Ever since the Champions League final ended and even before Harry Redknapp left the club, the media seems to have been of the opinion that while Luka Modric would be leaving White Hart Lane this summer, Gareth Bale was set to stay on for another season at the very least.

In addition, the rumours linking Gareth with a move away have been very sparse and a ‘source’ close to the player has now spoken in yesterday’s Sunday papers.

“Gareth believes Tottenham were unlucky not to get into the Champions League after finishing fourth and is happy to stay at the club for now,” the source said.

“The chairman obviously has plans that did not involve Harry Redknapp and Gareth wants to find out what those are.”

Bale isn’t the only one who would like to know but hopefully any new manager will see the Welshman as crucial to his plans for 2012-13.




  1. It would have been nice if modric had it him to stay, fight and earn the right to play champions league football with spurs rather than just joining a team who have already qualified , I just hope he regrets leaving if he goes and ends up sitting most weeks on the bench just like Berbatov did at Man U.

  2. I’d rather keep Bale than Modric simply because he’s a young ambitious player that I think would like to achieve big things at Spurs.

    Obviously if we fail again next season (5th or below) then he will want to leave. But he will fight for CL football at Spurs, unlike Modric who just seems to want out in any way.

    Ideally, I’d love it if we kept them both. Regardless of what people say about Modric moaning and his occasional laziness, the amount of chances he creates is an invaluable asset.

  3. This is very good news. And I think it tells us all to relax a little bit.
    Levy has it covered. He has informed bale (and his agents) about the new manager coming and our ambition in transfer market. And Gareth is happy.
    Let’s get behind the club and look forward to challenging the big clubs with a few good signings.


  4. Gareth is an important piece no doubt, but if Mods leaves, even Gareth will have a hard time picking out that pass as well. Who is going to break him loose? Bale is set to suffer if Mods leaves. That much he should know.

  5. Get rid of Modric, cannot stand the whining little shit. He was at the heartbeat of the team that capitulated. Anybody normal would see that and take some responsibility. He is not a team player. He wasn’t that great last year and the year we got CL he was out for a long time with a broken leg. Get 40m for him and we are laughing as long as we invest it well. Bale we need to keep but I think realistically unless we pull up some trees this year, this will be his last with us so enjoy

  6. We are either heading for major changes, or its going to be a disappointing summer!
    Looks like we could be getting sigurdsson now. which would suggest to me that VDV may be on his way.
    I cant help but feel the new boss is in place and calling the shots already, something again which would lead me to suspect AVB has got the job and we just cant confirm it till 1st July.
    If it is AVB, then Sturridge will surely be the next in, obviously I am not ITK, i’m purely speculating.
    If Modric is sold for £30mil, then we would essentially be able to buy sigurdsson, sturridge and vertonghen for that price, something which i would consider good business.
    Guess we are just going to have to wait and see! COYS

  7. Set to stay? He has never been going anywhere so rather a non story, pretty pointless really like a lot of rehashed stuff on this site.

  8. The story is coming from Bale. Nowhere else. He always cautioned he got a taste of Europe and wants more. Either way, with Mods leaving, I still don’t think we will replace his transfer with new players. Levy is shrewd and I believe he will make good on his promise of fiscal responsibility. We will see Sig and Jan and if that happens, I believe we will have avoided disaster this summer.


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