If reports are to be believed, Real Madrid are cooling their interest in Luka Modric due to the fee involved and the inability to find a player to leave La Liga as part of the deal. It had been suggested that a figure in the region of £25m was being discussed, while Turkish international Nuri Sahin would be coming back the other way.

However, it seems that Sahin is refusing to budge leaving any move to Madrid on the point of collapse. Another claim suggested that Tottenham were looking at Ricardo Carvalho as an alternative but this seems, for now, to be an isolated report.

Today’s stories are now suggesting that this leaves the door open for Manchester United although rumours yesterday claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson’s side were turning to alleged Spurs target Joao Moutinho instead, for the same reasons that the Madrid deal is supposedly falling through.

So there are conflicting stories but at the moment, the suggestion that worldwide interest is cooling does seem to have some weight. Time will tell, but there is still a possibility of another season of Modric at White Hart Lane.





  1. I was sure he was off, and that he wanted to go. Now, if rumours about Bale’s contract (£115,000 per week???) are true, then maybe we will offer Luka a bumper deal and he will stay?
    Afterall, it was AVB that tried so hard to sign him last year.
    I’m now more convinced about the imminent departure of Rafa Van der Vaart than i am Modders.
    Can anyone shed any more light on Bales contract by the way? lots of sites reporting we have broken the wage cap to keep him……

    • That is a great point regarding AVB trying so hard to sign Modric. Hopefully he will convince him to stay (as annoying as the little git is)

  2. Good hope he loooks at a new manager coming in and new optimism with some top top signings and realises that Spurs are going places and he should be part of it.

  3. If he was so good, clubs would be laying themselves down for him. I think all of the media attention and people telling him he’s amazing which he is, is making him cocky and going to his head. Hope he goes so we can go on to bigger and better things without him. Oscar of Brazil is way better than him!

    • Honestly?
      Because i didnt read or hear a single spurs fan claiming they wanted Oscar till about 2 days ago when the papers started to roll with it.
      Oscar MAY have the potential to be better than Modric, but he isn’t yet.
      Luka has proved his worth in the prem and UCL, Oscar, so far, has done nothing outside of Brazil. Its the same with Damiao.
      5 minutes here and there on youtube can make anyone look good……….

  4. With Bales contract at reportedly £115k per week, hopefully the penny has dropped with Levy that top players demand top money and that it is better to get rid of fringe players we never use to keep our better players.

  5. Plz real madrid we dnt ned to put nuri sahin in d deal plz we want him 2 stay with Realmadrid til his career end! Hala madrid

  6. If we could get Oscar and Moutinho, then get rid of Modric.
    If VdV stays and Huddlesone is fit, with those two available plus of course the need for a effective (in all ways) striker there will be options and rotation available in the squad, hopefully with a manager who knows how to rotate effectively.


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