manager would not show his duplicitous side when the chips were down. Remember we supported him when he was in the dock for tax issues whilst he was conniving a move away as soon as he had the chance. Then makes various threats when he was not offered a 3 year deal – a one year contract at £3m a year was not enough.

      So grow up, smell the coffee and realise that HR was the problem and never the solution.

  2. Here’s my chance to call Tony Cottee a complete tool bag! A Spammer & Arrys mate…his opinion on THFC matters mean **** all. The scummy press are drumming this all up into a frenzy, pro harry and anti Levy/THFC. AVB is teed up so high if he takes the Spurs gig and all the hacks will be queuing up with their drivers (golf club not chauffeur).

  3. well its Tuesday and we still have no manager and the vertonghen i seriously thought levy would of had a plan but now Im starting to worry! :-\. The only explanation for this is he is waiting for Blanc surely? Or has he just sacked harry on the wim…

  4. Of course he should listen and take note, becasue if the players are not happy the team will suffer, whoever the gaffer is. That’s partly what happened with Ramos. In our case the players would probably look elswhere to ply their trade. Modders,Bale, Vdv, could all be off. Oh well we still have Bentley and JJ. Could this be our starting 11:

    Friedel, Walker, Kaboul, Vertonghen, BAE, Lennon, Sandro, Parker,JJ, Bentley,Defoe. ?

  5. This talk of Chelsea players talking to Tottenham players at the Euros? with England, its JT and Ass wipe Cole…… talking to Jermaine Defoe…….. Think it might not be a meeting of the minds!

    Not really a Brains trust? or the majority of the squad?

    Its just more of Harry’s love in media buddies muddying the waters……

    • agreed – fuck what Lampard and Toerag Terry think anyway.
      They wouldn’t want to see AVB back over here because he might just succeed and show them up for what they are, overpaid wankers who basically run the club the way they want it. Why they all wanted Di Matteo because he’ll play them week in week out.
      Can’t wait to see Terry still trying to play in 5 years time, he already looks like he’s running backwards

  6. Terry,Cole,Lampard,Drogba – all cnuts,while Anelka has been a whining tosser his whole career.

    At best you could stick Gallas in that category at Spurs but you’d do well to put anyone else in it,especially ‘senior’ players.Possibly Lennon might be a bit gobby but he’s hardly senior.

    And Gallas has at best 12 months left in him at WHL so no loss really if he kicks off and wants to leave.

  7. Got to agree with above comments, a decent manager in charge last season would now be planning for an assault on the Champions League for Spurs.
    The papers are full of negative comments about Spurs and full of praise for their own ‘Arry and the ‘triffic job he’s done at WHL. So much so that am not reading any morenewspaper ‘reports’ until a new manager is appointed.
    The one thing that worries me is that different managers appear to be waiting to have talks with Levy about the position. I would have hoped that Daniel would have had a successor lined up when he got rid of HR. Maybe he has and is sitting there waiting to reveal to the world that our new manager is . . . Pep!
    On a different note, l reckon that, because of his poor reading skills, HR thought he had nailed the England job only to be told that the initials were actually RH (or should that be WH?) Just a thought . . .

  8. David Moyes please. He takes no shit. Buy him some monogrammed thumbscrews. The people who would revolt against AVB would do so because he won’t let them run the team and a few of them would be shipped out as too old or too useless.

    • get lost with david moyes he has won nothing – spurs need a new young tactical manager so can attract young players from abroad

  9. Don’t listen to those lazy tossers in the press, they are only good for free-loading and w**k**G.
    Harry was always going to be sacked and rightly so. He has never left a club in a good state; Portsmouth, Southampton and the yo yo boys from Upton Park have all suffered badly as a result of his involvement with them. Harry didn’t though, he always takes care of himself.

    How sensitive of Harry and the his press mates to wait until Levy is out of the country burying his mum to come out with all this vitriolic stuff about him and the club.

    Levy knows what he’s doing, the plans are in place, everything will become clear after the Euros. HAVE FAITH

  10. What about the Schalke coach Ralf Rangnick? all these foreign coaches just get Christian Gross nightmares going again!

  11. No, I don’t think the players are revolting, I happen to think they’re quite beautiful! Why don’t you F___ Off and start hounding another team! Why are Spurs the only team that receives this kind of mass media, tapping up for managers scheme? It’s pretty disgusting, I feel that any media people who can be linked to a manager and is doing their tapping up, should be investigated and punished for breaking the rules.

  12. John I hope he’s been talking to Rijkaard. the man who instigated the Barca revolution that Pep took over!!!
    Can imagine he’s been talking to AVB and others but Moyes would be a no go as Levy wants a DOF and DM won’t work with one.

  13. AVB will do a good job he got more tropies under his belt than harry redknapp and he is still so young p*SS off harry loving press, let’s go for it…

  14. why does everyone think spurs will be back to midtable now redknapp is gone?? A good manager would have got us 3rd last season. Im all for avb if the players give him a chance. At least he had some tactics other than telling players to go run about a bit!!!!

  15. Spurs need someone to assist with building the squad and sustaining the momentum from last year. There’s no way that Pep is coming any time soon, so too with Jose, so the new manager has to be one that is sympathetic to the Spurs cause and need.

    The new manager needs to build on the current “hot” talent we have (Walker, Bale, Livermoore, maybe Kaboul?) whilst bringing in new quality and nurture them to replace Premiership-established players (Parker, JD, Friedel).

    The failure to bring in mentioned “new quality” in January served to highlight Spurs’ fall. There was not enough decent young back-up/rotation to the starting XI that could take the place of the older players when needs be. This would give these back-up’s Prem experience, maybe starting them against the “lesser” teams we lost against, such as Norwich, or throwing them on when the legs of the older players looked tired to sure up the victory.

    The new manager needs to build on the platform already there, and spend money on a few top, top players to balance the team with the youngsters. Almost like England at the Euro’s! A solid foundation of Hart, Terry, Gerrard, A. Cole and to a certain extent Rooney & Milner, is balanced with the fearless & energetic new breed of (aptly named) Ashley Young, Walcott, Wellbeck, The Ox and Lescott.

    Spurs need a Hodgson! Someone to understand that Spurs are in transition, work the team around the freshers (Walker, etc) but also have experience around the park with Parker, Lennon, Dawson, and add to this experience.

  16. well from speaking with a relation in my family who plays for spurs i can confirm that the players are all talking about their dislike of avb and not wanting him as their manager they are also still shocked with the sacking of harry , wether they have spoken to anyone from chelsea is not know but possible and lets be honest the general consensus of opinion from people in the game [ who are more exsperienced in the game than the majority of the fans who are shouting off about who they want ] is that the man is not ready for another premier team at this time as his man management skill need to be improved amongst other skills . being a spurs fan i must agree but at the moment the only manager being talked of who might fit the bill is blanc but even he has question marks about him , this will be a big job for whoever takes over and we will have even less chance next season getting in the top four than this due to the big clubs buying better players , and with our lack of quality in depth compared to others , so all you dreamers out there who think a new manager will improve things to such an extent that we might win the league next season is living in cloud cuckoo land the best we can hope for is fourth again and thats a long shot so be carefull who you wish for cus it will just end up an exspensive mistake .

    • Hey chalky, stop the bullshit because you know jackshit. As for your so called relative who plays for Spurs and the players talking about their dislike for AVB suggests that you’re either chelscum or an arsewipe. Your suggesting that the players are pussies and wont play for the man because they dont like him, what a load of bollocks. THEY DONT FUCKING KNOW HIM.
      Get to fuck off our sites you lying tosser.

  17. if harry had been that great, he would not have bottled the villa game, 1-1 with ten minutes to go he takes off a forward and brings on a defensive midfielder how great is that, one more goal would have put us in third place couldnt be caught, what a waste of time he was, sod the chelsea shit, bring on AVB, champions league at the end of next season.

  18. Actually to some of the ones who followed the AVB saga last year from beginning to end, he was very non-player friendly. That is disturbing to hear.

  19. ah beano sounds like you were named after a childs comic cus the way your talking is very child like , so stop behaving like a spoilt brat , if you have a constuctive comment then make it although i doubt you can if you could the dole que would be one shorter

  20. what we spurs fans need to do is give the new manager our support who ever he is ,Redknapp has gone right or wrong about his sacking we all must stick together and suck to the rest ps Blanc gets my vote

  21. if i walk in 2 dressing room and that biggot terry and spoilt weirdos like cole were screwfacing me. I wouldnt b player friendly either. Fuck tiny cotty fuck redknap fuck that xenophobic talkport and the hateful press da lick him and his dogs balls. Good night

  22. The players are on holiday or playing in the euro’s…. Chances are one or two may have talked, but about a manager… unlikely.

    I’m glad we got rid of the crafty cockney… 2 goals from 135 corners. conceeded how many goals from set pieces ! The bloke’s a chancer always has been….. Good riddance… Note how he hasn’t got another job yet either !

  23. Levy did the right thing. HR could get us playing good flowing football, until the other teams worked us out. When they did he had no plan B, failed to rotate, change anything, or use the subs. bench to suit the occasion. Levy needs to get in someone who knows and understands the EPL. Levy needs to get the RIGHT man. One who can build the current squad and make decent additions. If he doesn’t do that we will go backwards.


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