Ever since the stories concerning Laurent Blanc have hit the headlines, the French press have been having their say and all seem to suggest that their coach is signing a new contract with France.

This is what Xavier Rivoire had to say on Talksport.

“Laurent Blanc will not go to Spurs, read my lips. He’s going to sign a new contract with France. He’s seen what Jacques Santini did with Spurs and he doesn’t want to do the same ever again. No, I think Blanc is there to stay. If you had the chance between being the general manager at Spurs, even if it’s a great club, even if White Hart Lane is a great stadium. If you had the choice between this and coaching France, you would choose coaching France.”

France meanwhile looked pretty ordinary against Sweden yesterday and with Spain waiting in the quarter finals, the French are favourites to return home from Euro 2012 at the first knockout stage. Whether that could have any effect on Blanc’s future is debatable but for now, it’s looking more like AVB than Laurent Blanc.




  1. We are now seeing the folly of getting rid of Harry. We are heading for disaster and all those so called fans that called for his head and Levy who has lost his beware of who turns up at WHL. They will be less able than Harry and whoever it is will face star players leaving and none joining. Back to mid table. Sometimes i just hate being a Spurs fan as we just keep shooting our own legs off

    • Harry was acting like Del-Boy and airing Spurs private contract negotiations in public – no decent club would put up with his unprofessional approach. His gob became an embarrassment. Plenty of other managers can succeed with our talented squad. Onwards…

    • Sometimes I hate having supporters like you support our great club. Bet you’re a plastic fan that never goes to matches and hardly watches matches live, MOTD highlight specialist.

  2. im gettin inpatient with this manager saga… we havent even made any signins yet… cmon levy… or is he waitin till after the euros? cus i come on here wonderin wots happenin and ent seein much…. COYS

    • There’s no need to rush. We haven’t got a game weekend. Expect the circus to carry on for the next 2 weeks. We need to get our new man in when the transfer window open, not by tomorrow. COYS

  3. Rivoire,read my anus….we do not need Blanc…..he could not even defeat Sweden….Woy did and we would not let him sell programmes let alone manage.

  4. Spurs seems to be a total shambles and not run in the right way. I agree Redknapp had to go because to me he didn’t seem to do much and seems most things were left to Kevin Bond and Joe Jordan. Even his after match reports seemed like he was just an onlooker and blaming everyone but himself. The real problems though start at the top and that is Levy. Little man with a big ego who doesn’t seem that invested in Spurs continually watching the purse strings, always leaving transfers until it’s too late and has his own valuation system that doesn’t seem to match anyone else’s. Levy has to take a lot of the blam for the disarray Spurs are in. His biggest crime being he never went out and bought a quality striker once we made Champions League and instead all he has allowed is the buying of old, past their best players. That is the real reason we finished fourth instead of third. It’s down to Levy mostly not Redknapp. Levy is the man that makes all the decisions at Spurs and Redknapp was only allowed to buy what Levy let him buy. Admittedly Redknapp had his failings with his poor team rotation and lack of tactics but he did get the team to play brilliant football but just didn’t have enough good players to rotate.

    • We are not in a shambles and even if we are it’s what state Arry has left us in. I agree Levy has made mistakes but as a chairman would you spend millions on a player when you know the manager wants another job. The next man might then come in and dont want that player anymore Bent £15 mill, Bentley £15 mill, Crouch over £10 mill, Wilson over £10 mill. Continue with Redcrap and we would be another Porstmouth or Rangers. Being a man of modest means, I go with my boy since he was a toddler and now an adult and its a lot of money. I dont want the club wasting money like we have done and paying overpaid players more. Do you know we have one of the highest ticket prices in the EPL and some people want the club to be run like the russian mafia does in west London or the oil barrons at Sh*tty from the middle east. NO. This is the real world. Us and the travalers down the end of the road run our clubs correctly, like the german clubs do. Not having a pop at you Feenix. Just think you need to see that Levy is a good chairman that makes mistakes but getting rid of Arry was a correct one. People seem to forget that Sugar spent very little money and we was mid table but he did save the club when we was going bust and that was because Scholar spent like some people wants Levy to do. COYS

  5. blanc would be good but avb would be better as he has a plan unlike HR.
    Do not doubt levy as he has no ego compared to HR.
    Interesting how no club wants HR

  6. Pointless article and old news. For all the French pundits that say he wont go, there are other pundits who said that Blanc would love to get the job. Also, get over Arry. He’s gone. Thanks Arry but you had run your time. Dont get fooled by Skysports News and the media. They are Arrys darlings. They love him and he loves them. So THFC is always gonna be the bad guys. I support Spurs and not Arry. Lets face it, what have we won under Arry. NOTHING. Looserfools got rid of their King Kenny and he won them a cup. 2 seasons in a row we have lost CL because of Arry and I know we finished in 4th but we should have been 3rd if he didnt whore himself for the England job. When he took over we had one of the youngest squads in the top half of the table and now we have one of the oldest, only one striker that wants out and 40 year old keeper. I fed up of going to Wembly for 2 seasons running and coming homing feeling like sh*t. If you go the games like I do, you would know he had to go. Remember, when he was touted for England he didnt want a contract extension, he said the players didnt care and now he hires a hawk of a agent trying to hold the club to ramson and says the players will be unsettled if they dont know who the manager is. I could go on, 2 up at the Ar*e and then we get shafted by 5. AVB & Blanc have won more in thier short careers than Arry has won in 30 years. Arry is for Arry. Levy is for Spurs. Levy might make mistakes but at least he has the club at heart. If at times you hate being a Spurs fan, go support Chelski or Sh*tty. I cant wait for the new man and will back him even when the media will call us relgation fodeer when we lose our 1st game. I will be there supporting my team at WHL come rain or shine. Our motto “To do is to dare” and not bring on a def player at Villa when the game is for the taking even with 10 men. TTID COYS

  7. I want AVB!! New era at spurs and cant wait i for one will get behind the New manager whoever levy chooses. lets make the LANE rock more than ever next season! Onwards and upwards 🙂 COYS!!

  8. Simply, Blanc earns £1m a year at France. Spurs can offer him £3m a year. Unless Real, Bara or United are calling, why wouldn’t he want to come.

  9. Wouldnt mind AVB the only problem i see is the players may not want him so they may look to go elsewhere but blanc on the other hand would be an even better choice and the players would buy into what he wants to do.

  10. To me this story about Blanc and the “player revolt” about AVB are just farces made up by the media to insure that the club gets the manager the media wants. Call me paranoid or crazy just saying. To me as long as we get Blanc or AVB the club took a huge step forward from HR. Martinez would be good, but I don’t think Bale, VdV and Modric would respect him enough, and we’ll have to bring in a new crop of studs. As for Moyes, there’s a reason why he’s been Everton for so long, his that sized club’s manager. He’s not a manager where Spurs want to go.


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