There were a number of new names associated with a potential move to Spurs over the weekend but the most interesting of those was undoubtedly that of Icelandic midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson. The 22 year old Hoffenheim midfielder made a significant contribution to Swansea’s success in the second half of the season and had seemed set for a permanent transfer to the Liberty stadium before manager Brendan Rodgers departed for Anfield.

At the beginning of the weekend however, reports started to emerge suggesting that Tottenham were looking to hijack the deal from Liverpool.

As an attacking midfielder, Sigurdsson looks a good fit for Spurs and his scoring record over the years is pretty impressive. While he wasn’t so prolific at Hoffenheim, the player’s record stretches to almost a goal every other game for Reading and Swansea and at 22, he looks a major prospect.

For once, Spurs have been linked with the possible hijack of a deal on the premise of offering better wages. Sigurdsson is, of course, the focus of attention as a possible replacement for Luka Modric but does he stack up in that respect? He’d be more likely to find the net but could he be as influential around the pitch as the Croatian?



  1. No where near the level of modders i did hear levy will make sahin any part of modric 2 real deal he would be perfect replacement

  2. according to very good sources, on the web, it a done deal for spurs.
    the talk is he passed medical, and was then photographed in spurs top, this news is from a doctor, work out the rest.

    • Spurs community it was posted, a site full of wannabe itks who havent got a cunting clue, just like Harry Hotspur who ran with the story.

    • Surely if that’s true an image of him in a spurs top would have been leaked by now? I think this would be a quality signing, as other’s have stated he would score goals for fun playing just behind main striker, if this signing happens, would it not be more of a replacment for VDV??

  3. If Modric is to be sold why would we sell Kranjcar who would be ready to step into his shoes and in my view would be a better bet than Sigurdsson.

    • Because Kranjcar was lazy and would never track back!
      Remember City at home last season! Sigurdsson is the best player I see at the lane all last season he would score goals for fun if he was at Spurs!

  4. I can’t see us getting him from under the noses of Liverpool.
    1. Why would he join a team with no manager
    2. He’s already played under Rogers so he know’s he’ll get a game
    3. Levy is no doubt behind all of this and i would imagine he would have more important things to sort out like the manager situation and tying up the Vertonghen deal.

    No doubt he is a good player though and at only 22 has got the potential and time to get even better.

  5. I would like this chap, as like shelf side said, he was superb when Swansea came to town last year.
    Unfortunately, i think the lack of manager will hinder our chances, unless of course it is AVB and we can announce till July 1st

  6. Has anyone thought of the scenario that Levy has already got a manager in place, of which he has informed Gylfi and Vertonghen, hence these deals being as good as done?

    • I’d imagine we have all hoped for this to be true, but why no word from the club, they havent released one statement since ‘arry got the boot

      • I can’t argue that the silence from Levy and Spurs in genreal is deafening, but at the same time I cannot imagine that Levy entered into his decision to sack HR without having someone 75%+ agreed on taking over!

        • In Daniel we trust then i guess. Look, i cant really complain too much, i wanted harry to go after our disastrous run of results last season cost us 3rd, i got my wish, i guess i should just show some patience!
          A new manager cant officially sign anyone till July 1st anyhow, i just dont want it to be Blanc

  7. levy and louis know whats going on at spurs, while all the media are guessing continual rubbish, we sacked harry because after his op, he was not the same man as before the op, he was second guessing himself in interviews, the best one is, I DONT THINK 442 SUITS US, AND WHAT DOES HE PLAY 442.
    levy knows our next manager, and new players, know it too, trouble is we dont, but i can live with that.

  8. heres the statement

    I don’t post regularly as you can see. I’m not someone ‘ITK’ but found out from someone important today (and saw photo) of Sigurdsson having successfully completed his medical in a Spurs top with my source (who’s one of my bosses).
    He’s signed for us on the quiet yet to be announced and has had his medical today!
    That’s all I know (nothing about the fee etc)
    Oh, I’m a doctor in London btw.
    Hope this helps!

  9. In answer to Essex Spur: He would join Tottenham because it is in London where every foreigner wants to be; Tottenham have a much better squad than Liverpool; a manager will join shortly and Levy will be able to tell him who it is likely to be; our training ground is the best in Europe (trust me it is amazing) and this is where players actually work – don’t forget that fact it makes a MASSIVE difference and it is what so much of Arsenal’s success was built on.

    • Arsenal’s success? What does that have anything to do with it?

      Yes, our new training grounds are phenomenal but the best? I would say we are right up there in functionality and cutting edge (which says alot), but man, have you been across town? I have been to Catalonia and Munich as well, and those are all spectacular and just a beauty.

      Those all make a difference, but really, I see these 3 things as the biggest reasons players come to certain clubs, not in any one order for any certain player, but generally all usually top 3 reasons:

      1. Wages
      2. Tradition, club’s ambition to win
      3. Good teammates, manager

      The only thing we can hang our hats on against many other top clubs is #3. We have a lot of new young and great players and can attract a good manager.

      But in order to continue and sustain our progress this needs to continue. Finding that right manager is vital and we need to create excitement. My belly aches at all the bad news we have endured this year already, one of the hardest ever for me. Compounded by all the Arsenal ding dongs sticking it to us everyday. Not to mention that, but transfer news is not welcome these days. (WHEN WILL JAN SIGN PLEASE??????) Against the recent news that Arsenal have now secures a top ace striker, to complement the other world class one they got from Germany a month ago? You can be assured that yes, we are measuring our club against Arsenal. This bit of success we have been gifted has not left us satisfied, instead is has racheted up my own desire for more success from our club. It was incredible to watch Tottenham play the likes of Real and Milan in the CL. I do not like being little brother to Chelsea and especially Arsenal.

  10. The great thing about Sigurdsson is his ability to make space for himself just outside the penalty area. Manager to get 4-5 shots at goal a game – great player, but wouldn’t be a Modric replacement. Not creative enough.

    • He isn’t a Modric type player, okay. There’s a reason why Modric is worth Real’s time and money. Doesn’t matter Sigurdsson isn’t a central midfielder he’s an AM. Modric’s longterm replacement should be either Carroll or Falque. For next season his replacement should be by comity. For the Top end games it should be Sandro and Huddlestone. And for the lower end games Livermore and Parker are still more class then cms. So we don’t need to worry about our MF it’s still one of the best in the country.


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