In amongst the relentless stories over the manager which naturally dominate the headlines, it’s refreshing to see a bit of transfer talk even if it seems an unlikely one. Burak Yilmaz is the name of the latest link and while his record stems entirely from Turkish football, it is an impressive record nevertheless.

At the age of 26, Yilmaz has already played for six clubs in his homeland but in his two years with Trabzonspor, has found the net 55 times in 75 league matches. At present, he has only 18 caps for Turkey and has managed six goals for his country.

That record however includes 33 goals in 34 games last season and whatever your view of Turkish football might be, it’s a tally that’s caught the interest of some of Europe’s major football clubs – and West Ham…

So would Burak Yilmaz be a good fit for Spurs?



  1. I think your find he will be going to the club with a manager and who are buying players and who will have the biggest and best ground in London in 18 months time not 18 years time

    • You’re a joker. There is widespread doubt that the OS will be a great football stadium. What is not in doubt is that you bunch wont get close to filling it…filling it…..filling it……

      As for SamMikeBassetthoofandchaseAllardyce, I would rather be managerless.

      Wet Spam pah!

  2. Would that be the team that play in Pink and Blue and who will be back in the Championship next year ??????

    • Pink you shouldn’t eat cockerels or is it CAPONS when it’s pink. Get use to it spuds we are gonna be in a 60,000 magnificent arena whil your still in that little fucking shithole in that Middlessex surberban ghetto.

    • Not you lol

      Losing your best players and manager (who had you over perform) = lower position

      Please get AVB who had a team under perform

      Even Bale wants out so if he staus his focus will have changed

      It’s okay though you’re getting a Belgian CB who can’t get in the Belgium starting 11 that’ll sort it

      Everyone below you is getting stronger you lot are weaker. Say hello to mid table. Joke club!

      • He does get in their starting 11. Check their line up for their last 21 games and i think you’ll find him there everytime.

  3. Great scoring record, haven’t seen much of Turkish football tbh. Depends on his pricetag, 5-7 million would be ok, paying anything more would be a risk.

  4. Burak Yilmaz’s goalscoring record looks really good in turkish football so i think he would be worth a gamble but i would prefer it if daniel levy would try to impress spurs fans by signing Leandro Damiao . So many spurs fans ive spoken to are not happy at the sacking of harry he was taking us in the right direction this season coming could have been the season we win the title we were actually getting better and better im sure many of you would admit.

  5. leandro wants to stay in brazil, because of the upcoming world cup in brazil, and he feels he will have more chance to play in the team, if he remains in his country, otherwise we would get him.

  6. Burak Yilmaz would be an amazing player for spurs! I have been following him for the last 3 years and he has got everything a striker needs! He has a release clause of 5.5m. Come on Levy sign him up quick

  7. Tim… the he’ll would u know that? Did u and leandro have a heart to heart at the local beach bar on the shores of rio

  8. If he is cheap get him. If u want to get bargains u need to take gambles. He could be our cisse. The guy smashing them in for Newcastle. If I remember correctly weren’t tottenham linked with him a few times. But he was considered a risk. Hell so was Suarez. We need a clear manifesto and targets and greater tenacity when identifying talent. Sign him

  9. Well said Azad! for 5.5m hes certainly worth a risk. I have been support both Trabzonspor and Tottenham for 30years and have watched all the games las season! He is just the kind of striker we need! he has pace,determination,skill and brilliant in front of goal.


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