Ask any Liverpool or Swansea fan why Gylfi Sigurdsson chose Tottenham ahead of their own teams and you’ll get a predictable answer. However, our new Icelandic international spoke with the media yesterday and underlined the ambition at White Hart Lane that persuaded him to sign.

“I enjoyed playing under Brendan and I am grateful for everything he has done for me, but after careful consideration I liked Spurs best,” Sigurdsson said back in his native Iceland.

“The team has world-class players in their ranks and they play good football, which I like.

Sigurdsson also went on to say that he is impressed with the club’s outlook and plans for the near future.

“I was impressed with the club’s plans for next season and the coming years,” he added.

“There is clearly great ambition at Tottenham and the club intends to do big things.

“It is a pleasure to see that Gareth Bale has signed a new contract.

“There are top players in the team and the club is getting a new training ground.”

To be honest, even some of us, more cynical Spurs fans will look at money as a factor but we look forward to seeing Gylfi at the Lane and hopefully that ambition will be realised. Current odds for Tottenham to win the EPL are 21 to 1. EPL Betting odds courtesy of TAB Sportsbet.



  1. Sure, money did have a part to play, but we’ve finished above Liverpool for the last three seasons now. Surely, just surely, that says that we are now the better, although still not bigger, club. Besides, they weren’t complaining when Joe Cole, Luis Suarez or Andy Caroll picked their club over ours.

    • Only Joe Cole picked Liverpool over spurs. Suarez and Carroll both would have come to Spurs the club probably felt that 55 Million for two strikers who do not score was a bit much…

  2. Let Liverpool fans think that a player would rather play for them and finish 8th than play for a team going places namely above liverpool. COYS!

  3. Do Liverpool actually pay lower wages than us? I was surprised to see that suggested as a reason. Surely Gerrard, Suarez etc. are on more than our top earners.

  4. Nail on head Keiran.
    We’ve finished above Liverpool the last 3 years, we play better football and have a younger, more exciting squad.
    Apart from b.Rogers, what reason was there for Gylfi to sign for them, we may not be a BIGGER club, but we are a BETTER club

  5. Haha got to love the Spuds! Finish fourth a few times and suddenly your the best thing since sliced bread. I’ll give you this, you’ll be competitive this season, might even snatch 2nd place of United but no-one can compete with City’s spending power.

    Write off Liverpool at your own peril. Our youth academy has some terrific players in it, Sterling, Suso, Morgan, Silva etc. etc. who are ready or nearly ready for a first team call up and we have Aquilani and Pacheco returning on loan with more signings to come and a great young manager.

    Now that both our clubs have got rid of our vastly out of touch managers I expect both clubs to do well this season I wouldn’t be surprised if you finish above us but I expect we’ll back in the Champions league next season.

    Good luck!

    • I agree with you on the City part, think they’ll win it again this year unless Mancini goes to Russia, then, who knows.
      I’m not sure both of us will get top 4 though, United will be in there, i expect Chelsea the be alot better this year, that leaves us, Arsenal and you going for one spot, assuming Newcastle don’t repeat last years form.
      One thing is for sure, it will be another great season, i’m already chomping at the bit for it to start!


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