As far as the press are concerned, it’s been pretty much accepted that Luka Modric will be heading out of Spurs this summer and their subsequent role has been to link the club with a choice of possible replacements.

Gylfi Sigurdsson was one name but as the rumour claiming that Real Madrid are moving into pole position gains momentum, it’s widely being suggested that the La Liga giants will be weighing up a player plus cash bid.

The player involved is Nuri Sahin, a Turkish international who also holds German nationality and a midfielder who has been with Real since the beginning of the 2011-12 season.

Sahin made his name in Germany with Dortmund but his time at the Bernabeu hasn’t been the happiest and in the whole of last season he only made 10 appearances for the club – 4 in La Liga.

Clearly he might therefore be viewed as surplus to requirements and an ideal makeweight for the deal but could the 23 year old possibly emulate Modric on the pitch?



  1. I think he would do a really good job for us, but we shouldn’t expect too much too soon if we get him. It took modders a good 6months till he was really upto the pace and dictating games, anyone we get in that has no EPL experience will probably be the same.
    Personally, if we get AVB, and sell modders, i think i would rather throw 20mil at porto for J, Moutinho??

    • You just had it spot on with give him 6 month’s to break into the PL but then you ruined everything by mentioning AVB. I could not think of a worse manager to replace HR.

      Message to Levy – WE DON’T WANT AVB!!!

  2. Nuri Sahin is good he was world class for Dortmund and he is 3 years younger than Modric the only reason he didn’t get in the team for Madrid is because of injuries at the start of the season.

    I would be very sad to see Modric leaves he is world class but if we get 30 million plus Sahin I think that would be a great deal imo.

  3. would be great!! But your only running this story because the people who commented on the Sigurdsson link mentioned Sahin instead!!

  4. Never understand these player swap deals… they rarely happen for a start and why would Real think we wanted a player that cant get into there team? i know they would have to get shot of him(or one other) due to squad size rules in Spain but even so!

    • In fairness, they got Higuain who cant get a game for them, and Granero, i would take either of these! there a few players that can’t get games for Real that would get into our side, VDV for example!

  5. Well as long as we sell Modric this summer before he buggers off next summer for less than £6million i’ll be happy

  6. If we can get Sahin and Sigurdson through the door FANTASTIC! Both young players who will become more of an influence on the football stage in few seasons.

    I think Sahin is a better player than Modric to be perfectly honest, he’ll just need time. Sigurdson scored more and set up more than Modric last season, but obviously he’ll be looking to displace VDV. Even after that We’ll have money left to spend on that striker we so badly need.

  7. Something like this was always going to be the logical modric deal. Good business if it comes off, replacement play + money in the bank to strengthen the forwards and defence with.

  8. seems to me that modric has more interest in real than they do in him,all the talk is coming from lukas mates at his agents behest telling anyone who will listen how he would love to play for madrid ,little or nothing from spanish press who would know if there was something happening ,personally i would be surprised if madrid bought him as they clearly dont need him,of the sides that could actually afford him and assuming we wouldnt sell him to another premiership side bayern munich could be a surprise destination if he does finally leave (which i still doubt by the way)

  9. any player under 28 that is 3 years into a contract can evoke the Webster Ruling and buy himself out of the deal. so take into account that he is alleged to be on £40,000 a week that would mean he could buy himself out of the contract for as little as around £6 million and sign for anybody HE liked, you want to see him stroll up at Chelscum for £6 million? or ARSEnal? no nor me!

    I cant believe this hasn’t be mentioned on any of site until now and i assume thats why Levy is happy to sell this summer rather then let him walk for peanuts in 12 months. we just have to hope IF he doesn’t leave he signs a new deal with us before summer 2013

      • Oh really? please enlighten us then genius.
        so this, from FIFA’s OWN WEBSITE!

        Article 17 of FIFA’s Regulations for the Status and Transfer of Players is entitled “Consequences of Terminating a Contract Without Just Cause”, and is the fifth article of Chapter IV,
        “Maintenance of Contractual Stability between Professionals and Clubs”.
        It outlines the provisions which apply if a contract is terminated without just cause, and the requirement for the party in breach to pay compensation. Specifically, it states that any player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal was signed. If he is 28 or older the time limit is shortened to two years.Article 17 was introduced in December 2004, with effect from 1 July 2005.

        you fucking moron

  10. These player swaps hardly ever happen. Either way, the team knows Mods, and we know what he can do. I don’t know what Sahin and Sig can do in our league just yet. You just NEVER know. So I prefer us to get somebody in the league that has potential and or already doing well. Perhaps we can get Dempsey? Dare I mention Milner and even Ramsey? Those guys are surplus to parts at City and Arsenal, but proven performers, if not always consistent. Lets face it, Mods was never really consistent last year as well… pluck from our rivals lol. Hecks, lets even get Bennayoun.

    • dempsey and bennayoun can do one.
      Ramsey, yes, never happen.
      and Milner in fairness would be a good addition to cover both wings if and when needed IF we were playing 4-4-1-1, which i doubt we will be next yr, so no.

      • Ramsey, yes, I am dreaming on that one, and would love to strike a blow to the hearts of Arsenal fans once in a while lol. Even if he is still just spare parts to them.

        But all the rest seem like if we have the ambition, they are completely there for the taking.

  11. Very interesting superspurs, I was not aware of this ruling, which changes things somewhat…although I remain to be convinced that DL will let this happen.

    Sahin, as part of the Modric deal and Sigurdsson would represent shrewd business and both at reasonable cost. As quite rightly stated, leave us finances to secure new GK, Jan Vertonghen and in all reality we need 2 strikers too.

    • Unless we sell him this summer or get him to sign a new contract nothing DL or anybody can do to stop him doing it.

  12. Has everyone forgotten about a young lad called Tom Huddlestone? OK, he may be injury-prone but I think he is fit now. He can dictate the tempo, and offers more goals than Modders. He is exactly what England was missing last night. The problem for me is what to do with Sandro, Parker and VDV. Sandro needs to start but Scotty plays his heart out and is/ was the club captain. Losing Modders is gutting but I don’t think there’s a need to panic. Let’s leave it to the manager. Oh…

  13. And the line-up for next season?


    Walker Vertigo Kaboul BAE

    Lennon Sandro Huddlestone Bale


    Some big, good striker who scores goals..

    Not too shabby…

        • Also this may be met with sneers, but maybe look at Gary Hooper as an option for one of the strikers…great goalscoring record and would probably make the England squad if he played in England I reckon. Most prolific striker in Scotland other than a surprisingly good Jelavic…and he was at Spurs to begin with…

          • Sneer… sorry but a chimp in a pair of nikes could score tons of goals in the SPL, hardly a high standard.

            Seen him play a few times and his movement is awful, he misses more then he scores.

            He may be good in the Championship but think the Premier League would swallow him up and he’s nowhere near good enough for England.

            Sorry mate

          • Agree. If we are taking a punt on a striker that needs to prove himself at the top level, is young and has bags of potential, i’d rather go for Jordan Rhodes

          • I’d rather give Harry Kane a bit more game time then bring in a young forward for £4-£5 million and develop him.. the lad has the talent and just needs to be in and around the 1st time for a while and get some Premier league minutes under his belt?

          • Good shout superspurs. Was gutted when he missed that pen at the lane against Hearts last year as it would have done his confidence the world of good. I got a mate that follows Orient religiously and he was impressed with Harry when he was on loan there the season before last.


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